Cover_2007_November In this month’s issue we will discuss the Attitude of Gratitude. Our contributors share how gratitude is a major force behind their success. If you haven’t given this any thought in your own success I would suggest that you start with a personal assignment that you can start right now. Take out a notebook and start a gratitude journal. Yes, you heard right. Get out that notebook and do it. If you’re struggling with the first entries, start with the fact that you woke up today and the next thing you can put down is that you are grateful for being in an industry that offers you so much potential. We will look at how gratitude will make a big difference in your business and your life.

Aim High!

George Madiou,
President and Founder


Thanksgiving by Rod Nichols

Maybe you haven’t yet achieved a high level of success in network marketing, but you are on a learning path, so be grateful for that. November is one of my favorite months, primarily because we celebrate Thanksgiving. I have wonderful childhood memories of my family around the dinner table giving thanks...Read More »

Gratitude is not just an attitude! by Teresa Romain

You must develop much more than an ATTITUDE of gratitude… that attitude must be demonstrated through your actions. Gratitude is much more than an attitude. It goes beyond FEELING grateful. For gratitude to have an impact on your life, it takes more than just THINKING grateful thoughts or FEELING ‘warm-fuzzy’ feelings...Read More »

Self gratitude and personal success by Kat McCarthy

There are many different tools and systems to success… turning yourself into a ‘power tool’ puts the rest into overdrive! Self gratitude is the ability to appreciate self without the benefit of an outside influence and it is something that is very difficult for most people to do though without a...Read More »

The Power of Appreciation by Michael Murphy

Begin practicing the habit of showing appreciation. You will make the world a better place by something that costs you nothing except a little awareness and a simple act of gratitude One of the most amazing and essential personal development books of all times is the Dale Carnegie classic, ‘How To...Read More »

The Days - Good Night and Good Morning by John David Mann

It’s always the days, always the hours How does your day end? Do you succumb to gravity and crash into the mattress feeling defeated? Nod off to Jon, Jay or Conan? Or spend a moment looking back over the panorama of your day and pronounce it, like God on the sixth...Read More »

Are you acting from gratitude, love and trust or doubt and fear? by Dr. Joe Rubino

We can intentionally choose to trust that others are doing the best they know how to do based upon how they see the world. As human beings, we operate daily reflecting a wide range of emotions with a multitude of motivations fueling our behaviors. All too often, we react emotionally to what...Read More »

Gratitude: It's more than a feeling by Mark Semple

If you are not feeling the way that you want to, take a moment and get into your gratitude. And then show that gratitude by taking action. As you embrace the principles of success, you are sure to hear gratitude mentioned repeatedly. In the hit movie The Secret, being grateful was...Read More »

An Attitude of Gratitude by Sarah Robinson

For the magic to stick, gratitude has to become an active part of our daily lives.  I was introduced to the whole concept of gratitude when I was in my mid-twenties. At the time, I thought my life was pretty miserable – so miserable that I complained about it loudly...Read More »

Graciousness and Growing Your Business by Laura Johnson

You will have a business full of clients that want to do business with you because they are being heard and being appreciated. As the movie “The Secret” called out to us to always have an attitude of gratitude, people began to reflect on how and if they were doing it...Read More »

Gratitude, What is Our Attitude? by Roberto Torres

14 Ways to create an environment of gratitude Many times, we find ourselves not liking or enjoying where we are in life. This put us on the path of complaining and of feeding fear, which is the enemy of faith. This then becomes habitual. One key area in living a prosperous...Read More »

Ambition combined with Thankfulness by Dale Calvert

Gratitude is pertinent not only to your business but to life!  When I spoke with George Madiou and he told me the topic for articles this month in the Network Marketing Magazine would be on the subject of Gratitude, it was a real mind tweak for me. On the surface...Read More »

One of Life's Great Lessons - Learn to Be Thankful for What You Already Have by Jim Rohn

(Excerpted from the New Jim Rohn Weekend Event DVD/CD series)  Is thankfulness a survival skill? Perhaps most of you would respond with, “No, Jim, thankfulness is not key to survival”, and I would tend to agree with you. Most of us have probably already solved the necessary problems of survival,...Read More »


Small Victories First by Scott Ginsberg

It’s the key to CONFIDENCE! Small victories build momentum. Small victories validate self-assurance. Small victories pave the way for later success. Small victories enable you to take bolder action. Small victories stretch your boundaries one mile at a time. This goes for everything: dating, sports, conversation, business, shyness, speaking in public...Read More »

Dream - Grow - Focus - Achieve! by Sue Seward

Everything is about making decisions! Every single day you must decide what you will do! Decide today about your DREAM.  Sometimes the true heroes in our lives are those people who inspire us not with their superhuman accomplishments but simply by their refusal to give up in the face of...Read More »

Faith, Assets, and Liabilities by Josh Liteky

The longer we stay in the game the better we get at playing it! What is both your greatest asset and greatest liability at the same time? Consider this for a moment. Give up? Your MIND! Think about it, what is the thing that is either constantly praising you or pushing you down?...Read More »

The Leader's Leader - The Meaning-Driven Organization by Jack Lannom

The Leader’s Leader holds a baton… not a bat! Such leadership is at once magnetic and dynamic; people are attracted to it, inspired by it, and they cheerfully respond to it.  There are three types of companies: profit-driven companies, customer-driven companies – or the organization which will survive and thrive...Read More »

Technology & Things

Online Social Networking Web Sites give you free access to the best prospects by Max Steingart

The days of walking into a room full of strangers to network, socialize, make contacts, and trying to build business relationships face to face is winding down. Now, it’s easier, and more productive, to meet people online from the comfort of your home or office. Gary turned to the Internet out...Read More »

Your Company's Web Site - Probably stinks! by Benjamin Fitts

This article presents the second of the 5 Lies the Experts tell you- In this article I want to talk about the second lie in my 5 lies the experts tell you. I want to talk about an issue that is often ignored in Network Marketing – self-replicated web sites. First...Read More »


Keith McEachern by TNMM Editor

You think recruiting can be challenging? Try building a million dollar business from jail like Keith McEachern! In my early years, following graduation from college, I knew that I wanted to eventually work for myself, and especially that I could get into something that would have a residual benefit. Like many...Read More »


Grateful by George Madiou

I was asked to describe myself in one word and without hesitation I said, “GRATEFUL” Gratitude is the one thing that can put you in a state of peace just as fast as being ungrateful can put you in a state of personal turmoil. The amazing thing is, you control the...Read More »