We are exploring the most asked for subjects in our history, leads and prospecting. This is a critical issue for every business builder in our industry. We have some great input from our experts this month. Becoming proficient at prospecting will be one of the most valuable skill sets you can master.

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George Madiou



Looking For Quality Leads? by George Madiou

You will be impressed with the quality, fresh, inexpensive and timely leads that will support you in building the business of your dreams! One of the most outstanding Lead Companies out there is a lead membership club called When we checked them out we were so impressed with their quality,...Read More »

When writing is better than using the phone by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Prospects require a higher level of communication to build trust. Once the relationship is built, they will look forward to your writing. I don’t like talking on the phone. The two-way communications sometimes becomes one-way communication as the the other person insists on explaining their lifelong drama. We’ve all been subject...Read More »

Pick Up Your Prospecting Pace by Leslie Zann

Here is what can happen if you are not paying close attention – I am convinced that the one activity that separates the wanna-be champions from the true champions is the pace with which they consistently sponsor new team members. And, the activity that supports consistent sponsoring is consistent prospecting and...Read More »

How to Use Print Advertising – To Get Rich in 2013! by Bob Schwartz

It’s absolutely thrilling to help a fellow small business owner create an advertisement that generated them more business. My name is Bob Schwartz, publisher of Home Business Advertiser. I must tell you that I am absolutely thrilled that you are, or want to be, your own boss. Home Business Advertiser (HBA)...Read More »

Are You Focused on the Right Activities by Steve Domitrecz

Writing your actual results in your daily business journal you are likely to find yourself getting more of the results you want. Want to be successful? Then you need to consider your ROI (return on investment) for the time that you are investing into your business. We all know that it...Read More »

Magnetize Yourself to Attract Leads by Rod Nichols

Here is the first step to becoming more magnetic and living the magnetic life. I’ve been in the network marketing/mlm profession since 1979 and lead generation is easily the number one struggle. Once a person works through their warm market, which typically doesn’t take very long, they are faced with the...Read More »

Prospecting is the Life Blood of Your Business by Jim Britt

If they believe you, if they buy you, they will find the money and spend the time. If you are in network marketing and you are not prospecting your are not in business. Prospecting starts with understanding that there are three things your prospect doesn’t care about. They don’t care about you....Read More »

How to Connect With People When Calling by Sue Seward

What to ask your prospects when you reach them The purpose in calling a cold market contact (that has answered an ad, from a pay per click coop, or they’ve been on a contact list for some time and have raised their hand with interest, or they are from a generic...Read More »

Don't walk like an Egyptian! Prospect like a Greek! by Russ McNeil

By employing the classical elements of prospecting, you’ll attract all the people you need. Many philosophies are based on a set of “classical elements.” Typically, classical elements refer to ancient beliefs resulting from the observation of nature, in particular the phases of matter. The ancient Greeks provide a good example. They...Read More »

Gain More Leads and Prospects without software lead generators! by David Feinstein

There is nothing wrong with using some software to get your business but do not rely on software only. Mix it up and drive on to find the traffic that you desire. Leads and prospecting for any business is a must and it will take time. There are software solutions to...Read More »

Value Based Prospecting by Richard Brooke

The first step in value based prospecting is to establish rapport. Once you’ve established rapport, you present a transition question that puts the opportunity in front of the prospect. The first step in value based prospecting is to establish rapport. Once you’ve established rapport, you present a transition question that puts...Read More »

Why You Should Avoid Elevators by Cliff Suttle

The Deadly Mistake Most Networkers Make and How to Avoid It Do people fast-forward their way through meeting you? The average person is exposed to thousands of advertisements daily. We become numb to it. Most of the time it’s nothing more than background noise in our busy lives. The DVR was...Read More »

Overcoming the fear of rejection by Denis Waitley

Only a person who risks is truly free To conquer your fear of rejection, you need to handle the word “no” in a constructive way. When people turn you down after a presentation, you have to interpret the “no” as “no this is not right for me now.” We also can...Read More »


Obey the Laws, Break the Rules by Sean Murphy

There are certain laws that exist that will bring you great success, if you are will in break the rules. Now before you get all worried that I am going to be giving some misguided suggestions here, let me explain. There are certain laws that exist that will bring you great success,...Read More »

A 100% Day by Steve Dailey

Life – make it more than extraordinary! Before your day starts tomorrow, take a good hard look at your calendar and to-do list. Ask yourself this question, “Given my primary goals for my career and life, what is the most important thing I can do with my time on this particular...Read More »

The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn

In the cycles and seasons of life, attitude is everything! Life is about constant, predictable patterns of change. For the six thousand years of recorded history, as humans have entered this world, received parental instruction, classroom instruction, and gathered the experience of life; many have set for themselves ambitious goals, and...Read More »

Funding Fundamentals for your Business by Scott Letourneau

The overall challenge is to understand funding fundamentals just as well as you may understand your network marketing compensation plan and the ways you get paid. In today’s economy it’s more important than ever to understand and implement funding fundamentals to help keep your business up and running. Even though the...Read More »

Zig On... Being Nice by Zig Ziglar

Yes, when husband and wife try to outdo each other by being nice, thoughtful and attentive, it’s amazing what that does to the romance! I’m seated in the Tampa airport on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2005. A gentleman recognized me and approached me saying, “Greater love hath no man for...Read More »

Courage That Changes Your Life by Chris Widener

We all have the opportunity to be courageous every day, in small and large ways. “The scars you acquire while exercising courage will never make you feel inferior.”  D.A. Battista   “Courage is a special kind of knowledge: the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how...Read More »


Robert Middleton – I Can Powerfully Affect People by John Milton Fogg

“Your success is based upon how many people you show your product and your business to” Robert Middleton grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, “with a silver spoon in my mouth and one in each hand,” he says. But at the time he was growing up, Bob didn’t realize that. He lived...Read More »


Free Lead System Forever by George Madiou

We have come across something that you need to see! We have come across the best Lead Generation system we have seen for our members and this lead generation system is free for you!   You heard right! Michael Price from Priceless Possibilities has done it again. The single biggest problem our members...Read More »