Cover_2014_May Leaders, are they found? Are they discovered? Are they developed or are they all of these and more? What do you think and what does leadership have to do with developing a successful business?

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George Madiou


Follow the Leader - If by Zig Ziglar

Dr. John Maxwell from San Diego, California, says that in a lifetime the average person directly or indirectly influences ten thousand other people. I’ll be the first to admit that sheep are not the most intelligent creatures on earth, but from time to time I wonder about some of us people....Read More »

The Myth-buster of Leaders by David Feinstein

Potential leaders are those who can teach, develop and deal with consumers on any level Leadership in today’s online world has a mystical appearance. A leader is not defined by numbers or performance reviews, but by how they cultivate the environment for their business. The biggest myth of leadership belongs to performance...Read More »

A Leader Must Know by Michael Clouse

In Network Marketing, duplication is what success looks like! I attended a Network Marketing training the other day. A nice group of people who were, for the most part, just getting started in the business. The instructor seemed to know his material, and was a good presenter. In fact, everything was...Read More »

10 Ways to Be a Leader by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Leadership is a learned skill. It is not a gift given at birth. And that is good news. Everyone tells us to be a leader, but they never tell us how. Dale Carnegie tells us exactly how. If you haven’t read his book, you are missing a treat. This is from...Read More »

STOP! Start With Self Leadership First by Elizabeth Harrington

Want to build a harmonious, hyper achieving global team of successful people? Want to build a harmonious, hyper achieving global team of successful people? As the Midwesterners say – “You Betcha.” What I know for sure? Forget about others. Start with you first. To develop others, start with yourself.” — Unknown Contrarian, I...Read More »

Leaders Lead by Leading by DRA

How many of you are truly leaders in your network marketing organizations? Joe Batten is one of the grand old men of public speaking and a member of the National Speaker’s Association Hall of Fame. He wrote the best-seller Tough-minded Leadership. Some time ago, Joe met with a group of 35...Read More »

Posturing for Profits in Network Marketing by David Nelson

Developing and maintaining the proper posture and action in network marketing drives you to create the success you desire and deserve For network marketing profits, posture is just as important as knowledge. A proper posture or stature in network marketing is absolutely essential in obtaining lasting profits for you and your...Read More »

Expanding the world's understanding of commitment by Kurt Wright

— what causes it and how to achieve its healthiest, most productive benefits Commitment Until one is committed there is always hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:...Read More »

10 Ethical and Effective Ways to Share Your Business Opportunity on Social Media by Karen Clark

In social media as well as in “real life” trust is everything In social media as well as in “real life” trust is everything, so it is important to provide value and build relationships first and foremost. Here are some ethical and effective ways to attract the right people to your...Read More »


Trust The Lord and Go to The Hole by Chris Widener

It is a balance. There are things God is going to do and there are things you have to do. The key is to understand which is which. This is my new favorite quote. Now to understand it you must know what “go to the hole” means. Go to the hole...Read More »

It's a Challenge to Succeed by Jim Rohn

I’ve often said that to have more, we must first become more It is a challenge to succeed. If it were not, I’m sure more people would be successful, but for every person who is enjoying the fruit from the tree of success, many more are examining the roots. They are...Read More »

Are You an MLM Hunter or Farmer? by David Feinstein

Farmers, as opposed to hunters, must be much more patient. But which serves better? Recently, I read this wonderful article about the difference between two types of MLM personalities… the hunter versus the farmer. Farmers, as opposed to hunters, must be much more patient. Rather than waiting for a day or...Read More »

Problems are a Normal Part of Change by Denis Waitley

How DO you develop mental toughness in life? When asked, “How do you develop mental toughness in life?” my response might sound negative at first. I answer, “Always be prepared for a surprise. The surprise might be a negative surprise. Something is going to happen in your day, whether you are...Read More »


10 of My Favorite Leadership Quotes by George Madiou

Before you are a leader success is all about growing yourself… · “Before you are a leader success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch · “Leaders aren’t born they are made and they are made just like anything else,...Read More »