Cover_2005_October_t We want to welcome you to! This is our inaugural issue and our mission is to be the difinative resource for the network marketer world wide to grow their business while growing themselves. will become your own personal professional library, a one stop place to turn to when you have questions about your business. Give us your input and welcome to the future!

Aim High!

George Madiou

President and Co-founder


The #1 Skill You Must Know!!! by Tim Sales

How you can become a Professional Inviter Tim Sales teaches a three-part formula: invite, present, train. Of these, by far the most critical is inviting. You can have tools and other people do the presenting and training for you – but inviting? That part’s up to you; that’s what you’ve got...Read More »

What if You Were a Millionaire? by Teresa Romain

Because your time and life energy is finite, it’s important that how you make and use money conserves or adds to your life energy. Long before most of today’s self-proclaimed gurus began glibly instructing the world about scarcity and prosperity, Teresa Romain was presenting her unique, positive perspective on abundance. She’s...Read More »


Taking The High Road by Michael Oliver

How to turn a negative opinion into a fresh new look at what you have to offer. Everybody’s been there, and most of us wish we were finally done with that— listening to the negative opinions people have about network marketing and being a network marketer. Human nature being what it...Read More »

Is This Any Way to Win Friends and Influence People? by Kim Klaver

How are you coming across when you present your product to someone else? Talk to people. Talk to people. Talk to people. Tell the story. Tell the story. Tell the story. But which people? And what story? That’s what been-that done- there Ms. Klaver can show and tell you better than...Read More »

Leaders Lead by Leading by DRA

How many of you are truly leaders in your network marketing organizations? Joe Batten is one of the grand old men of public speaking and a member of the National Speaker’s Association Hall of Fame. He wrote the best-seller Tough-minded Leadership. Some time ago, Joe met with a group of 35...Read More »

The 7 Habits of Highly Horrible Networkers by Scott Ginsberg

There is a time and a place for networking— it’s called ANY time, and ANY place. As of this writing (September 19, 2005) young Mr. Ginsberg has worn a name tag that reads, “Hello, my name is Scott” for 1783 days— in less than a 100 more days, that will be...Read More »

The Gift of Listening by Richard Brooke

Hearing exactly what a person is saying… what they intend to say, but are not… what they are not saying… and most importantly, what the other person is feeling. Listening at the level described here is a discipline and an art that will pay big dividends in your relationships and in...Read More »

Integrity by Denis Waitley

There are no degrees of integrity. You have it or you don’t. A simple motto hung on the living room wall of my grandparents’ small frame house, where many seeds for my development were planted. My grandmother and grandfather didn’t talk about the lines; they lived them. Life is like a field...Read More »

Mastering your Technology Gap by Paul Pilzer

Your ability to use the Internet to leverage your time is the key to your success. Excerpted from his book The Next Millionaires Let’s say you drive to work every day following a certain route. It’s the route you take, because it’s the route everyone takes. Then one day, there’s a...Read More »

Why So Many Websites Fail by Michel Fortin

And the three elements you must have to make yours succeed. That Michel Fortin is one of the world’s best copy writers— on and off the Internet— is a proven fact. But first and foremost, he’s a skilled and insightful master marketer. The points he makes in this article apply to...Read More »

Bird Sense by Terri Levine

In a team, there is no more important or less important person or task. Some people are natural loners and people who work best on their own, but even for these people, learning to cultivate a team spirit and work together with others is a powerful way to reach success. Some...Read More »

7 Ways to Cut Loose from Old Sales Thinking by Ari Galper

The sooner you can let go of the traditional sales beliefs the more quickly you’ll feel good about selling and start seeing better results. Although Ari Galper is not a network marketer— he’s a sales and sales training professional— his message is right on for the trust-building, problem-solving, fit-finding relationship-based approaches...Read More »

Sincerity Sucks by Blair Warren

Sincerity is nothing but a label we put on past experiences to describe people who actually did what they said they would do. Do you admire a guy who has the courage to get in your face, tell it like it should be (and rarely is) and sincerely doesn’t care what...Read More »

The Distributor Rights Association by Cheryl Gonzalez

The DRA exists to build a bridge between Companies and their Distributors to foster greater understanding and communication. The goal of the DRA is: To promote, preserve and protect the company and independent contractor relationships through establishing professional standards that are fair and just to all and attain the highest standard of...Read More »


Blink and The Tipping Point by TNMM Editor

Gladwell’s Blink is way up high on’s sales ranking, and honestly, I’m not sure why. Granted, it has a DaVinci Codeish appeal. It’s a string of great stories enabled by many (the majority?) of its’ reader’s sincere desires to find solid, even scientific connections, and whys, and what makes...Read More »

Hard Optimism by TNMM Editor

The first book I read by Price Pritchett was one I now treasure, you2, subtitled: A High velocity Formula for Multiplying your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps. The book was a gift from my not yet, though sooner than later to be, friend Richard Brooke. It was admirably written with...Read More »

Professional Inviter by Tim Sales

CD album by tim sales Here’s Tim Sales’ claim: If you’ll follow these easy, step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to invite anyone to a network marketing meeting, to listen to a conference call, to look at an online presentation or a video/ DVD… even if this is your first day ‘on the...Read More »

Mailbox Money: The Promise of Network Marketing by Richard Brooke

If you’re skeptical… That’s okay. You may find that by the end of this book, you will have a new perspective. Maybe your doubts and skepticism will disappear. Or, maybe you’ll be even more convinced that Network marketing is not for you. Either way, you’ll be none the worse for...Read More »

The School of Thinking by TNMM Editor

website and eCourse The School of Thinking (SOT) was founded in 1979, to teach thinking as a skill by Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono. It’s a free school and a virtual school on the Internet and via e-mail. The SOT’s mission is to enrich the lives of people by...Read More »


Margie Aliprandi by Margie Aliprandi

With one and only one company, Neways, for 17 years, single mom Margie has a networking organization of a few hundred thousand around the world. “Network marketing, I love it at the core of my being, it’s like I was born for this. I use it as a platform to teach...Read More »

Warren Nelson by TNMM Editor

It takes teamwork to make a dream work, is FreeLife’s Warren’s story- and he’s been stickin’ to it for 15 years. BTW, the man’s got a Harvard MBA and a very intriguing view of network marketing, and he’s been at the very top of 3 different MLM compan In network marketing,...Read More »

Robin Cohen by Robin Cohen

Her style is quietly powerful; building her Oxyfresh business with authentic leadership that honors her values and motivates her people. Robin’s story is all about personal development causing professional growth. I just think no matter how you do in this business there are always new ways and new people that can...Read More »

Jim Ryder by TNMM Editor

Since we featured Tim Sales’ ideas on how to build your networking business, we thought you’d like to read a story about someone who’s using Tim’s product and approach. And you’ll certainly learn about that from Jim, and, there’s so very much more…. I learned early on it wasn’t the money...Read More »


The Big Picture by John David Mann

10 years ago, most people you’d talk to about network marketing either knew nothing about it, or knew someone who’d had a negative experience. Not today… I shall be telling this with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two paths diverged in the wood, and I- I took the one...Read More »

The Luck Factor by Len Clements

To be successful in network marketing you’ve got to create a LOT of opportunities to get lucky. What does it really take to be successful in MLM? Many networking sages will insist it’s all about proper training, a good lead source, or a hot product. Those things are certainly important, of...Read More »

The Missing Relationship by Mary K Weinhagen

An invitation to befriend yourself There is a significant relationship you may be neglecting. It used to be that seeing the word “relationship” in a magazine article was a pretty fair indication that you were reading a women’s magazine. The end result being a woman was going to chat it up...Read More »

How we're Network Marketing by George Madiou

We’re building this business the way The Greatest Networker in the World taught me to. I was stopped on a gravel road on the side of a mountain in Virginia just past sundown, afraid to pull into what I hoped was the driveway. I didn’t know if it led to the...Read More »

The Transformation of the Business Formerly Known as MLM by John Milton Fogg

There’s a very real and powerful earth-shaking, landscape-altering, whole new way of being and doing happening now in marketing all around the world that network marketers will either Lead… Follow… Or…. It’s time. It’s about network marketing earthshakes. I’ve been shown and told, there’s a very present, powerful, landscape- altering, best...Read More »