September 2010

Cover_2010_September Owning your own home based business takes skill sets that need to be developed to insure success. This month we explore some of those skill sets and how they can set you and your team apart from your competitors in the marketplace. The more business building skills you master, the more successful your business will become.

This time of year tends to be very strong for network marketers. Take this time to work on yourself and your business and set a goal to end the year at a new level of personal success.

Here at The Network Marketing Magazine, we are continuing to make improvements to our website and the way we deliver the business building and training resources we make available to you. Be on the lookout for some great new products and resources coming your way this month.

Aim high!

George Madiou


What's Different When Using Social Media for Your Business? by Jennifer Fong

Be sure to respect the differences between using social media for personal use, and social media for business, in order to build a thriving and profitable business.  When you join a direct selling organization, there are a lot of things that you need to learn in order to be successful....Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings When one takes the path of least resistance They’ll often have to put forth more effort Arthur Tugman ~ Even if one meets no resistance They can still fail without effort Arthur Tugman ~ There are no exceptions to the rule That anyone can reign if they want...Read More »

5 Skills Crucial for Success by Russell Foster

The ultimate goal behind any business is to express your unique purpose. Being in the life coaching business, developing skill sets is the primary function of my work, so this happens to be one of my favorite topics. However, I am going to provide a different slant than most people. Wallace...Read More »

Being The Best You Can Be by Richard Brooke

One of the most unique and powerful gifts we all have is the ability to better ourselves every day, in every way. Take a moment to imagine where our society would be, if we (people and businesses) allowed ourselves to believe we have no need for improvement. If we settled for...Read More »

This #!*@! business doesn’t work!!! by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

If you want to drive the new car you purchased… learn to drive. My new distributor was complaining: “This #!*@! business doesn’t work!!!” And my new distributor was right. The business doesn’t work. So I had to tell the new distributor a story 🙂 * * * * * * *...Read More »

Developing Skill Sets to Succeed by Paul Morris

The exciting part of Network Marketing is that you CAN get started with no skills. I walked into the local AAA office to get a road map the other day and taped on the door was a sign that read “Experienced Travel Agent needed must have a minimum of 5 years...Read More »

Nothing Is Impossible by Linda Yates

With that in mind, here are some thoughts on how to approach projects and those areas I want to succeed in. As I contemplate how to succeed at any given task I’m reminded of a talk that I gave too many years ago to count. The theme of the talk was...Read More »

The Key Productivity Skill-Set That Changes Everything in Favor of Your Success! by LeRoy Maughan

Let’s talk about learning, growing and progressing or in other words getting a new mind-set, a new skill-set, and a new tool-set. Stephen R. Covey, internationally respected leadership authority, organizational consultant, New York Times Best Selling author and teacher of Principle-Centered Leadership boldly declared: “The call and need of a new...Read More »

Seven Character Traits of Successful People by Chris Widener

A great addition to your skill sets is to develop and strengthen these seven characteristics. 1. They are hard working. There is no such thing as easy money. Success takes hard work and people who are willing to do it. 2. They are honest. Those who are successful long-term are the...Read More »

Tools To Grow Your Business by Dr. Joe Rubino

Set Up Your Office and Get Ready For Business Excerpted from Dr. Joe Rubino’s best-selling book “The 7-Step System to Building a Million Dollar Network Marketing Dynasty.” As a Networking Marketing professional, you’ll need to put into place a number of structures and necessities that will allow you to operate your...Read More »

Activity Matters Most by Michael Clouse

“Network Marketing’s Three Rules of Three.” Surveys have always fascinated me… Ask a few hundred people how they feel about this or that, and you can presumably understand the mindset of an entire nation! Indeed, polls are conducted daily to determine how we feel about politics, why we purchase certain products,...Read More »

Developing The Skill Sets to Succeed by Ted Henry

Develop your Interviewing Skill Set. If you do not know how to interview people you will spend precious hours of your life attempting to convince the wrong people that the business is for them! When I entered the Network Marketing Business arena some 17 years ago, I came in thinking that...Read More »

Three Skills You Need to Build Your MLM Business by Kimberly Rhodes

With some effort you can learn and implement them with an assurance of building a real business that will generate passive income and time freedom. In all my years I have been working with network marketers I am still surprised how many of them still believe all they have to do...Read More »

3 Radical But Surefire Ways to Reach the Success That You're After! by David Feinstein

Developing skill sets to succeed – Success and the principles of success can be learned! Besides the fact that you can make a fabulous living in Network Marketing… one of the greatest aspects of this industry is that it is one of self development. It’s an industry highly imprinted by the...Read More »

Developing Skill Sets to Succeed... Do You Do It? by RS Mallory

People bring natural skills to the table that can and should be used to build a strong foundation that will empower them on their journey to success.  Teachers do it, Lawyers do it, Brain Surgeons do it, Veterinarians do it, Plumbers do it, Engineers do it, Actors do it and...Read More »


Can “Commuting Miles” ever be converted into Tax-Deductible Business mileage? by Dr. Ron Mueller

This one is not spelled out as clearly as some other deductions, but it can be pieced it together This one is not spelled out as clearly as some other deductions, but it can be pieced it together… IRS Revenue Ruling 90-23 states: “Daily transportation costs for going between the taxpayer’s...Read More »

Reaping a Multiple Reward by Jim Rohn

Your life, my life, the life of each one of us is going to serve as either a warning or an example. For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards. That’s one of life’s great arrangements. In fact, it’s an extension of the Biblical law that says that if you sow...Read More »

Becoming a Proactive Leader by Denis Waitley

Many of us continue to overlook the fact that progress comes only when chances are taken. The knowledge era’s new leaders, many of whom are immigrants and women, are managing change by conceiving innovative organizations and novel ways to attract and motivate employees. They are learning to be proactive instead of reactive,...Read More »

Your Largest Target by Steve Dailey

Aim at this BIG TARGET… it will be hard to miss! Hitting a VERY Big Target Most Network Marketers agree that their biggest challenge is “finding new people”. In search of customers and new distributors, it is very common for a Networker to quickly exhaust their list of friends and family...Read More »


Developing 5 Skill Sets to Succeed in Your Business by George Madiou

When you have the desire to break out on your own and create a successful business, you need a plan. There are different skill sets needed to develop a successful business compared to being a successful employee. Owning your own business can be the fastest way to succeed in today’s economy....Read More »

The Skill That Changed Everything by Mary K Weinhagen

There are many skills to be honed that will benefit us as network marketers. And there is one skill… though it will take a lifetime to master… that will change everything.  There are many skills to be honed that will benefit us as network marketers. And there is one skill…...Read More »

Using Tools to Grow Your Business by Debbie Madiou

Keep studying and investing in yourself and “we’ll see you at the top”! I often get asked by network marketers “should I spend my dollars on products or purchase tools also. I always give a resounding YES! Include tools into your business budget to help you develop personally and professionally! I go on...Read More »