September 2018

This month’s theme is about…….

You Didn’t Buy Yourself

A Network Marketing Lottery Ticket!

70% of all network marketers think they bought a network marketing lottery ticket. They are NOT willing to do the work, learn the skill sets and employ the systems to become a successful professional in this industry. 27% ARE WILLING! We are told by company owners and field leaders that it is like finding a needle in a haystack to find their 27%ers. Take a look at what our leaders are saying about luck vs commitment to becoming to your business.

By next month, we will be launching a new education system that will employ the teachings of some of the GREAT teachers of network marketing from today and the greats of yesterday. Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn,  Denis Waitley, Dale Calvert, Dr Shad Helmstetter and many other proven leaders will be our features trainers.

This system will be available to everyone, but only those who are serious about learning the skill sets to become proficient and successful professionals (we refer to them as 27%ers) will reap the rewards from being a part of this industry changing program. We will start explaining the 27%er Success System in detail in my article this month. This will be a year long, daily, 15 minute journey to your success. If you’re a 27%er that is willing to do the work to become the top in your company and a leader in the industry, join us!

George-MadiouThank you very much!

Aim high!

George Madiou Founder & Publisher



Network Marketing Lottery Mentality by Dale Calvert

MLM Lottery Mentality Dale Calvert for the Network Marketing Magazine To learn more about the “Take Back the Network Marketing Profession Movement” visit below:   _________________________________________________________ Don’t ever miss any great articles like this again Become a 27%er Monthly Success Member and get on an incredible journey of growth! To help make joining our program a no-brainer, this...Read More »


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Not Taking Things For Granted Is Very Important By Mike Unclebach

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If You Want To Gamble, Then Go Buy A Lottery Ticket At The Supermarket. By Paul Morris

If you want to gamble, then go buy a lottery ticket at the supermarket. By Paul Morris “Network marketing is not a gamble if you have joined a solid growing company that has been in business for ten years or greater. There are strategies and business building techniques that can pretty...Read More »

How to Win Big in Network Marketing by David Feinstein

How to win big in network marketing Luck is a made-up word. There is no such thing in network marketing. It’s all about effort and a “no die” attitude. Not everyone has this belief, it does not change the fact that we all must work hard for the things we need to...Read More »



Big Al Report "Why does your product cost so much?" by Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

“Why does your product cost so much?” Is this our prospect’s real question? No. Our prospect doesn’t feel that our product or service has enough value. When potential customers see value in products that they want, the final price is ignored. Some examples? ·        Designer shoes. ·        Brand-name perfume. ·        Luxury cars. ·        Fancy watches. ·        Our...Read More »

The Healthy Trainer Brings Home The Cash by Mark Davis

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Network Marketing Training – What to Do When Something Doesn't Work With Your Network Marketing Business By David Feinstein

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Social Media & Technology


What You Need To Be Great At Sales by Max Steingart

What You Need To Be Great At Sales BEST. SALESMAN. EVER. 1. Personal Enthusiasm For What You’re Selling. 2. Product Knowledge. 3. The Ability To Move Past Objections Without Flinching. Attitude is Everything in Sales If you can’t transfer your enthusiasm, belief and genuine conviction about your product or service to your prospect, you are not...Read More »

Financial Literacy


Success: Chance or Choice? by Charles Theisen

Success: Chance or Choice? You did not buy a Lottery Ticket when you chose to build a Network Marketing Business. This is not a Lottery! What is a Lottery according to Webster? Lottery: A process or thing whos success or outcome is governed by “chance.” A game of chance, a matter of...Read More »

Learn How Money Works Strategy #1: Private Reserve Strategy by Robert Sly

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I'm looking to help the 27%ers NOT the 70%er who think they bought a network marketing lottery ticket! by George Madiou

I’m looking to help the 27%ers NOT the 70%er who think they bought a network marketing lottery ticket! I’ve been in the networking industry for over 3 decades. Why do I refer to you as a 27%er? Because I assume, since you are here, you are one of the 27% of...Read More »