September 2007

Cover_2007_September This month’s issue focuses on the importance of Teamwork. Our contributors bring many perspectives to the subject of teamwork, but as you will see, the overwhelming theme is thatteamwork is essential to the success of your business. In this issue we will look at how teamwork will make a big difference in the way your business reaches its goals.

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Enjoy September’s issue!

Aim High!

George Madiou,
President and Founder


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work by Devon Harris

As an original Jamaican bobsled TEAM member and 3 time Olympian, Devon achieved his grand dream. Let him take your “game” to the next level!  It was a typical traveling day in the tropics. Well bronzed tourists getting ready to board their flights back home, lingering in the airport; in...Read More »

Building a Successful Team by Jim Rohn

Building a good team can be a challenging task for a leader… and it will reap multiple rewards for years to come! Once you’ve set a goal for yourself as a leader – whether it is to create your own enterprise, energize your organization, build a church, or excel in sports...Read More »

Secrets of Successful Teams by Chris Widener

These nine principles, when implemented on a regular basis, can turn any lackluster team into an outstanding one! To be a success is not always to be a success individually. In fact, most of the time we achieve our successes as part of a team. We are all part of teams. Our...Read More »

The 'IT' Factor - Giving and Accepting by Laura Johnson

It is in the giving and the accepting of help with your team that makes all the difference you could ever want. You may remember the ‘IT’ commercials that ran last year during Christmas. ‘IT’ was something different for everyone. Of course that is how it is in real life too....Read More »

Why Teamwork Works by Paula Pritchard

As Michael Jordan says, “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. I have been building network marketing businesses for 25+ years and I’ve come to realize that there are two philosophies that operate in network marketing. One of these philosophies creates teamwork and cooperation and the other destroys teams...Read More »

Creating an "Us" Space by Michael Oliver

Can YOU let go of your ‘need to tell’ long enough to create an “us” space? The use of Dialogue in Natural Selling allows us to create a space that is not about you and me as separate entities – it is about “Us”; “Us” working together to discover what issues...Read More »

Redefining Team by Kat McCarthy

This experiment might surprise you with insights about the people on your team, it may flow more powerfully than your wildest dreams or you may end up with a project that exceeds your expectations. Traditionally the word team calls to mind a group of people banding together to achieve a specific...Read More »


The New Networked Self by Faith Popcorn

The boss of BrainReserve, Inc, Faith Popcorn continues looking into her crystal ball to highlight trends. How’s she doing for 2007? It’s been almost two years since we’ve shared Ms. Popcorn’s predictions. We thought it might be fun, informative and entertaining to see if she continues her record breaking accuracy. Enjoy…...Read More »

The NOW Law of TIME MANAGEMENT... Carpe' Diem by Michael York

We all get an equal amount of time… do you maximize yours? Carpe’ Diem. It’s about all the Latin I know. I do love saying it. It just sounds cool. And it feels cool too. It’s only a couple of words, but in any language it can’t help but add value...Read More »

Power from Empowerment by Denis Waitley

The key to authentic leadership is to listen to your followers, and then open the door for them to lead themselves. A good way to think of leadership is the process of freeing your team members to do the best work they possibly can. I have followed NBA basketball coach Phil Jackson’s...Read More »

How to Achieve Your Financial Desires by Jack Zufelt

With the core desire, a success attitude and a proper self-paradigm, your financial success if a foregone conclusion! I went from a low income to being in the top 0.5 percent in the nation in earnings in less than two years – and I only have a high school education. I...Read More »

Making It Happen - Dream BIG! by Sue Seward

Take action today and reap the harvest tomorrow with this simple, effective plan.  “True Leaders are not those who strive to be first but those who are first to strive and who give their all for the success of the team. True leaders are first to see the need, envision...Read More »

Dare to be Extraordinary! by Josh Liteky

What does it mean to be extraordinary and live an extraordinary life? This depends on you and your imagination. What does it mean to be extraordinary and live an extraordinary life? What does it take? What does it look like? This depends on you and your imagination. Bottom line is that if...Read More »

The Student Becomes the Teacher (Literally!) by Larry Hochman

Sometimes our most valuable mentors are the least likely people of all!  If you want to find a mentor who can help you get where you want to go, stay with this story all the way through. It’s POWERFUL!!! Way back in 1999 I went to one of my first...Read More »

The Leader's Leader - The THIRD Logos Leadership Success Strategy: AUTHORITY by Jack Lannom

Authority releases the power in others; it does not eclipse or extinguish their power. I have presented the ten core competencies of the Leader’s Leader according to the LEADERSHIP acrostic: Logos Example Authority Destiny Education Relationships Systems Happiness Ideation Passing on a Legacy We have examined the first two – Logos...Read More »

Hi, My Name is Dave by David Banta

What do you do when the unexpected happens? Why, join your spouse in their network marketing business of course! A few years back I was sitting front row at a comedy club when the comic looked at me and asked “what’s your name and what do you do?” I replied “I’m...Read More »

Technology & Things

Is Your Valuable Computer Information Totally Safe and Protected? It Better Be! by Mark Brilliant

Nothing is more valuable than your information. Don’t risk its loss! In today’s computer and Internet World, you certainly recognize the value of the information on your computer. You know that your business – and personal – lives depend on it being safe, secure and protected. Do you really understand the...Read More »


Expect Miracles - Through the I's a Team by Mary K Weinhagen

When we see through the eyes of each team member, each of those individuals combined becomes a force to be reckoned with! Through the eyes of an uninvolved person a ‘team’ is not always obvious. All teams do not give members matching uniforms or other paraphernalia that allow outsiders to easily...Read More »

The Business of the business - TEAMWORK by George Madiou

Do you have an “A” team in your business and in your life Teamwork, what is it? So many of us try to go it alone. What’s that all about? Is it pride? Is it stubbornness? The most successful Network Marketers master the art of building teams. Notice that I said...Read More »