Cover_2008_October This is a momentous time for

We are celebrating three highly successful years… but more important, ushering in a new era in the evolution of our industry. We will be guiding you down the Chosen Road.

As we move through life, we have many choices to make, none more important than the road we will walk down.

Although we are all different in many ways, we share a powerful commonality: we want to walk down the road that will provide us with peace, prosperity, security- and the knowledge that we are doing the right thing for ourselves and our loved ones. We are making this mission the movement of, and this will be our commitment to making our industry an industry everyone is proud to be a part of. In the months to come our contributors and I will be sharing the 5 core principals of what this chosen road is all about. Happy anniversary, and thank you for walking with us on this chosen road.

Aim high!

George Madiou


The Responsibility of Leadership by Dale Calvert

To improve your retention, to grow your organization, you must understand how this business really works.  The secret to retention and duplication is in the first 24 hours, 72 hours, 1st week and month a new person is in the business. If you do your job right in the beginning, it...Read More »

Entrepreneurs On the Fast Track: Top 7 Lessons Learned From the Inc. 500 by Denise Corcoran

“The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire.”  Imagine … being in one room with the 500 most successful entrepreneurs in the US. This month, I had such an opportunity at the Inc. 500 conference, the ultimate event where Inc. Magazine honors the fastest 500 growing...Read More »

Model Success by Rod Nichols

I can guarantee you that if you model an upline leader (and don’t quit after a month or two) who is already successful in your company and then model that to your downline, you will build a very successful business.  During the first twelve years of my network marketing career...Read More »

Did YOU Ever Make Up Your 100 Names List and Call Them? by Michael Oliver

Talking with friends and associates a good idea? I think it’s an excellent one – ONCE you have some realistic understanding on how to approach them.  I was talking with a close friend who coaches his clients in alternate thinking and truths. (Which is why we are such close friends!)?...Read More »

Is Leadership a Gift or An Acquired Skill? by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Make a decision. If you aspire to be a company leader, believe in yourself.  You’ve all heard the expression, “He or she was a born leader.” I wonder if that’s true. It seems to me with insight and determination, anyone can learn the skills necessary to be a leader. Volumes have been...Read More »

Leadership brings movement by Kat McCarthy

There is no down side to becoming a student of human nature. It can only enhance your life, increase your pay check and assist you to create more powerful relationships.  There are two ways to do business: To move stuff or to move people and understanding the difference can and...Read More »

MLM Leadership – How to Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be by Jaz Lai

It takes time to groom a leader. Remember ultimately that a leader is only human and you must be patient through the process.  MLM Leadership is highly coveted by the majority of network marketing reps. They know that if they truly want to achieve fame and fortune within network marketing...Read More »

The Essential Elements of Network Marketing Leadership by Dr. Joe Rubino

Five components critical to effective leadership  As Network Marketing leaders, let’s examine some components critical to effective leadership. 1. At the foundation of any decision to lead lies a clear and compelling vision. Your vision as a successful Network Marketing leader will encompass every aspect of your life and business....Read More »

Awakening to Greatness - 7 Differences That Make the Difference to an Extraordinary Business Future by Denise Corcoran

Right now, the only thing keeping you from your own greatness is that part of you – your mind is “asleep.”  We are all born with the potential for greatness. There are no exceptions. Yet most people realize less than 10% percent of their potential, while a small handful of...Read More »

Leaders are Readers and Readers become Leaders by Paul Morris

Reading, assimilating the knowledge and then applying what you learn from reading these books will change your life dramatically.  The knowledge of the entire world is contained in books, e-books, and research papers, but for that knowledge to be of any value to you it must be transferred from the...Read More »

Why weaklings are Good for Network Marketing by Larry Hochman

Love them and recognize the unique and wonderful contributions they make to the health of your organization and the network marketing industry as a whole.  One of the most common statements I hear among successful network marketing professionals is that they want to populate their organizations with strong individuals… leaders....Read More »

10 Tips to be a Great Upline in Your MLM Business by Jackie Ulmer

Based on past evidence collected, a good way to start getting what you want is to develop the habit of seeing yourself as already there. So, you’ve just sponsored your first person! How exciting! You are now an upline because you have a downline. And, you’ve just tapped into the secret...Read More »

LEADERSHIP: The Art of Inspiring Others to Action by Example by Jim Britt

Regardless of how good you are in business, people see you first as a person.  Leaders make a difference because they are different themselves. A leader’s function is to influence and inspire the people who look to them for direction, guidance and support. What sets great leaders apart from the...Read More »

Leader: Who Is It? by Roberto Torres

Seize the moment and lead! It’s your destiny.  Definition According to Webster’s dictionary a leader is defined as a person who leads: as a: guide, conductor. The above definition kind of lays the ground work for us as to what a leader is. A leader guides, not directs. Now the question...Read More »

LEADERSHIP in Action by Carol Briney

When I think of leadership the words that come to mind are, integrity, enthusiasm, vision and serving.  When I think of leadership the words that come to mind are, integrity, enthusiasm, vision and serving. In a nutshell those are the words that sum up leadership for me. Let’s start with...Read More »

The Accidental Leader by Mark Semple

How do you know when you are ready to be a Leader?  How do you know when you are ready to be a Leader? You know that the key to building a successful business with a consistent, increasing paycheck is to is to introduce others to your opportunity. When you...Read More »

Are you a leader? by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

If we can help non-leaders learn to live with the day-to-day problems, we can help change their lives. As leaders we have an obligation to help others become better. Our distributors don’t really know what it takes to become a leader, so we must gradually educate them in the principles and...Read More »

“Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!” by RS Mallory

Remember, you already are everything you want to be (including a Leader) if you Take Action (master the five points) and allow yourself to BECOME and Grow.  Leadership is NOT elusive, however not EVERYONE is a “natural born” Leader, especially in the MLM, Network Marketing industry. Contrary to public opinion,...Read More »

The Leader's Leader— by Jack Lannom

The Authority Success Strategy Personal Action Plan  Editor’s Note: has been privileged to work with some of the top leaders in the industry. We have been especially proud to bring you Jack Lannom’s series on The Leader’s Leader. As a leader himself, Jack began to compare and contrast strong, growing...Read More »

Look in the Mirror by Chad Bumgarner

Where It All Begins…  “Leadership is Influence” – John C. Maxwell. What do you think about when you read that quote? What thoughts are running through your mind right now about the topic of Leadership? We get up every morning, and many of us… probably most of us, have the...Read More »

How to Attract More Business with a Proven Marketing Strategy by Adam Urbanski

Marketing can be easy and fun when you change your marketing strategy. A simple shift from a traditional, sales-focused approach, to something often referred to as education-based or attraction marketing will make prospects come to you. Most new clients are skeptical at best when I explain to them how changing their...Read More »

Servant Leaders by Linda Yates

We can become the type of individuals who will inspire others to be the best they can be and provide exceptional service.  Last month in the article “The Extra Mile”, the reference “servant leader” was used to describe the general manager of a historical hotel that I had one of...Read More »


Attraction Marketing by Rod Nichols

Devote some time each day, week, and month to becoming attractive and pretty soon people will come from miles around to see what you’re up to.  Everyone seems to be talking about attraction marketing as if it were something new. Top network marketers have used this secret for years. I remember...Read More »

Get Happy AND Get Rich! Happiness is the New Fashion... by Elizabeth Harrington

Free yourselves from the limiting harnesses of fear and doubt and become a Captain of your destiny.  No my friends, it isn’t about the law of attraction, or robbing a bank, or even winning the lottery. It is all about being happy. That’s right… it is ALL about being happy first,...Read More »

Leaving a Legacy – Principles to Live By by Jim Rohn

Actions are great and I talk about them regularly, but the important stuff is what lies underneaththe principles.  You know me, I am a philosopher. I love principles. Yes, actions are great and I talk about them regularly, but the important stuff is what lies underneaththe principles. Here are what...Read More »

Turn on the Switch to Your Hidden Energy by Jack Zufelt

When it is your heart-set, you will always find a way to make it happen. Although many people acknowledge that we are born with an incredible, God-given power to do, have, or become whatever we want, no one has explained what it is or how to turn it on. We wonder,...Read More »

The Financial Equation that Will Set You Free! by Chris Widener

You can achieve financial independence. You just have to make smart decisions and use good math!  I have a good friend who works in an area of the US that has more than its share of poverty. He called me the other day with a very broken heart. He was...Read More »

Children Learn What They Live by Denis Waitley

We cannot teach our children self-esteem,only help them discover it within themselves. An ancient Chinese proverb tells us, “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark.” We cannot teach our children self-esteem. We can only help them discover it within themselves by adding positive...Read More »

Leadership by TNMM Editor

A select collection of quotes to Inform, Involve and Inspire… and some, just for fun.  Well done is better than well said. ~Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on ~Winston Churchill (1874-1965) Kind words can be...Read More »


Leaders Fail by Mary K Weinhagen

Dare to Be Bold, Fail Fast, Fail Frequently, Fail Forward  Just like success, leaders leave clues. They are the people who don’t take themselves too seriously, instead they seriously follow their hunches. A leader is the person willing to boldly shine the spotlight where few would look… whether it’s inviting the quietest...Read More »

The Chosen Road by George Madiou

The Road We Choose is a decision that will affect you and the ones you love.  As we move through life, we have many choices to make: none more important than the road we will walk down. Although we are all different in many ways, we share a powerful commonality:...Read More »