Cover_2010_October This is our 5th anniversary issue. Without you we wouldn’t have this great tool to help so many around the world who are seeking the freedom that Network Marketing represents. If you are serious about developing or expanding your successful business, scan the over 200 authors who have written for for the last 5 years and implement some of the advice that is right for you.

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Get The Winning Edge by Jill Ammon-Wexler

Passion and perseverance may be the best tools for success! Passion and perseverance may be more important to success than talent or intelligence. Pure grit may turn out to be at least as good a gauge of future success as talent. In a series of studies at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers...Read More »

Tools, Tools and More Tools – My How They Have Changed in Five Years by Ted Henry

Tools are the one thing that is DUPLICABLE Wow five years ago started. My how things have changed. Have you noticed how the industry is changing? For those of you who have only been in for a year or so perhaps you have not seen many changes. But for those...Read More »

3 Must Have Tools for Growth in Network Marketing by David Feinstein

Not using These Tools Could Be Detrimental to Your Success Network marketing is a business of systems, I think you’ve probably heard that over and over again right? The fact is that as much as people hear it, they simply don’t do what it takes to create the systems that lead...Read More »

How Does the Golden Rule Apply to Network Marketing? by Steve Domitrecz

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” About twenty years ago I sat in a seminar with several hundred people and heard Charlie “Tremendous” Jones speak. He said “You are the same today as you’ll be in five years, except two things: the books...Read More »

Using Technology To Build Your Business by Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA)

Your words compliment your content, just like they do in person. When you’re face-to-face with clients and team members, you use your voice to explain your ideas, to express yourself and to make a personal connection. Whether you’re showcasing a new product, or sharing your company’s business opportunity, your voice supports...Read More »

Tools – A Must to Building a Big Business by Kevin Abdulrahman

In essence the tools you use is a form of partnership with the person delivering the material, since it would have been created with Your Success in mind. How committed are you to your business? Suppose your answer is, “I’m extremely committed to doing what ever it takes”. You have strong...Read More »

3 Ways to Turn Connections Into More Clients by Adam Urbanski

Find out how using these simple networking strategies will help you turn connections into gold make a huge difference in your business. Over the years I’ve developed specific strategies that help me turn connections into gold (literally!) and right now I want to give you three simple “connecting” tips that will...Read More »

The Way You Use Social Media Tools Can Be a Competitive Advantage by Jennifer Fong

If you want to stand out, you have to use them well. And that means focusing on people, not just numbers. There are plenty of social media tools out there, and network marketers are jumping all over them with their product and opportunity messages. How do you stand out from the...Read More »

Three Must-Have Tools For Network Marketing Newbies by Kimberly Rhodes

Don’t make building your MLM business a financial hardship. Get these three tools and implement them in your business right away. If you are new to MLM you can get overwhelmed with all of the tools and ways to build a business. While many of the strategies work, it’s important that...Read More »

Tools: The Penalty We Pay For Not Having Skills by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

So guess which set of skills we should learn first? Networkers are always looking for the perfect tool. Maybe it is that awesome DVD, the magazine with the glowing review of the company, or the special website to send prospects to. And all these tools cost money. Every month networkers buy...Read More »

How To Build a Bigger Team by Michael Clouse

If we’re not systematically instilling this information into our new business-builders, we should actually expect them to quit as soon as they encounter any resistance at all Yes, by now you’ve probably been told (more than a few times I would imagine) that Network Marketing is about three things: prospecting, presentation,...Read More »

Tools To Grow Your Business by Paul Morris

TOOLS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Take three people and ask them to dig a hole in their back yard 12 feet wide by 30 feet long and 7 feet deep. Tell them when the hole is dug to call you and you will send in the work crew to build a swimming...Read More »


Seven Steps to Achieving Your Dream by Chris Widener

Can achievement be broken down into steps? It isn’t always that clean and easy, but those who achieve great things usually go through much of the same process “Vision is the spectacular that inspires us to carry out the mundane.” Chris Widener Can achievement be broken down into steps? Well, it...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings When you master learning You can conquer failure Arthur Tugman ~ Down times are ups, for a challenge Arthur Tugman ~ Commit to success and you’ll never submit to failure Arthur Tugman ~ The importance of learning is to never forget Arthur Tugman ~ Reward your teacher by...Read More »

Transition Your Network Marketing Business From a Sole Proprietorship to a Separate Legal Entity by Scott Letourneau

You must realize that you are paying too much in taxes, have a higher risk of IRS audit, no marketing advantage and have unlimited liability and forming a separate legal entity is a must. You started your business with one approach, in your own name as a sole proprietorship. Perhaps, your...Read More »

How to 'Keep a Lid On' the Taxes You Pay in These Uncertain Times by Dr. Ron Mueller

No other category of taxpayer in America that gets more deductions and tax breaks than home-business owners, period. As Congress bounces back and forth between decision and indecision about tax changes for next year – now a mere 3 months away – taxpayers are left stymied, having no idea what to...Read More »

Dream Torture by Denis Waitley

Success isn’t a pie with a limited number of pieces. The success of others has very little bearing on your own success. Perhaps the greatest torture that could be devised would be for us to be forced, in our later years, to watch a continuously repeating movie of the lives we...Read More »


5 Years Later... by George Madiou

This 5 Year Journey Went By Like a Blink of An Eye It’s been over 5 years since I got stuck on that gravel road going up to John Milton Fogg’s house. That visit was the start of this 5 year journey. Since then, I have been blessed with the most...Read More »

Five Years Ago... by Debbie Madiou

Now no matter how many obstacles life throws at you, you have the tools to keep moving forward. Five years ago George and I took our family to Fire Island, NY We all had a great time at the beach… except George. He was so excited about putting the magazine together....Read More »

Two doubled is... by Mary K Weinhagen

Today would be a great day for you to make a list of people you want to share the magazine with in order to support the success of their business. First there was an idea shared between two, then four, then eight… and before we knew it here we are are,...Read More »