Cover_2013_October Wealth Building is different than making money and it is certainly different than getting rich quick.

You will find in this issue that wealth building is a long term strategy that will set you for life (and also the lives of your children and grandchildren.) It’s a strategy, check out what our experts have to say on this important subject.

Just a quick comment on our 8th anniversary issue. This has been a labor of love for us. I want to thank my wife Debbie, who has supported this project every day for almost 3000 days! I want to thank Ted Henry who’s ideas and assistance behind the curtain has helped 1000’s of members around the world. Most of all I want to thank my editor and great friend Mary K (Weinhagen – the other Mary K!) who has been there since day one and has a heart for each and every member.

This Issue has testimonials from a number of our great contributors. These brilliant people share their wisdom to each and every one of our members that span over all 50 states in the USA and over 120 countries around the world. We would love to hear from you with your testimonial, either written out or in video format (we want to get to see you!)

Only God knows why He put me at the helm of this project but I’m grateful that he did!

Here is to your success.

God bless you all!

Aim high!


Cracking the Rich Code by Jim Britt

HOW TO FLY FIRST CLASS EVERY TIME YOU TRAVEL The other day I was chatting with the woman seated next to me while we waited to board our plane. After a few pleasantries, she learned that I was flying First Class. “Do you always fly First Class?” she asked. “Yes, I...Read More »

3 Steps to Reduce Financial Stress by Dale Calvert

Write it down, organize it, and act and you will reduce stress 1. Write down all of your financial responsibilities.   A major portion of your stress probably has to do with you keeping all of your financial responsibilities in your head. When you try to remember that you have to...Read More »

Happy 8th Anniversary Testimonials to by George Madiou

We are so excited to reach this mile stone of 8 years serving the network marketing community. Here is what a few of our friends had to share.  Dr. Steve Taubman – Marilyn Suttle Mary Dee NULL Michael Price Coach Steve Dailey George, thanks for 8 amazing years of The Network...Read More »

Networth Marketing by Richard Brooke

There are two powerful advantages of Network Marketing that many of us believe are nearly exclusive benefits of building your own Network Marketing Empire. “If ever there was a path available to anyone, from anywhere, in any current career, and any set of circumstances to gain their own financial freedom and independence...Read More »

Protect Your Wealth – A Simple Master Plan You Can Launch Today by Scott Letourneau

To grow your business, assets and net worth, it’s important to master two skills. Scott shares them here. To grow your business, assets and net worth, it’s important to master two skills. Skill #1 is increasing your profits in the shortest time possible and skill #2 is protecting those profits along...Read More »

The 5 Qualities of True Wealth Building by Steve Taubman

5 qualities that are the foundation of your success, upon them you can build, using the systems and tools at your disposal, a “wealth building” of any size or shape you desire! Every building needs a strong foundation. In the case of a physical building, that foundation is concrete and steel. In...Read More »

Wealth Building by David Feinstein

Wealth building is a concept that comes in different forms; only 5% of all networkers use all the available means to generate income. Start to build your wealth from day one. Use the tools that you were provided with, these tools have been tested over and over. If one tool does...Read More »

Two Simple Steps to Building Wealth by Michael York

(Thinking Differently and Becoming More Valuable) What do YOU THINK about money, wealth, value and a RICH LIFE? Because that’s ultimately what matters—what you THINK. And what you believe. Napoleon Hill said it all in THINK AND GROW RICH. What should you do? Dale Carnegie said it was about as simple...Read More »

I got conned by a 14-year-old girl, and loved every minute by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Yes, I sent her a check. I now consider it tuition for my marketing classes. Here’s the story: About four years ago I received a letter from a girl named Marcia (not her real name, but I’m still embarrassed how well she out-marketed me). Marcia said she just finished high school...Read More »

Wealth Building vs Getting Rich Quick by Paul Morris

Earning residual money is only phase one of this process of wealth building; you must learn to manage the cash flowing in to you or it can slip right through your fingers In the Network Marketing Industry there seems to be two categories of people seeking to earn money. A. Those...Read More »

Be Responsible for Your Own Financial Security by Denis Waitley

No brilliant investment strategy. Just compound interest, which Baron von Rothchild labeled “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” There is no job security. You can’t rely on staying with the same company through retirement. Pension plans, when available, are woefully inadequate. Social security benefits won’t come close to covering your living...Read More »


The Seasons of Life – Part 5 by Jim Rohn

Remember it is not what happens to you that determines your future; it is what you do about it. Part Five of our five part series on The Seasons of Life.   In Part One of the series we discussed:   a)  That life is about constant, predictable patterns of change....Read More »

Eating an Elephant by Zig Ziglar

I encourage you to follow the Oseola McCarty example and you will help others get to the top! It’s been around for years, but the statement that you can eat an elephant one bite at a time is as true as ever. It’s also true that you can benefit mankind and...Read More »

Never Give Up! by Sue Seward

Over the years I learned very quickly how important personal growth was in every area of my life When starting my business online in 1996 in the Network Marketing profession I had no business experience, no degrees, barely made it out of high school, no corporate background, no income of my...Read More »

4 Ways to Put On a Great Event by Mary Dee

“90% of success is showing up.” This is true and it’s why you want to make sure that you are always working towards the “next” event. If you’ve had any success in the MLM world for any given amount of time, one thing should be very obvious, and that’s the cycle...Read More »

This Amazing Industry by Louise Adrian

This industry is amazing – you can earn more that you could ever imagine from a regular day to day job helping someone else get rich The reason many women get involved in this industry is life balance meaning: Still make income but be able to spend more time with my...Read More »

Elements of Change by Chris Widener

The five key elements that will support you in changing The key to achieving more than you currently are, no matter which area of your life or work you are focusing in on now, is change. The old saying rings true: If you always do what you have always done, you will...Read More »

Find What You Love... And to NEVER GIVE UP! by Bob Schwartz

Owning your own business can make you more money than you’ve ever dreamed possible. But more importantly, it will provide you with an opportunity to improve the lives of people you work with every day. Dear Fellow Networker, My name is Bob Schwartz, publisher of Home Business Advertiser Magazine. I must...Read More »


The 11th Chair by George Madiou

How a man named Edward Kimball over 150 years ago had an impact on The Network Marketing Magazine   Watch the video that started with a man named Edward Kimall 150 years ago, eventually effecting a man named George Madiou that now brings us to today. Then read the message George Madiou...Read More »