Launching or Relaunching Your Business

Many people launch their business with no preparation. For many, it’s their first time in their own business. It is no wonder why so many distributors only make it 60 or 90 days before they quit.

Explore what the experts have to say about how to launch a new business properly? How about the networker who stuck it out three, six, or more years and haven’t tasted the kind of success that they anticipated. See the advice that is given to a person to relaunch their business to start experience success?

Our focus, here at The Network Marketing Magazine, has been working diligently on a program we call, the 27%er Success System. This system will guide you down a proven path to become financially successful and one of the top networkers in your company. If you’re not a member of The Network Marketing Magazine, experience us and our 15 years of MLM success library and the 27%er Success System.

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What is “Success by Design?” by Russ DeVan

Success by Design is an “Un –Training tm !” NOT “motivation” with the intended result of getting people “excited.”NOT specifically about psychology or personal development.NOT a “new and improved” way of getting better at selling and/or recruiting.NOT the “right” or “only” way to do network marketing for results. Success by Design and...Read More »

Relaunch Your Business With Some Help by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

“I want the better solution.” Good. Let’s start learning now. Baby steps first. Use the word “now” helps. Consider this: “Now, you won’t have to …” The “now” stops our prospects’ brains for a moment and helps them concentrate on the next few words we say. A great start. Of course it would lose its...Read More »

Re-Igniting Your Network Marketing Passion By Ron Wilder

Do you remember how excited you were when you started building your network marketing business? It began with a twinkle in your eyes and an extra bounce in your step about the possibilities that could come from your new business? Back then, you worked hard and had traction as you found...Read More »

What Broadway and Gardening Can Teach You About Your Business by John Hackett

Are You Bouncing Back or Plunging Forward? How You Can Use the A.B.C.’s to Guide Your Choice. Spring is a time of optimism and change, looking forward to brighter times. The days are longer, warmer and around us, we see that Spring has Sprung” things are growing. In your network marketing/direct...Read More »

Being the Type of Network Marketing Sponsor That People Want to Work With by David Feinstein

If there’s one thing that people just don’t seem to get about network marketing is that people aren’t necessarily looking for the business opportunity that’s going to lead them to financial freedom, as much as they’re looking for the person that’s going to lead them there. I don’t know why so...Read More »

Climbing the Second Half of the Successful Network Marketing Business Ladder by Dr. Roger Boger

In the midst of these chaotic times, one can find order. It’s sort of like how Buckminster Fuller put it…..rather than going against the intellectual and practical tide where strong opposition resides… Come up with a new idea and carry that idea and refine it until it proves to be...Read More »

Launching Your Business by Victoria Wright

If you have just joined a network marketing company, you have something very special in your hands.  You have the opportunity to write your own story.  You have the opportunity to be your own boss without the headaches of starting a traditional business. You are part of an ecosystem which unlike...Read More »

The 4 Proper “Ps” for $ucce$$ in Network Marketing by Jack M. Zufelt “Mentor To Millions”

If you will master the four Proper Ps of network marketing you can create any amount of income you desire. These Proper Ps are critical and must be used synergistically because they all are an integral part of creating $ucce$$ in your MLM business. They must ALL be done simultaneously...Read More »


How to Keep the Flow of Business Going Strong by David Feinstein

A business is like a beach. It needs customers to flow to it and make purchases. Just like the water that drives life to the sand. Customers are the life force and that will never change. The presentation of the business may change. One example is the location of the...Read More »

How Product Sampling Can Make All The Difference by Ben Dixon

Products tell a story and some products story is most powerfully told when you use it. Whether it is a nutrition product you taste, or a lotion you feel, or a vitamin you bless your body with, sampling has proved again and again to be a remarkable way to acquire...Read More »

The Direct Selling Executive Forum by Ben Dixon

The Direct Selling Executive Forum will be hosting a special guest interview panel on May 14th at 10am PST / 1pm EST.  Mark Beiderwieden served as an executive at Amway for over 25+ years, managing some of the largest markets on the globe. He’s often talked about the challenges of an executive’s...Read More »


The Answer To Launching Or Relaunching Your Business by George Madiou

The answer to launching or relaunching your business begins with the 27% success system! We have been blessed over the last 16 years to have had many industry leaders and trainers share their wisdom with our members. Many of these contributors have taught highly successful distributors some of these distributors have...Read More »