Cover_2006_May Introduction by George Madiou

This month’s theme is; Can I make it in Network Marketing as a part timer? If you’re reading this, there is an 85% chance that you’re a part timer! That’s just the statistics. The good news is, the answer is YES, you can make it as a part timer, You can earn enough to make that car payment or put away enough for your child’s education or even have enough money set aside to pay cash for Christmas presents this year without once pulling out the plastic! And if you wish, you can even earn enough to consider doing this full time (only if and when it’s right for you!) We would love to hear your part time success stories, if you would like to share them email me at and who knows, you might see your story in a future issue of TNMM.


Build MLM Part-Time by Tim Sales

This bulletin covers how to build a huge organization in Network Marketing and make a lot of money PART-TIME. If you are currently juggling life, job, AND network marketing – I know your struggles. I also know how to get you out of it. I personally started out in my network...Read More »

The Theory of Network Marketing by David Nelson

To ensure financial success, part-time network markers must choose a network marketing program wisely. The principles of the theory of network marketing provide critical guidelines and appropriate direction in making the right choice. An understanding of the theory of network marketing assists distributors and prospects to minimize their risk and maximize...Read More »

Wave Four by Richard Poe

Network Marketing: the Most Powerful Business Force of the 21st Century Blood was running in the streets. Angry mobs toppled cars, smashed windows, seized hostages and stormed government offices. Violence raged through several cities across China. When it ended, ten people lay dead and more than a hundred injured. Was this...Read More »

Part time effort - full time residual income by Steve Domitrecz

12 specific actions are included in these four steps offered by a part-time six-figure earner… ‘Steve Dom’ shares what has worked for him! Part time effort can lead to full time residual income when you focus on the important points and keep distractions to the minimum. Here are some tips and...Read More »

Part time moms in mlm by Jackie Ulmer

12 powerful ideas to jumpstart the parent building their network marketing business part time – from a six-figure earning Mom who walks the ‘talk’ she so generously shares.  The question that is often asked by new people getting started in an MLM business is “Can I really make money in...Read More »

Can a part-timer make it in network marketing working only 8-10 hours a week? by Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone walks his talk… and here he’s talking about how you CAN make it working part-time in network marketing! I was asked to ponder this question recently and give my honest answer. It is an interesting question… and probably one asked quite a bit, perhaps not out loud, but certainly...Read More »


Dividing the Financial Pie by Jim Rohn

What should be our philosophy when it comes to creating wealth with our network marketing business? To help answer that question read this classic article I believe real-life economics must be one of the most glaring omissions in our educational system. I say this because in my travels to lecture throughout...Read More »

WOO Lesson 2: Be a WORLD-CLASS Buddy-Thanker! by Brian Biro

What you look for in others and yourself, you will find. And what you find, you will unleash. It is an extraordinary WOO that is possible in every precious moment! The most important WOOs we will either seize or miss in our lives are all about relationships. An absolute must to...Read More »

Sick and tired of prospects not showing up when you invite them to an event… then get a clue… do something different! by Dale Calvert

Let me give you a quick example. How many times have you invited someone to an event and they tell you, yes, I will definitely try to make it. You KNOW when they tell you that, they have NO INTENTIONS OF COMING! But you say something like, “great I will...Read More »

Values driven Leadership by Jack Lannom

Creating an organizational logos that stresses truth in all things, wisdom in all things, and excellence in all things moves work out of the mental model of a meaningless job and back into the realm of a meaningful calling. Last month I stated that a clearly defined and communicated set of...Read More »

Hey, everyone. Look, it's an elephant! by Caroline Murdock

The monstrous storm and how unreasonable people will prosper despite its devastation Have you ever felt like there’s an elephant in the living room and you’re the only one who notices it? It’s an odd feeling. You watch in disbelief as the rest of your family and all your friends walk...Read More »

The 10 most common network marketing mistakes by Dawn Andrews

An insightful top ten countdown… the number one most common mistake just might surprise you! No salesperson survives very long making the same mistakes over and over. Here are some of the most common – and damaging – sales mistakes Networkers make. 10. Moving Too Fast. You work full time, you...Read More »

Estimated Taxes by Sandy Botkin

Here’s one more way to organize your records while making your life less taxing! This issue will deal with a thorny problem that has constantly plagued taxpayers and has created numerous questions for us: the estimated income tax. Let’s answer most of those questions here. Generally people worry about paying their...Read More »

Technology & Things

Superior Telecommunications Vital to Network Marketers by Kurt Kelsey

At a crowded network marketing convention in a Miami arena, a seminar from a top seller lets out. People file out of the arena and into the hallways of the expo area, where venders sell their wares. One booth is bombarded by enthusiastic network marketers calling out to representatives, “Hi,...Read More »

Overcoming the psychological baggage of cold marketing phone work by Philip Hlohinec

What is Predictive dialing technology? NOT to be confused with voice broadcast technology, it’s technology that eliminates much of the baggage that gets in the way of phone work… adding to your productivity without compromising the development of personal relationships. Nothing can kill enthusiasm in a sales group faster than cold...Read More »

Sponsor people through public speaking by Steve Siebold

5 Steps to public speaking that can bring you AND your products the exposure to explode your business! Have you ever considered building your business by delivering public presentations outside of opportunity meetings? This method of marketing is utilized by all kinds of people representing different businesses and industries, so why...Read More »


Women in network marketing by Kim Klaver

“All I wanted was to buy my own nylons and get my hair done without having to ask my husband for the money.”- Kim shares how a part-time network marketing business can produce big time success!  So said my friend of 15 years, Cheryl, about how she got started in...Read More »

Inside Network Marketing by Len Clements

Binary BS — Part 1 There are four basic types of MLM compensation plans. There’s the Stair Step Break-Away, like Nu Skin and Herbalife use. You can build as wide as you wish on your first level and you are usually paid a percentage of all or part of a leg, or...Read More »

Is it worth having a part time network marketing business? by George Madiou

With 85% of all Networkers being part time, is it really worth the effort to do your business 5-8 hours per week? The statistics vary, but just a little. 85% of all network marketers are doing their business part time. This begs the question. Is it really worth the time and...Read More »