Cover_2010_November Knowledge is important, contacts are important, but the most important part of your success is Taking Action – Just Do It NOW! Without action you just have a good idea. With action you put yourself on the path to success in your business.

End the year strong. Commit to getting into action and give your business a head start for the new year!

Aim high!

George Madiou


Take Action... Do It Now! Learn to Make The Most of Your Time: Live Life to It's Fullest! by Paul Morris

MAKE EVERY SECOND COUNT Suppose you won the Lottery. Imagine the method of payment was to make a deposit of $86,400.00 into your checking account at 12:01 AM every morning. It carries no balance from day to day. Every night at midnight the account balance you failed to use is deleted...Read More »

DOWIT Now! by Steve Dailey

The habit of acting immediately instead of delaying the inevitable creates powerful momentum. I’m sure you have heard that the key to conquering procrastination is to simply deploy the mantra: “Do It Now!” No matter the task, the timing or the climb – do it now. The habit of acting immediately instead...Read More »

Taking Action by Russell Foster

“An ounce of action is worth a pound of theorizing.” ~Wallace Wattles An ounce of action is worth a pound of theorizing. ~Wallace Wattles Over a century ago, author and visionary Wallace Wattles used the quote, “An ounce of action is worth a pound of theorizing.” As many of you might...Read More »

Create An Action Plan to Grow Your Business with Velocity and Track Your Results by Dr. Joe Rubino

Combine massive action with an effective personal development program and you will possess the winning formula that will all but guarantee your success in building your Network Marketing dynasty. Consistent (day in and day out) and persistent (following up until you get a result) action is an essential component for Network...Read More »

If it is simple, why don't we do it? by Jillian Middleton

Because something is ‘simple’ like jumping out of an airplane -all you have to do is step off – that doesn’t make it easy. Simple formula for dialing money making calls: Sit down for 30 to 60 minutes: 1. Get clear on the intended outcome of the call. 2. Write out...Read More »

What's More Important Than Taking Action – This Day in the Life Account of Nearly Every Network Marketer Will Show You! by David Feinstein

Lay out a plan to get the most done in your available time. Once you have that plan follow it to a tee, and let absolutely NOTHING allow you to deviate from that plan. Have you ever wondered why you haven’t seen the success that you have set out for with...Read More »

If I Were Starting My Home Business Again by Diane Hochman

5 basic principles and a series of questions that can lead YOU to taking the right actions As a home business trainer, one of the questions I get asked often is this… “If you were starting your home business from the beginning, what would you do differently?” I smile when I...Read More »

Why Action? Why Now? by Kevin Abdulrahman

I may not know everything at any given moment and time, but I am the kind of guy who takes action with what he knows. When it comes to Taking Action, I believe it, live it and teach it. I do it because for years I have told my students in...Read More »

MLM: How to Take Profitable Action Now and Attract Leads into Your Home Business in 3 Easy Steps by Kimberly Rhodes

All the reading and thinking in the world will not help you to create a successful business. Don’t wait until you think you have it all figured out. Each of us in Network Marketing wants something. Many times it’s something you want to do or achieve. Sometimes it can be something...Read More »

Frustration Really Does Equal Success! by Gary Coxe

Although you might want to quit, keep telling yourself “Things that move want to keep moving.” It’s a sure-fire way to stay out of mental vertigo! Early one morning, you drag out of bed. The kids have kept you up all night. The neighbor’s dog won’t shut up and you are...Read More »

Knowledge without Action Leads to Self Delusion by Dale Calvert

THE 4-STEP FORMULA THAT CREATES ACTION The network marketing industry is full of people that have all the answers but no downline. They can tell you everything about every company, but when it comes to actually doing the activities necessary to build a business they can’t seem to pull the trigger....Read More »

Let Your Passion Move You to Action But Be Sure It's In The Right Direction by Jim Britt

Let your dream consume you and drive you to action. You’ve no doubt witnessed a fly beating its head against a window trying desperately to get to freedom. It’s a life-or-death struggle, a futile attempt to fly through the glass, but all the time it is using up the last energies...Read More »

Tired of moving pixels on a computer screen to get prospects? by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

8 quick actions you can take to increase your personal contacts * Have 5,000 imaginary friends on Facebook that don’t care about you? * Tired of playing pen pal and writing sales messages that no one reads? * Disgusted with low quality prospects that are only “lookers” and waste your time?...Read More »


As We Sow, So Shall We Harvest by Denis Waitley

The greatest security is to plan and act, and take the risk that will ultimately ensure your personal freedom and independence. Our true rewards in life will depend on the quality and amount of contribution we make. From the Scriptures, to science, to psychology, to business, the documentation is the same....Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings  Alone we get lost Together we can be found Arthur Tugman ~ The way to retain wealth Is to share it Arthur Tugman ~ It’s easier to reach your goal When you’re satisfied with silver Arthur Tugman ~ You’ll never know who you will affect But is you...Read More »

Eight Choices You Can Make Today That Will Change Your Life Forever by Chris Widener

The direction of our lives is determined by the choices we make every day. The direction of our lives is determined by the choices we make every day. They accumulate and add up to our ultimate destiny. Here are eight choices you can make – choices that will create for you...Read More »

Ending Procrastination by Jim Rohn

2 powerful and effective productivity techniques. Perseverance is about as important to achievement as gasoline is to driving a car. Sure, there will be times when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but you’ll always get out of the rut with genuine perseverance. Without it, you won’t even be able...Read More »

Technology & Things

You're Not Going to Break the Internet by Jennifer Fong

As business people, we understand that we can’t just ignore entire generations of people if we want to build a sustainable business.  Many folks in direct sales, especially at the leadership levels of sales organizations, have been around a while. You did not grow up as part of the “digital...Read More »


Are You In The Arena or Are You In The Stands? by George Madiou

This is where you experience victory in your business. The path to winning is achieved by getting out of your seat in the stands and getting into the arena where the battle is won. Too many of us try to ponder and think our way to success in our business. We don’t...Read More »

Real Learning Requires Action by Mary K Weinhagen

“When your commitment to learning trumps your commitment to being afraid, you will learn.” ~Chris Majer What if we treated learning as the development of new competence instead of buying into the hogwash so many of us learned in school that learning meant memorization of information? This may be a news...Read More »

Take Action... Step by Step by Debbie Madiou

These 4 steps are the building blocks to take daily action in your business. It is likely when we join a network marketing company that we go to training. In that training we hear, “in order to be successful we need to take action!”. It makes sense; one must take certain action...Read More »