Cover_2008_November The Chosen Road

Introduction by George Madiou

This month we start our series on The Chosen Road. We are so proud of being the voice of the network marketing industry, and as such, we don’t take this responsibility lightly. The Chosen Road is bringing networkers down a path, of pride in the industry that they’re involved in and on a path of success, which they will experience in their business. The first of five themes of The Chosen Road is, the best networkers never appear to be selling anything (You can explore entire 5 themes here.)

Our contributors that wrote articles on the featured theme of this month, really nailed it! You will get some great insight on this subject that will guide you down a path to becoming even a greater networker. Enjoy this month’s issue. The month of November, is when we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the USA, take time to be thankful for the blessings you have received from this great industry of ours.

Aim high!

George Madiou


The Five Failure Factors by Rod Nichols

Get to work and develop a system that will eliminate the five failure factors.  1. Takes too long to make money– although there are a few that pay daily, most network marketing companies pay residuals either monthly or weekly. The average new network marketer takes sixty days or longer to...Read More »

NWM is the “Chosen Road” So, YOU want to make money in NWM? by David Nelson

Learn HOW . . . Right here! Right now! Then, take action!  “Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes Do YOU Want/Need the Money? Of course you do! Your disposable income and financial resources have dramatically decreased because of...Read More »

Sales Vs. The System by Michael Clouse

“If you will become the very best messenger you possibly can, the message will take care of itself.” Indeed it will…  Yes, I know to some of you, this is about sales… And I understand the points you probably are making right now. Still, I have a real problem with...Read More »

What are you willing to do? (To make your dreams come true) by Paul Morris

Do you have the determination of Rocky? Refuse to give up your dreams!  Are you willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES? What are you willing to do to completely transform your life and become financially free with so much money that you can’t spend it all? As a member of the Team...Read More »

mONEy by Rod Nichols

Network marketing is not about the money, it’s about the relationships. If you build the relationships, the money will follow.  I fell in love with the network marketing industry when I first saw all those circles in 1979. The reason I love this industry is that it is truly the...Read More »

Help!! The Sky is Falling! How can we better position ourselves to take advantage of the Fall Out?! by Sue Seward

Set your dreams big and then grow into the person to achieve those dreams  Everyone seems to be stuck like a deer in the headlights because of all the bad economic news lately. The worst thing people can do is to do nothing and that’s why many will remain stuck in...Read More »

The New Paradigm of Selling... "You'll never need to close a sale again!" by Denise Corcoran

The top 7 secrets to exploding your sales with integrity, influence and power.  Do you provide a great service or product yet few prospects seem interested or actually buy? Do your prospects’ eyes glaze over when you present your offering? Tired of hearing the same stalls or responses, like “maybe...Read More »

Mastering the ART of Networking by Jim Britt

Powerful hints for meeting people and growing your network of contacts.  You just picked up the mail and you receive an invitation to a big event. One of your current clients is throwing their huge annual party in a few weeks. You’ve always wanted to receive an invitation. Not only...Read More »

Ignorance Can Make You Wealthy! by Michael Oliver

Demonstrating what selling is really about and how anyone can do it when they see it as it really is, (helping other people to get what they want)… and not what they think it is!  I was at our local market place savoring a nice apple pie a la mode...Read More »

5 Biggest Reasons Your Business is Getting Ready to Explode by Doug Firebaugh

It is an exciting year. And it will be a GREAT year for those who GET IT.  The Network Marketing MLM prospects for the Home Business Marketplace is looking better everyday – regardless of the talk about Recession. Recession has always worked well for home businesses and always will. NOW...Read More »

The mindset and skill to draw people to your business like iron to a magnet by John Hollner

One of the hardest things about network marketing is that we must act as if we have already achieved the results we are striving for.  The longer you are involved in network marketing, you will hear leaders use a word to describe your presence when sharing your opportunity with others...Read More »

“The Road NOT Taken” and Why Network Marketers make that choice! by RS Mallory

We, as Network Marketers CHOOSE to take The Road Less Traveled in order to reach out and touch those we would miss if we had not done so.  This month our topic is The Chosen Road. Professional Network Marketers have ALL chosen to work in this arena for various reasons....Read More »

CAMELOT is NOT a Myth by Elizabeth Harrington

How to capture the hearts and minds of the most desirable customers on the face of the planet.  Anyone else notice how difficult it is to GET the attention of a prospect or customer today much less KEEP it? Everyone keeps talking about creating the “buzz”. Where the quest for...Read More »

What happens when you join a network marketing program? by Ted Henry

Asking questions and waiting for answers (not pouncing) gives you time to determine if the person you are talking to is even a prospect and give that person time to decide if they like you or not.  You drive onto the lot and before you can get out of your...Read More »

Why People Join Network Marketing Opportunities and What's the #1 Pitfall to Avoid by Jaz Lai

Don’t be caught up by hype and euphoria. Your family and your downlines are placing their faith in you and you don’t want to let them down.  Network marketing opportunities are everywhere. It is estimated that the global network marketing sales force exceeds the millions and it is still constantly...Read More »


Leadership That Inspires by Richard Brooke

Leadership is the greatest profession of the 21st century. Nowhere will it be more richly rewarded than in the people enrichment business.  World history is full of powerful leaders; men and women who changed the direction of societies, business and culture. Nothing is more valuable to our society’s health. Yet...Read More »

"Karate for the Head or Heart?" by Jack Zufelt

This is what a heart-set looks and feels like.  Many years ago, when I was teaching karate, I could usually tell how well my students would perform from their motivation to learn in the first place. Often it was just a passing fancy, an ego trip, or a belt. But...Read More »

It's Easy... Just the Basics by Chad Bumgarner

When You Put Your Mind to It  Have you ever been in a situation where you’re casually observing someone, just watching what they’re doing, and it seems like whatever it is that person is doing… is effortless? It’s just like that in Network Marketing! When you love what you do,...Read More »

Getting back on the Horse! by Linda Yates

May you have the courage to keep trying to achieve the success that is possible!  If you ever attempted to give exceptional service and it blew up in your face, what did you do to pick yourself back up again and make the next attempt bear a positive outcome? Do...Read More »

“Target your market” by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Here is one way to get great leads inexpensively by using this “target your market” technique. It’s easy to get great leads if you target your market. Here is one way to get great leads inexpensively by using this “target your market” technique. Imagine that you sold a protein powder product that...Read More »


An 'accidental' Irresistible Offer by Mary K Weinhagen

I never wanted to be a “saleswoman” in the first place!  I am a networker. I am NOT the ‘best’ networker. Yet I had an experience this month that heightened my awareness of some things the best networkers do… and the opportunity to take a closer look at what goes...Read More »

The Greatest Networkers never appear to be selling anything! by George Madiou

Think about it… Who are your BEST leaders and customers?  Think about it… Who are your best leaders and customers? Are they the ones that you led down a personal path of discovery? Did you let them make decisions, in their own time, to join your business, or did you...Read More »