Retail Sales!

If you’re in business, someone needs to make sales. Network Marketing is no different. Moving products and services to market differentiates a business from a nonprofit hobby. Creating a revenue stream through sales in combination with building a solid team, is a powerful combination.

Explore what the experts have to say within this special issue and let us know what has helped you the most. 

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Network Marketers and Retail Sellers Share Five Common Threads and One Common Purpose; The Key is Customer C.A.R.E. By John Hackett Ed.D.

 March 2021! This is the one-year anniversary of when COVID 19 moved from being a  seemingly far away type of flu to a worldwide pandemic that has changed our lives in many ways. Leadership expert Simon Sinek refers to COVID-19 as the great revealer as it has exposed strengths in...Read More »

Don’t Exhibit at Farmer’s Markets and Other Events, by Ron Wilder

I know I will get some resistance from die-hard distributors about this, but hear me out. One of my leaders regularly has a booth at multiple farmer’s markets in the area. She spends countless hours preparing product samples to solve multiple pet-related health and wellness-related issues. Her events look like this: Spends hours...Read More »

How Retail Sales are good for Network Marketing Businesses By David Feinstein

Networkers can take full advantage of retail sales to boost their income. Just like any retailer, marketers have to plan and organize their products. They will also need to figure out what channels to share the products on. There are considerations but will be discussed later. Unlike retailers, the main...Read More »


The One Thing by Russ McNeil

What is the one thing that every new networker should know? What is the number one priority thing they should focus on when they first get started? Such is the question posed by my friend, George Madiou. Immediately, three things come to mind. But, George didn’t ask for three things. Or...Read More »

Network Marketing Training – What to Do When Something Doesn’t Work With Your Network Marketing Business by David Feinstein

Very often, when you’re in the midst of your network marketing training, there will be times that you’ll try something that simply does not work. You’ll either get taught an idea by your upline, read about a new idea, or even pay for an idea online, and you’ll try it…and it...Read More »

Art's Corner Mighty Musings by Arthur Tugman

Arthur Tugman Success is the next best thing that can happen to you, and at the same time benefit others. If you can wake up determined to have success, you will be able to go to sleep satisfied with it. Supporting others success increases the chances of your own. To Get out of failure,...Read More »

More Wisdom From Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter The “most people” program. We feel safer when we are around people. We feel insecure when we are alone. Yes, there is safety in numbers. How would you like to walk through a dark alley at night? Alone? Or with a group of people? We feel secure when others are around...Read More »


Retail Sales vs. Team Building by George Madiou

There are two ways to earn an income in Network Marketing. The first is through retail sales and the second is through creating a competent team. I started earning income when I was thirteen years old. I have been a serial entrepreneur for over 50 years. I have degrees in marketing...Read More »