Cover_2010_May Building stability within your own business.
The Network Marketing MagazineWith them, you have a business, treat them right, you have a solid business. Growing your customer base and giving outstanding customer service helps to insure success in your business. In this month’s issue, we will explore many ways to do both.

We strive to do both, here at The Network Marketing Magazine. We are working on ways we can support our members, especially those who are very serious about building their business. Keep an eye out for communication this month for these exciting announcements on how we will be able to help you and your team, more than ever before.

Meanwhile let us know how you’re increasing your customer base and share with us how you’re giving outstanding customer service.

Aim high!

George Madiou


Who the Heck Wants More CUSTOMERS? by Ted Henry

So if customers buy and distributors distribute – who do want in your business?  In the world of Network Marketing the word “Customer” can have different meanings and definitions. Of course almost any word in the English language can have a number of definitions or perceived meanings. In many instances...Read More »

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction and Increasing Clientèle Base by Russell Foster

Carve out your niche, clearly identify which customers best fit your business model, and make the public aware of exactly what you do.  Every business owner wants to grow his or her business, get more clients, and increase the bottom line at the end of every month. So, how do...Read More »

Direct Sales: Customer Service the Magic Bullet to Getting and Keeping Clients by Kimberly Rhodes

If you follow these simple tips, you will establish customer service that will create loyal clients who will happily talk about your products and services truly helping to make you a word of mouth business. These are great times for Direct Sales professionals. Knowledge and best practices for building a successful...Read More »

Balance High-Tech With a High-Touch Environment by Denis Waitley

You must think like a high-tech research firm, and act like a high-touch service firm to succeed in the borderless, global economy.  You must think like a high-tech research firm, and act like a high-touch service firm to succeed in the borderless, global economy. The investment in human capital, the primacy...Read More »

The Arenas of Success by Chris Widener

Customer satisfaction is a simple value that a business may hold. What a company values will affect the way the business runs and the employees act and work, so it is important to know what your business values are. “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena;...Read More »


The customer is king. They are the foundation of your network. Take some time to keep your customer relationships fresh, and don’t be afraid to ask, “what can I do to help you?”  Have you ever stopped to consider just where a company would be without customers? Have you ever...Read More »

What is a Customer and How Can You Get More of Them? by Dale Calvert

What is your retail system? What is the cycle you take ALL new customers through?  I believe the number one reason network marketing distributors don’t have more retail customers for their business is that they are not clear about what a customer really is. Here is what we have always...Read More »

I Hope You Never Have Any Customers by Paul Morris

So if you have a lot of customers… get rid of them! Turn them into CLIENTS and watch your business grow.  I hope you never have any customers. That’s right, NO customers! (Who remain just a customer) But I do hope you will have lots of CLIENTS. Let’s examine the...Read More »

Why Increasing the Product Retailing Side of Your Network Marketing Business Could Mean a Huge Boost to Your Downline... by David Feinstein

Let’s face it, if there are no products being moved in your business, your income stops nearly dead in it’s tracks… even if you’ve got a downline bringing people into the business opportunity side of things.  You know as a network marketing trainer I often preach over and over again...Read More »


When Networkers Compare Products and Opportunities by Jeffrey Babener

Can network marketing distributors use a competitor’s trademark in comparing the relative qualities of competitive goods or services without running afoul of trademark laws or unfair competition laws?  Economic Marketplace vs. Legal Marketplace The economic marketplace is not the only battleground for direct selling companies. Market share is also won...Read More »

Leadership vs. Pushership by Jack Zufelt

Help everyone get where they already want to go – to their Core Desires and you will never be or appear pushy, aggressive or offensive.  “I am not the pushy sales type and that’s what I think you have to be like to be successful in MLM.” I have heard...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings You will be more successful in your mind when you make it matter (when you let people know what you think.) Arthur Tugman ~ Potential is the ability to succeed action is what keeps you from failing Arthur Tugman ~ Every time you lose you have a chance...Read More »

The Great Intangible by dr. g. jack.brown

Some studies have demonstrated that when sales people smiled sincerely, in particular at the beginning of the sales process, that sales increased by as much as 30 to 50%!  Some studies have demonstrated that when sales people smiled sincerely, in particular at the beginning of the sales process, that sales...Read More »

Better Half Living by Steve Dailey

You see, the final score is the only score that counts. And the final score is determined in the second half. If we choose to make the second half the better half that, “score” will be one to be proud of  If you are 40 years old or older you...Read More »

Become a Good Observer by Jim Rohn

All events affect us, and what affects us leaves an imprint on what we will one day be and how we will one day live.  We must never allow a day to pass without finding the answers to a list of important questions such as: What is going on in...Read More »


Ted Henry by TNMM Editor

With 16+ years under his belt, this possibility thinker goes to the top of network marketing, taking his role as Servant Leader to new heights while inviting others to experience the freedom to live life their way like he does. Today we have Ted Henry with Mary K Weinhagen from...Read More »


Customer Service Sales and Retention by Debbie Madiou

Practice ABCD rules of customer service: Delivering customer service ABOVE and Beyond the CALL of DUTY!  Customer service is vital to the ongoing success of your network marketing business. Let’s look at who are your customers. Internal Customers Your entire team are your internal customers or anyone within your organization...Read More »

Two activities that help to make a successful business by George Madiou

With these activities in place you guarantee increasing the value of your business and boosting your monthly income  Increasing your customer base and giving outstanding customer service, go hand in hand. Developing outstanding customer service is a vigorous proposition that takes daily action and must be one of the cornerstone activities...Read More »