Cover_2006_October This first anniversary  is quite a milestone. It has been a wonderful year. One year later, we have seen so much growth, it feels like so much more than one year and at the same time it feels like we opened yesterday. The start of our second year has many exciting features in store such as coaching, a community component, French and Spanish editions, video and web conferencing with our readers and contributors. Let us know what you have liked most about the magazine this past year.
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The POWER Road by Doug Firebaugh

A new year, a new POWER We begin year two with a new column by Doug Firebaugh. Let Doug’s passion light the fire within YOU to reveal your power  Ok. I’ll admit it. I was a little skeptical about The Network Marketing Magazine when I got a call from John...Read More »

Create YOUR Fortune in Network Marketing! by David Nelson

Network Marketing delivers lifestyle and freedom! NWM is a business and industry of tremendous competitive advantage. There are so many ways for you to maximize your talents, abilities, skills, and resources. There are so many ways for you to be and achieve just what you really desire and that for which...Read More »

If motivation were cash and fame, could you be the next Oprah? by Laura Johnson

What happens to our motivation, and how can we crank it up? Stop before you read on… do you have the motivation to finish this article? “Of course I do” you say. Then the next question… do you have enough motivation to take yourself to success? Did you have to hesitate...Read More »


Tips for building your own network marketing empire by Richard Brooke

Taking action on these tips can make the difference between earning a living… and enjoying a LIFE! 1. Use all your products in as many creative ways as possible. Your product experiences become your basis for retail sales. 2. Think about what you will do with your Network Marketing residual income ALL...Read More »

Charisma by Richard Abraham

Contrary to what many believe, people are not born charismatic… charisma is a learned characteristic It seems like there is a lot of discussion about charisma these days. We discuss it with respect to entertainers and television personalities, and there has been a lot of talk about it recently in politics....Read More »

WOO Lesson 4: Your ENERGY is YOUR CHOICE! by Brian Biro

Your energy is your ultimate example. It takes movement and energy to seize the WOO! The Giuliani Solution! One of the most healing and positive influences that lifted millions of Americans after 9/11 was the inexhaustible energy displayed by former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Everywhere you turned, there was...Read More »

Make the most of every day by Ryan Greene

Am I better today than I was yesterday? Life is a minute, Only 60 seconds in it, Forced upon you, Can’t refuse it, Didn’t choose it, But It’s up to you to use it, You must suffer if you lose it; Give an account if you abuse it, Just a tiny...Read More »

Get Motivated! by Jonathan Black

All your prospects harbor a desire to make life better, whether it’s spending more time with the family or building a nest egg or relieving pain. You don’t want to overwhelm them with possibility and scare them off, but you certainly want to open a door. Networkers can learn a lot...Read More »

The Law of Sowing and Reaping by Jim Rohn

Here’s what the story says, and take notes, because the drama’s in the details. Now, here’s the second law that changed my life forever in network marketing. I learned the law of sowing and reaping. And in the law of sowing and reaping is also the story of the law of averages. Jot...Read More »

Be a student of Many Masters! by Julie Coombs

The importance of putting self growth first… I thought this topic fitting for this month’s Anniversary Edition of The Network Marketing Magazine. Every month The NM Magazine provides a cornucopia of topics, teachers and styles, the perfect venue for those that enjoy “diversity and freshness in perspective”! At a young age I...Read More »

Network Marketing? YES! by Terri Levine

There is the opportunity to enjoy tremendous financial rewards for anybody who is willing to do what it takes to succeed. I have been involved in the network marketing industry for many years and the reason for this long term involvement is it offers unlimited income potential. If you are prepared...Read More »

Harnessing the White Rabbit syndrome by Elizabeth Harrington

By allowing yourself the time and space to think and feel and discern what really matters, you will give yourself the gift of a fabulously meaningful life. LIFE IN THE FAST LANE might be exciting, but are you living quickly at the expense of living deeply? Learn to say no to busyness...Read More »

Seven techniques for overcoming the tendency to procrastinate by Denis Waitley

Remember what TNT means: Today! Not Tomorrow! The science of physics recognizes two kinds of inertia – both of which can be related to procrastination. The first law states, “Standing objects tend to remain stationary.” The second law is the inverse: “Moving objects tend to stay in motion.” Procrastination is stationary...Read More »

A Year in the Life of a Direct Sales Husband by Mark Semple

As we at celebrate our first anniversary, Mark Semple shares his year of growth along with us. As the husband & dedicated supporter of a Direct Sales woman, it is always empowering to look back and reflect on how far we have come. My wife left her life-draining corporate job almost...Read More »

Start with the basics by Chris Widener

Perhaps the struggles we have are because we have gotten away from the basics. With that in mind I gave some thought to the basics in a few areas.  The other day I am at the club getting ready to go work out. I am standing in the row of...Read More »

The Leader's Leader by Jack Lannom

Corporate Values Statements – Part II This month we see more examples of values statements, laying the foundation for a meaningful philosophy.  In last month’s article I posted several corporate values statements, in order to show you what actual values statements look like. Here are a few more for...Read More »


My journey to America by Ellie Drake

A true life story from a woman, who first had to teach herself English and today, continues to ‘walk her talk’. I was born in Tehran, Iran. For many years during my childhood, I started feeling that something was not quite right in the country that I was born in. People...Read More »

Network Marketing – Live! Luke's Story by TNMM Editor

In search of… a company The journey continues as Luke takes a look at a variety of companies. Due diligence sometimes start with an honest look at self! We at have decided to follow the progress of a person (we’ll call Luke) who has decided that network marketing is a...Read More »

Technology & Things

Publishing On-going Dialogue, Addressing Needs and Gathering Others by LeRoy Maughan

Some powerful thoughts regarding the two sides of learning, the importance of on-going dialogue, rich conversation and building relationships. Real learning is like two sides of the same coin; one side represents a variety of new things becoming familiar enough to be understood and applied. The other side of the coin...Read More »


Momentum Project by David Pollay

Let positive triggers turn on your best self Consider it this way. When you enter a dark room, what do you do? You reach for the light switch. You flip it, and just like that you have light.  I was having a bad day. Yes, it’s true. I know I...Read More »

It's all good by Maran Banta

“I never have to ask for permission” Does your need for approval impact your leadership ability? The Universe shows up in such darling ways, don’t you think? My lesson for this month has been looking at and discharging my own need for the approval of others. It’s that old onion thing again –...Read More »

Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

With appreciation While preparing the first issue marking year two for the magazine it occurs to me that this experience has a lot in common with building a network marketing business. Both are motivated by my desire to inform, involve and inspire people and, like giving birth to a network marketing business,...Read More »

5 Ways to grow your business using by George Madiou

The Question that we are asked more often than any other is, “how can I use to grow my business? Well, here are 5 concrete business building tips you can implement immediately!  There are many, many ways (more than just 5) to use to grow your business but...Read More »