Cover_2013_March This month’s issue is about Powerful Beginnings. The most important part of a successful business is starting. Yes, starting the process and doing it. What makes a powerful beginning is planning it out but most of all implementing the plan. This month, our experts lay out a number of things that you can do to make for a Powerful Beginning.

Oh, one last thing, if you are not satisfied with your business as it is today, it’s never too late to implement a new Powerful Beginning!

Aim high!

George Madiou


Remodel, rebuild and rebrand YOU for a Powerful Beginning by David Feinstein

Revamping our image and creating a stronger stance in the market with a simple philosophy or better content may be the answer to solve problems that we are having. There comes a point in our businesses when we need to step back and re-examine everything. We need to look at our...Read More »

You'll See It When You Believe It by Richard Brooke

Be responsible for creating your life of choice. Think of a time when you really wanted something badly. When your need to have or achieve it consumed your thoughts, yet your mind convinced you it was out of reach or unattainable. One of the greatest mysteries that surround the elusive nature...Read More »

Powerful Beginnings: The Importance of High Self-Esteem to Your Network Marketing Success by Dr. Joe Rubino

How to ramp up your business by ramping up your self-esteem There is probably no attribute more essential to your network marketing success and to the success of your organization than high self-esteem. Lack of self-esteem is by far the most severe problem we face as a society today. Most children...Read More »

Its Time to Take Action (A Plan + Action = Results) by Jim Bellacera

There is no better time than NOW to draw the line and start moving forward.  In life, you can either be a spectator, watching others’ living out their dreams or you can be a participant by getting off the bench and getting into the game. There is no better time...Read More »

A Powerful Beginning Begins with a Solid Foundation by Teresa Romain

15 Actions that Support a Sustainable and Profitable Business  The most powerful and important beginning for your business is to lay a foundation for sustainable success and financial freedom. I’ve known too many network marketers and direct sellers who get off to a fast start courtesy of their company’s incentives...Read More »


Communication & Ethics by Bob Goshen

The two major challenges faced by CEOs are communications and ethics Last week I was standing in line at my favorite coffee shop, when I noticed the gentleman in front of me was holding a study guide on ethics. I introduced myself and remarked that I teach leadership skills to corporations...Read More »

Change Begins with Growth by Jim Rohn

You have the ability to totally transform every area in your life – and it all begins with your very own power of choice. Any day we wish; we can discipline ourselves to change it all. Any day we wish; we can open the book that will open our mind to new...Read More »

Balance Your Workload with a Generous Number of Mini-Vacations for Maximum Productivity by Denis Waitley

Don’t fight the passing of time. Don’t fear it, squander it, or try to hide from it under a superficial cosmetic veil of fads and indulgences. By re-energizing and renewing yourself frequently, you will avoid burnout and become much more motivated and productive. Don’t keep your nose to the grindstone for...Read More »

Recharging Your Relationship by Chris Widener

I believe that those who are in a relationship will be significantly and directly affected in all areas of their life by how that relationship is going, and how healthy that relationship is Now you may ask why we would write an article about developing better relationships. The reason is because...Read More »

From Motivation to Motive-Action by Denis Waitley

There are new rules in the game of life and it’s time to act accordingly! With the passing of every new year, each of us needs to understand the magnitude of social and economic change in the world. In the past, change in business and social life was incremental and a...Read More »

How and When to Pay Yourself From an Entity by Scott Letourneau

Paying yourself from a sole proprietorship is straightforward and simple, but it can end up being very costly at tax time. As a new network marketer, you likely started off doing business in your own name in what’s known as a “sole proprietorship.” Paying yourself from a sole proprietorship is straightforward...Read More »


The 7 Lies of Attraction Marketing by Dale Calvert

I didn’t pull any punches with this book and I know I am going to catch a lot of heat for writing it. I am willing to DEBATE any of the topics and chapters in this book with anyone.  You can download it here: The 7 Lies of Attraction Marketing...Read More »


Donna Johnson – How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything by John Milton Fogg

“I just love the choices I have and the freedom.”  Donna Johnson grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin. Her dad ran a printing press and a paper mill. He left the family when Donna was 13, moved to California, opened up print shops there and became a millionaire. He never sent...Read More »


Powerful Beginnings by George Madiou

All great projects from the beginning of time have started with powerful beginnings. All great projects from the beginning of time have started with powerful beginnings. The most powerful of all that I can point to is in the Bible starting with the most powerful beginning of them all, Genesis. In...Read More »

It's more than a decision by Mary K Weinhagen

Taking action gives POWER to your decision! Suppose you have five birds sitting on a wire and three of them decided to fly. How many birds would you have left on the wire? Five birds remain. Making a decision to fly without acting on the decision is a waste of energy....Read More »