Cover_2009_May This is a topic that virtually every network marketer is looking for. Are there really secrets? You will see the answer to this from well over a dozen experts. I want you to decide if there are really any secrets or is it more than that…. Maybe attitudes, perseverance and so much more.

Also this month check out the input from industry famous, attorney Jeffrey Babener with his great Q&A and don’t forget to check out his video on the home page entitled Frogs and Network Marketing. Comment on the articles this month and spread the word about the Largest Free Network Marketing Community to your Facebook friends and Twitter Page!


Do YOU Want to Know a Secret? by David Nelson

Success in network marketing is not an accident. “The secret of success is still a secret to the average American.” — E. C. McKenzieGeorge Madiou, founder and publisher of the, wants his readers “to know a secret.” He selected the topic of “The Secrets of Financial Freedom” for the May...Read More »

Is there a Secret Formula for Financial Freedom in Network Marketing? by RS Mallory

EVERYONE who seeks financial freedom has an innate ability to achieve their goals if they believe in themselves and have an undying focus on their achievement. There are many avenues to Financial Freedom, however Network Marketing avails people the opportunity to create much more than the ability to enjoy and spend...Read More »

Life is a Game of Choice, Not Chance by Denis Waitley

Life’s greatest risk is depending on others for your security, which can really come only by planning, acting, and making choices that will make you independent.  If getting rich depended on luck, Las Vegas would be a ghost town! Are you waiting for success? If you are, it will never...Read More »

Financial Freedom is a Process Not a Secret Sauce by Jillian Middleton

Having financial freedom means being aware, paying attention (listening) to the story your business is telling you, and having the courage to keep swinging.  Ahh George you have hit a nerve with your topic this month! What are “The Secrets Of Financial Freedom” indeed! The American dream. A good dream...Read More »

Sifting and Sorting by Chad Bumgarner

Many of us aren’t anywhere close to where we want to be in our respective businesses, but guess what? YOU’RE STILL HERE!  Network Marketing is an interesting business! It’s so much fun being part of an industry that brings out the entrepreneur in all of us! When I got started...Read More »

The Financial Physics of Momentum by Kauri Thompson

Four Tips on Moving into Mass Momentum starting TODAY!  If you’re going to make money, you must create momentum first. Once you understand what momentum is and how to create and sustain it, success is only a matter of time. Momentum (=Mass+Velocity) Momentum occurs when mass and velocity combine. In the financial...Read More »

The Ultimate Business and Wealth Building Goal in MLM by Doug Firebaugh

It may be different than you need, and perceive. It shows you the secret to long lasting wealth in MLM.  In this MLM training article, we need to cover one thing: What your Network Marketing Business Wealth Building goal really should be. It may be different than you need, and...Read More »

Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Chapter 5: Care Beyond Superficiality  [Editor’s note: Continuing a series taken directly from Bonnie Ross-Parker’s book, Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human. We will publish a chapter each month though 2009] Care Beyond Superficiality | 5 “I focus my networking on building relationships” Often, when learning to connect...Read More »

Making Financial Success an Imperative by Jim Britt

Set your sail and let Your Health, Your Outlook, Your Integrity, Your People Skills, Your Luck, Your Thinking, and Let go of the Past and Future and watch where it takes you!  Why do some succeed financially in a big way and others just get by? That’s a question often...Read More »

Network Marketing is just a better way to make a living! by Elizabeth Harrington

Or Why The Road Less Traveled in Network Marketing… is starting to look like a Traffic Jam! We live in interesting times, don’t we? Troubled times for many. What I know for sure? Our entire career landscape has changed. In the short term we are all going to be challenged. Yet...Read More »

Sales: Are You Making These 5 Bone-Headed Sales Mistakes? by Noah St. John

Each of these mistakes can be easily avoided when you understand what got you to increase sales in the first place.  While everyone want to increase sales, we often forget the bone-headed MISTAKES people make when trying to make more sales. I’ve been teaching people the secret “success code” to...Read More »

Your Family Said NO! by Sean Murphy

Starting today, stop and write out the amount of money you feel would help you to become financially free.  Well, maybe they didn’t say it out right, and maybe it wasn’t really a family member, but someone has made you feel that you should not succeed! Here is the hard...Read More »

Financial Freedom Isn't About the Money! by Rod Nichols

Are you willing to do what it takes to enjoy financial freedom? Most people won’t! You have to be willing to do what others won’t, in order to later do what other’s can’t.  As I pondered this month’s topic: The Secrets of Financial Freedom, it occurred to me that… Financial freedom...Read More »

Financial Freedom... It's Simpler Than You Think by Teresa Romain

Abundance simplifies; scarcity complicates.  There’s a lesson I’ve had to learn and continually remind myself of. Abundance Simplifies; Scarcity Complicates. I’m sharing it with you now because, in my experience, the way most network marketers approach their goal of financial freedom is to make it much more complicated than it really is....Read More »

Networth Marketing by Richard Brooke

If ever there was a path available to anyone, from anywhere, in any current career, and any set of circumstances to gain their own financial freedom and independence… Network Marketing is it  The powerful advantages of a Network Marketing lifestyle are many. Frequent and lavish recognition; travel for training and...Read More »

Finding Financial Freedom by Chris Widener

Spend some time thinking through your attitudes about money. If you look at things a little bit differently you can begin to enjoy true financial freedom!  Do you ever get this in your email box: Find Financial Freedom! Make $150,000 from home in the next 90 days! How about 10...Read More »

The Secret to Financial Freedom by Dale Calvert

Until you satisfy the formula YOU HAVE NOT CREATED FINANCIAL FREEDOM in Network Marketing.  The Secret to Financial Freedom is fairly simple, it has been shared with us by many great thinkers of today and the past. The challenge is to stay with it and persist when we know we...Read More »


Hung by the Tongue by Gary Eby

The words of your mouth are a creative force. They play a big part in predestining your future. Your words are the architects of your life.  There is an ancient Japanese proverb that says… ”A tongue three inches long can kill a man six feet tall.’‘ Some people just have...Read More »

Rising to the Occasion by Steve Dailey

No matter what you face – now is the time for belief. Believe in your self. Believe in your strength. Believe in your intellect.  We have all had moments in our life when things looked bleak. Times when the odds were against us, we felt used up and out of...Read More »

Feng Shui-ing Your “Maybe” List by Michael Oliver

The question is, are you committed to change yourself by letting go of what isn’t working for you?  My den is where I do most of my work, and I spent a profitable day “Feng Shui-ing” it this week – a fancy word for reorganizing and clearing out all the...Read More »

Profile for Network Marketing Success by Jeffrey Babener

Are you right for network marketing? To answer that question, here is a list of 9 things you must do to become a successful network marketer.  It takes all kinds of people to make the world spin. And it takes all kinds of businesses. But not every type of person...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings  Enjoy Arthur’s musing on Financial Freedom! NULL My Secret to Financial Freedom Success is a teaser Hard work is the pleaser The latter will lead to the former and as you climb this ladder, you become a charmer — Arthur Tugman ~The Way Financial Freedom Is Made A defining...Read More »

Planning Performance Counseling by Jack Lannom

The best leaders let you know what they want more of, less of, and same of.  I like to use a four-part model: Purpose, Principles, People and Plans. I discussed the first two segments of the model–Purpose and Principles–last week, so I will provide just a brief review here and...Read More »

Creating Opportunity by Jim Rohn

Being enterprising requires two things… creativity and the courage to act on it.  An enterprising person is one who comes across a pile of scrap metal and sees the making of a wonderful sculpture. An enterprising person is one who drives through an old decrepit part of town and sees...Read More »


Is There Really a Secret to Financial Freedom? by George Madiou

Here is the great news! It’s a decision you can make at any time.  Are we looking for the magic bullet, the quick path or the “easy button?” Early on in my life, I was in a financial situation that I thought no one could ever get out of. I...Read More »

Never Too Late for Financial Freedom by Mary K Weinhagen

There’s no time like NOW for you to step in the direction of financial freedom!  Maybe you find yourself thinking you’ve missed the boat when it comes to experiencing financial freedom for yourself. Perhaps you’re over fifty and your investments have taken a hit from the economy’s recent plummet… or...Read More »