Cover_2012_October Hi, this is George Madiou and I’m proud to say that I’m the Founder and Publisher of The reason for the formal introduction is because I am so excited about our 7th anniversary issue. I want to thank a few people and groups, but first, the reason for is to help.

Help the hundreds of thousands of network marketing orphans that got into this industry and their upline is nowhere to be found. Help the great leaders out there to partner up with a great resource like to sharpen their sward give great advice to their group to grow with a solid foundation. Help get the word out to the world about some of the greatest contributors, trainers and teachers who ALL have a heart to help all of you and not one of them from day one have been paid for their wisdom that they freely share (make sure to go to the author section and visit them on their website and if you like their work buy their books, cd’s and programs.)

Now for my warmest thank yous. First I want to thank my former partner and founder John Milton Fogg, He taught me much and without him I would not have had the courage to bring to this point 7 years later. I’m proud of his courage for the decisions he has made in his new life, GOD bless you my friend. I want to thank one of my best friends Ted Henry. A true network marketing leader and so much more, mentor, pastor and friend. Chris, the man behind the look, feel and function of the magazine. A special thank you to a great friend who has been here since day one for the past 7 years and who has edited each and every article (thousands of them) Mary K Weinhagen! And to my very best friend in the whole wide world, the person who has stood by me for over 34 years and without her support this magazine would not exist, thank you my lovely wife Debbie Madiou. Along with these 5 very special people I want to thank over 200 contributors. There is no where in all of network marketing that you will find a more powerful group of teachers. Most of all I want to thank all of you. You spread the word about, you learn from the magazine, you write us and let us know about your success stories. I am blessed to have thousands of partners like you all over the world. Onward to our 8th year now!

Aim high!

George Madiou


Extreme Productivity for Your Business and Life! by Scott Letourneau

Check out this test you can do that would greatly add to your productivity We are living in a time where our life and business is constantly getting interrupted with thousands of commercial messages every day, from e-mails, texts, instant messages, phone calls, social media, appointments, family, kids, staff… interruptions all...Read More »

Replicate Yourself? by RS Mallory

RS Mallory My System of Choice not only allows me to help others achieve what THEY want, but it avails me the opportunity to tap into THEIR knowledge and skill sets to continue learning myself and helps my team mates on their continuous path of learning. This Anniversary Edition of The Network...Read More »

All successful teams are built around Systems by Dale Calvert

“Why the Masses of Network Marketers are Frustrated, Confused and Don’t have a Clue What they Are Doing” – Grab your free copy! The keyword here is system(S) plural, not a system. Quite frankly, I could write books on this topic and currently have several dozen hours of DVD training, just...Read More »

The Duplication Myth by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Just exactly what you need to see duplicated for success I have an opinion on duplication… it makes people mad… especially those who teach duplication. You don’t have to agree with this opinion, but here goes. Why duplication doesn’t work. * Mary has a million dollar smile. Whenever she smiles, people want...Read More »

How to Make Replication and Technology Work For You by David Feinstein

As you gain experience and expand from increasing demand, you will need to use technology in your MLM program to reach out to new and existing members/prospects. How do you replicate yourself in an MLM program?As you gain experience and expand from increasing demand, you will need to use technology in...Read More »

MASTERMIND by George Madiou

Whatever it is you want, you can get it faster, stronger, better, through the principle of mastermind  Hello, My name is George Madiou. I am the publisher and founder of The Network Marketing Magazine, and I am excited to have the opportunity today to interview a great friend of mine,...Read More »

Go Forth and Multiply! by Jan Ruhe

Just think if you could put yourself on a Xerox machine and choose the number of people you would like in your team as fired up as you are and as passionate about your business as you are! Oh boy is recruiting and replicating yourself fun! Just think if you could...Read More »

Surrender To The System by Leslie Zann

When the system is the focus, everyone starts on the same even playing field and everyone performs the same successful activities. One of the great things about your direct selling business is that there is a proven system of activities provided by your company that anyone can master. When the system...Read More »

Christmas Comes Early... by Elizabeth Harrington

My advice to you is be the best student you can possibly be and you will replicate all of the good and great attributes of a strong leader and successful human being Ridiculous isn’t it? Especially as it is the end of September as I’m writing this and I’m sitting in...Read More »

Let's Talk About 4 Letter Words! by Jan Ruhe

Imagine, the right 4 letter words and you have a solid system to follow It’s important that you not only think about, but use and act on 4 letter words. I am sure your immediate reaction is probably, “she’s got to be kidding!” Sell is not a 4-letter word. Take Time-...Read More »

Leverage & Duplication in an MLM Home Business by Sue Seward

Our job is to make sure people we sponsor get plugged into the system they need to get their business started. It’s their job to plug in and take action. It can be tough these days juggling everything going on in our busy lives. Especially working women and/or moms who run...Read More »

Replicate Yourself by Cloning Their Dreams!!! by Sean Murphy

Do you think the folks that you will be enrolling into your business, do you think they would like to be able to focus on 1 important goal? Let’s face it; no one “REALLY” wants to be just like you, they want to be just like themselves! Right? So the key to...Read More »

K.I.S.S. by Rod Nichols

This is truly a business of duplicating what your upline leaders (Simon) say to do I’m sure you’ve probably heard the acronym K.I.S.S., as it’s been used very heavily in network marketing. Although I love the concept, I dislike the word typically used for the final “S”, which is Stupid. Since...Read More »

Duplication: The Key to Residual Income by Jillian Middleton

Duplication is the key to a thriving business. Duplication creates a business that builds right down your team lines. It’s critical and not nearly as difficult as it seems. You’ve undoubtedly heard at some point that duplication is a critical piece in the network marketing success equation. The most difficult part of...Read More »


Endurance – Can You Go The Distance? by Jim Bellacera

Do you have what it takes to hold on, hang on and keep on until success arrives? ENDURANCE – Definition: 1. To hold up under (hardship, pain, etc.) 2. To tolerate 1. To continue, last 2. To bare pain, etc. without flinching, persist, survive, outlast. In other words, hold on, hang...Read More »

Hopes in the Midst of Tragedy? by Jim Rohn

Hope is born in or made stronger through tragedy. Without tragedy, would there be a need for hope? Tsunami. A single word spoken almost in unison by the entire world over recent times. We’ve all learned it’s meaning, it’s impact, it’s devastation. Tsunami, a wave of tragedy, a wave of despair…...Read More »

You Are The Brand by Bob Goshen

If you look like a person who is going somewhere, then people want to know more about you. I am currently sitting in the Moscow airport doing what I love—watching people. Observing how people walk and how they are dressed has always intrigued me. It is amazing how you can identify...Read More »

Great People = Great Company by Steve Dailey

Picking the right people requires patience, discernment and fully knowing who you are so that you can authentically pick who fits with you and your goals. In Jim Collins landmark book “Good To Great”, one of his essential components marking the magical turning point for companies that exploded to marketplace dominance...Read More »

Zig on... Problems vs. Opportunities by Zig Ziglar

Message: The next time you encounter a difficult climb, obstacle, “problem,” you should smile and say, “Here’s my chance to grow.”  Be grateful for your problems. We all frequently deal with people who complain about the trials and tribulations of their daily lives. Life seems to be one big problem for...Read More »

Listen With Your Heart by Sean Murphy

You want to be a better presenter.. listen with your heart. You want to be a better presenter.. listen with your heart. Now how can listening make you a better talker? That’s the question I usually get after I make this comment. Let me see if I can get my point...Read More »

The Inspiration Factor by Chris Widener

This week: INSPIRE!  The first thing that an aspiring leader must realize is that they must be inspiring! That is, they must be capable of, and willing to inspire people on to greater things than if the leader were not in their lives.   So, is this too grandiose an...Read More »

Avoiding Futile Competition by Denis Waitley

Seeing everyone as your competitor has two negative consequences. Check out this powerful story today! Seeing everyone as your competitor has two negative consequences. First, it isolates you and your efforts, putting a full burden on your shoulders that others could help you bear; and second, it means you waste energy...Read More »


All You Got Is Enough by John Milton Fogg

I’m real excited for these people because it’s the dignity it gives them, it’s the freedom it gives them, it’s the self-confidence it gives them, it’s the belief it gives them Randy Gage came from a small family; a single mother who raised three kids by herself, back in the day...Read More »


The Due Diligence System by George Madiou

There are over 3000 companies in this industry, you will find the right one if you do your due diligence, this is your first system to your success. The leveraged success of an organization revolves around systems that work. When you observe the most successful organizations and the most successful companies, it’s...Read More »

Systems within systems by Mary K Weinhagen

Have you personalized your system? Have you got a business system in place? If you have attended any of your company’s training I’m willing to bet they have suggested a system for you to follow when it comes to building your network marketing business. Have you learned to use that system...Read More »