It’s Not About the Sandwich by Traci Brown

Traci BrownxI’ve always heard that Elvis Presley loved a sandwich he’d gotten in Colorado. Peanut butter, jelly and bacon on French bread. And I’d always wanted to try it and thought you could only get it in Aspen…pretty far from my house. But recently I found out that it’s actually near Denver. So I just had to go try it.

So I met a friend at Nick’s Café in Golden for this culinary adventure. We found a tiny hole in the wall restaurant with maybe 10 tables complete with plastic forks paper towels for napkins. The walls were covered in Elvis memorabilia. And there on the menu was the Fools Gold Loaf–the sandwich Elvis had often flown to Denver specifically for. He had it delivered on the runway of Stapleton airport, right to his plane.

When the sandwich came it was just as advertised but didn’t strike us as anything special. We were not impressed.It was tasty enough; a bit sloppy to eat. We concluded it was just about as much as you could really do with a PBJ to make it gourmet… nothing.

When we went to pay our bill, we got to talking to Nick Andurlkis, the chef. When we asked, he told us he served Elvis this sandwich from the time he was 16 to 19 and Elvis had treated him like one of his entourage. He’s still friends with Lisa Marie and Priscilla. As he told us stories about all of the pictures on the wall, all of the sudden the memory of the sandwich I had just eaten was getting lots better.

I just had to ask if he and his sandwich were the reason Elvis got fat. He got a little sheepish and with a grin he said he didn’t know for sure but he just did what the King wanted…

As me and my friend stood in the parking lot saying goodbye, we noticed we both went through similar thoughts of our adventure. At first we thought, this is ridiculous, this sandwich is way over rated and it was a place to scratch off of our list. But by the time we finished our conversation with Nick, we both thought it was pretty cool and it’s likely we’ll be going back.

There’s a lesson in this for us all. The products and ideas you sell are more than just what they seem. It’s up to you to give them a little mystique. And it doesn’t take much. Connecting with people and even telling a story or two can totally change the perception of whatever you’re presenting. You’ll hear ‘Yes!” more often, get lots more of what you want and people will love you but they won’t know exactly why.

As for us, there will be more peanut butter, jelly, bacon and French bread sandwiches. If it’s good enough for Elvis, it’s good enough for us.

Traci Brown
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