September 2006

Cover_2006_September This month’s theme is; Making a Presentation Powerful. Jim Rohn, Paula Pritchard, Dale Calvert, Chris Widener Denis Waitley and David Nelson, all weigh in this month on this subject. Read what these contributors have to say and see how you can use their advice and mentoring to get more results in your business.


The Perfect Presentation by Paula Pritchard

“Let it go, let it flow and increase the shows!” If you were to ask me about the “perfect presentation” early in my network marketing career, I would have given it a higher priority in the success process than I do today. In those days, I believed that the presentation was...Read More »

People who give effective presentations…Communicate at Level 5 by Dale Calvert

From time to time I hear someone comment “You can’t get people to attend opportunity meetings anymore”. My response is always the same, that is because you have a boring meeting (given by boring presenters) or the wrong people. Listen, people are attending night school in every major city in...Read More »

Preparing for your presentations by Jim Rohn

[Excerpted from the Jim Rohn Millennium Weekend Event] Persistence, interest, fascination, sensitivity, and peacemaking… these are powerful components of powerful presentations. Persistence in your presentations, this is one secret to success. After my first presentation, I got up and did it again. Even though I was scared to death, I did it...Read More »

Top ten rules for effective presentations by Chris Widener

And the best practical tips for overcoming stage fright! I am of the belief that the majority of people can improve their presentations dramatically by focusing on eliminating bad habits and presentation skills more than seeking to add anything on. How often have you come out of a seminar and overheard...Read More »

Persuasive presentations for network marketing by David Nelson

What does persuading entail? Follow these 10 principles to get better results from YOUR presentations When you are doing the business of NWM as a professional and in the manner that is intended by “networking,” you are making lots of presentations. Some are one-on-one in person. Others may be for a...Read More »

Overcoming the fear of rejection by Denis Waitley

Only a person who risks is truly free To conquer your fear of rejection, you need to handle the word “no” in a constructive way. When people turn you down after a presentation, you have to interpret the “no” as “no this is not right for me now.” We also can...Read More »


The 5 belief factors of success by Doug Firebaugh

With his typical brand of passion and fire, Doug shares five beliefs that might require tweaking.  There are 5 “Belief Factors” that are so powerful in our network marketing business. And they often determine our Success or lack of it. Here are 5 factors that we all struggle with: It’s...Read More »

Success requires a 1099 mentality by Kathy Robbins

You must understand that we are each responsible for our successes and failures. We are not entitled to success we must earn it. And finally, we always pay for what’s important. In January, here in United States, most of us receive one of two types of income statements to provide to...Read More »

The Art of Listening by Carol McCall

Dr. Carol McCall wants to know… are you listening? “When you provide an environment where people are truly “listened to” for who they are… where people are honored and respected, they “heal”, perform and become more productive.” That in a nutshell, is what international master coach/trainer/author Dr. Carol McCall is all about....Read More »

The Leader's Leader by Jack Lannom

Corporate Values Statements – Part I We have been discussing the bedrock importance of incorporating values into our leadership systems. Jack Welch, the renowned CEO of international giant General Electric, actually made employment decisions based on future and current employees’ alignment with the corporate values. “Even senior people with good results,”...Read More »

The Incredible Impact of a Smile by Jeff Keller

Let’s see how your smile changes business and life!  It can improve your health and make you feel better. It helps you establish rapport with other people. It makes you more persuasive. And yet it doesn’t cost anything. What is it that I am referring to? It’s a smile. Rarely do we...Read More »

Thought you'd never ask - MLM IS PERFECTLY LEGAL by DRA

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the network marketing Industry – straight from the MLM Distributor Rights Association The Distributor Rights Association is now Legally a non profit so our main website is now MLM Distributor Rights Here are answers to some of the most...Read More »


Network Marketing - Live! Luke’s Story by TNMM Editor

A journey from the beginning: a new distributor joins We at have decided to follow the progress of a person (we’ll call Luke) who has decided that network marketing is a vehicle that he wants to pursue to provide a better life for him and his family. We...Read More »

Technology & Things

How to evaluate any network marketing opportunity by Sandy Botkin

Mr. Botkin asks 10 questions to assist you in finding the company that ‘fits’ you best!  J. Paul Getty once said he’d rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of his own. This philosophy fits the multitude of new entrepreneurial network marketers – those people who have found...Read More »

Podcasting: A brilliant network marketing communication tool! by LeRoy Maughan

Discover a great way to do as Walter Wriston suggests and “blow the competition away” by “harnessing the collective genius of the people in YOUR organization.” “The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of the people in his or her organization is going to blow the competition...Read More »

America's New Health Savings Plan by Scott Miller

The savings program which became available January 2004 is known as a Health Savings Account (HSA)  During his Sate of the Union address earlier this year, President Bush discussed the long term savings potential that is available to those that utilize the new health-insurance savings program he approved in December...Read More »


Momentum Project by David Pollay

The Secret to Getting Back Up I love what Floyd Patterson, a heavyweight boxing legend and Hall-of-Famer, once said, “They said I was the fighter who got knocked down the most, but I also got up the most.” Floyd Patterson found a way to get back up each time. This is the testament...Read More »

It's all good by Maran Banta

Get to the point, cut the fluff! Hot summer Sunday afternoon in Northern Florida – Walking past a great shoe store and see a man in his early thirties. A Dad, judging by the four year old who came running up to him totally excited. But before I noticed the boy...Read More »

Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

A powerful presentation Now THAT is what I’d call a beautiful presentation! It’s a dessert served at the retirement party of a friend’s uncle. Did you catch the chocolate drizzle in the shape of a staff on the side of the plate? Oh… and underneath the fresh fruit is a raspberry mousse....Read More »

What is a magazine? by George Madiou

Magazines have been around in the USA since 1741. How does fit in as a magazine? This insight was passed on to us by John Milton Fogg WORDPLAY focuses on the man most associated with crossword puzzles, New York Times puzzle editor and NPR puzzle-master Will Shortz. Director Patrick Creadon...Read More »