Leadership, how important is it in a networkers business? Is it a skill set that is needed right away? Do networkers need to consider leadership as their business grows? This month’s issue addresses this important topic.

Explore what the experts have to say within this special issue and let us know what has helped you the most. 

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Characteristics of a Leader by Mary Jane Humes

Mary Jane Humes The first network marketing company I became involved with had a founder and CEO who made it a point by both his words and by his actions that he was NOT the CEO of the company, rather he was “the CS” – Chief Servant. He insisted on this...Read More »

Let's Define Leadership by John Terhune

Leadership is a responsibility of being a human being. Leadership is not about position and not about a title. Leadership is about example. . . Click the image Listening to John’s definition of leadership, how can you adopt this definition into your business so others can be compelled to follow you? ...Read More »

Leadership Tips from Jesus by Rod Nichols

Rod Nichols Leading as a shepherd. He uses his voice to guide his sheep. He takes time to get to know his followers. Do you know your followers? Do you know the important things that they are most concerned about? ...Read More »

Leadership: The Next Great Profession by Richard Bliss Brooke

Richard Bliss Brooke Leadership in our business is everything. First, it was a farmer. Then it was accountants and engineers. Then it was doctors and teachers. And for a while, it was the MBA. Now it is lawyers. (There are more lawyers in law school in the United States than there are lawyers in the rest of the world.) Throughout...Read More »

Your Leadership Story, What it is, and Five Ways it Enhances Your Ability Lead Your Team. By Dr. John Hackett

John Hackett Your Leadership Story, What it is, and Five Ways it Enhances Your Ability Lead Your Team. Imagine you are at a backyard party, of course, practicing social distance. You are talking to a relative stranger, and he/she is sharing their story with you. You share your story with the other...Read More »

Some of the Things That Leaders Know that You Don’t [Yet] by DORINA LANZA

Great leaders know that you don’t treat everyone equally. In groups led by such leaders, you’ll see that they don’t treat everybody the same way. But they do treat everybody fairly. Leaders know that fairness and sameness are not the same things. Fairness means that people get exactly what they need...Read More »

Leadership by Terri Levine

Terri Levine Leadership Leadership is critically important! Leadership is not management. How are you setting an example for your people in your leadership role? ...Read More »

How to Maximize Your Leadership Power by David Feinstein

Leadership Power is not the physical strength, but more aligned with the influence, education, drive, focus, and business skills associated with any given leader. Anyone can become a leader, but not will be the best. Some people have a natural tendency to take up leadership roles. While others are promoted...Read More »

When Sheeple Are in the Majority by David Dunworth

People are typically the same regardless of business, industry, sector, or community. There are the masses, and there are the few that lead them. The issues of today are prime examples of the few guiding the many.  By and large, we are a nation of sheeple, following whatever our government...Read More »


More Wisdom From Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter A choice … One – We can sit and wait for someone to Two – We can start building our dreams now. Should we use this word more? Instead of saying “presentation” to prospects, maybe we could substitute the word “option.”“Option” means that prospects can take our suggestion or not....Read More »

MLM Advice – How to Stop Being Boring and Start “Peacocking” for More Home Business Success by David Feinstein

I’m someone who likes to give you MLM advice that you’re not going to get from anywhere else. Because of that, very often I’m proud to say, my advice usually pays off in droves for those who heed it. Today I’m going to show you something that you may not have ever...Read More »

Social Media & Technology

Why Your Sales Team Should Always Leave Voicemail Messages by Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss By Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™ Should I leave a voicemail message? Isn’t email better for prospecting? These are the questions I am asked all of the time. The answer is actually, both. Leave a voicemail and send an email. This recommendation is based on research done at the University of...Read More »


15 Years Of Leadership by George Madiou

George Madiou It seems like only yesterday. We saw a big missing component in the network marketing industry. How could such a significant industry lack direction in guiding its members on the necessary fundamentals of training basic business building principles? It was October 1st, 2005, we launched The Network Marketing Magazine....Read More »