This month’s theme is about…….Teamwork! 

Network Marketing is one industry that requires teamwork for incredible success.

Many other industries are solo efforts, however, ours is not. Is yours a solo act? Or are you a team player?

Check out what the experts have to say in this special issue and let us know your opinion. 

George-MadiouThank you very much!

Aim high!

                      George Madiou Founder & Publisher



Team Spirit – From Silos to Synergy by Brian Biro

Team Spirit – From Silos to Synergy By Brian Biro – America’s Breakthrough Coach One of the great gifts of my life was the incredible WOO (window of opportunity) I had to learn first-hand from the legendary coach – and even better person – John Wooden.  Coach Wooden’s UCLA basketball teams won an...Read More »

Want to build a Great Team? Go Fish and bring a Friend. By John Hackett EdD

Want to build a Great Team? Go Fish and bring a Friend. This month’s topic for the Network Marketing Magazine is teamwork. Here we are as a Network Marketer or Direct seller, Near the end or maybe in my wife’s company the halfway point of the fiscal year.Where you are satisfied with...Read More »

Teamwork makes the Dream work! By Paul Morris

Teamwork makes the Dream work! At the risk of being accused of using old acronyms, I choose to use one of the more often used ones that aptly describes the power of working together as a team. That acronym is TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.  This philosophy is nothing new; it...Read More »

Teamwork by George Dubac

George Dubec TEAMWORK – TEAM – T (together) E (each) A (accomplishes) M (more). A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable. Good teamwork is what makes organizations successful. Whether it’s a band, a sports team, a Fortune...Read More »

Why Good Teamwork is Essential to Successful Businesses? By David Feinstein

Why Good Teamwork is Essential to Successful Businesses? Teamwork is essential for network marketing. Without teamwork, tasks can get overbearing and the team’s mission will fail. As individual units going about with day to day tasks, it takes a collective force to win the war. Consider this, a football team is a...Read More »



The Big Al Report by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter,

The Big Al Report “How do I handle objections?” * How do I handle the pyramid objection? * What do I say when they want to think it over? * Is there anything to say if they don’t believe me? * Why are they skeptical? * What can you say if they don’t have any money? And...Read More »

Humility – The Secret Power in Network Marketing! By Brian Biro

Humility – The Secret Power in Network Marketing! My heart has been hammering for me to write this article. For quite some time I’ve felt as if we have all been caught in a relentless hailstorm of ego, defensiveness, and boastfulness. When people must constantly tell us how brilliant, talented, and extraordinary they...Read More »

If You Ever Think About Quitting By Jeff Altgilbers

If You Ever Think About Quitting Excerpt from Jeff Altgilber’s new book, Reaching the Peak How I Climbed to the Top in Network Marketing (And How You Can, Too!) published by Success In 100 Pages. Do you ever think about quitting? I did. So many times, I thought maybe I’m not cut...Read More »

Be one of the leading MLM solutions by David Feinstein

Be one of the leading MLM solutions “Today I shall behave as if this day will be remembered” by Dr. Seuss, this quote is very true to every type of business online or offline. Don’t you think it’s time to be one of the leading MLM solutions, instead of following the...Read More »

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More Social Media Posts By Max Steingart

More Social Media Posts Modify the Examples Below to Fit Your Particular Offer Your Post: “If you think no one care if you’re alive, try missing a couple of payments.” Your Answer: “I’m glad you liked my joke. What are you doing these days?” Your Post: “Light travels faster than sound, that’s why some...Read More »


Teamwork by George Madiou

Teamwork “None of us is as smart as all of us.” –Ken Blanchard Ken Blanchard has hit the concept of Teamwork right on the head! In network marketing, not one of us individually is as strong as a great team, working together. Ours is an industry of working as a team. This...Read More »