People and Technology by George Madiou

As a baby boomer I am constantly amazed at the incredibly resistant to technology I see when it comes to my fellow boomers. I can only attribute it to fear. Like almost all fear, it’s fear of the unknown. How foolish! Technology can create incredible leverage, especially in the lives of our generation, who admittedly are in the second half of life and we need to cut out excess time wasting!

Leverage technology helps in so many areas of life…

* Accelerated learning

* Accelerated productivity

* Accelerated communication

and * Accelerated life enjoyment.

Incredible acceleration in learning can only be appreciated by our generation who have spent many hours learning in the library and reading encyclopedias. Today we can get the answers to the most detailed trivia question just by inquiring to “Google”

Accelerated productivity through leveraged technology with people gives you a reach far greater than what was possible years ago.

Baby boomers remember years ago Dick Tracy communicating on his wrist watch, today Apple has made that a current day reality.

Technology can give us the enjoyment of sky diving, hunting big game in Africa or walking on the moon with the technology of virtual reality! Not pursuing People and Technology will be cheating yourself of wonders of today that weren’t even dreams of yesterday!

With technology to connect with people, all over the world, I now have an incredible number of great friends that I have been able to connect with on social media and meet face to face on my webinar system

Go here to see if I’m on line

If I’m not leave me a message and let’s chat face to face!

Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year this wonderful year of 2017 connecting to people with technology!

People and Technology by George Madiou


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