6 Thoughts On Leads vs. What To Say, On Your Way To The Path Of The Best Way To Prospect! by George Madiou

george (3)Prospecting is the number one subject that has been asked for by our members
of www.TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com in the past 10 years. This important subject has many ways to get results. Over the years I have observed some of the fundamental reasons of success and failure in the members of the network marketing industry. Here are my thoughts…

* The magic bullet, Leads

o I am constantly asked what the magic bullet for success in network marketing is. So many people think it’s getting those powerful lists of leads. Well I’m here to let you know that there is no such thing as the magic bullet to your success, including that list you’re looking to buy. The only magic bullet that exists is called YOU! We need to start teaching people the old fashioned way and get back to the fundamentals. Start with learning everything you can about your products, your company, the people behind your company and this great industry that we are a part of, the network marketing industry. Then GO TO WORK!

* OK but now that I have a thousand leads what do I say.

o This is the core to your success, the effortless way to articulate the great products and opportunity that you have to offer all of your prospects, is the key. If you don’t have the ability or the comfortable, confident experience to tell the story yourself in that effortless way, then you need to get someone to do it with you with every one of your prospects, or get a system that will do it for you. It needs to be a system that will effortlessly be available to tell the story and walk your prospects down a path that gets them excited, and that is compelling enough that they want to know more until they become a customer, a partner or both.

The system needs to be simple enough, as to allow you to give your personalized link out, that will tell the story to your prospect, for you. Most important, the system must follow up automatically 6 or 8 or 10 times. This part is important because, after they start down this information process, your prospect needs to be followed up on, this number is the amount of times it takes for an average person to make that informed decision, rather than being followed up upon once, or not follow up at all!

* Building rapport.

o An important part of your process is to build rapport with the person you are looking to share your story with. Remember, it’s not about YOU, it’s about Them! THE fastest way to turn a person off is to go on and on about you and what you are involved in. THE best way to bring up the story you want to share is to ASK QUESTIONS and LISTEN. When a person sees and feels that they are really being listened to, this is the best way to build this all important rapport. More often than not, asking the right questions and carefully listing to your prospect, frequently will open a door to share your story at the appropriate time.

* I wish I could only get Mrs. Superstar leader to talk to each and
every one of my prospects.

o The problem with the superstars in your company is that they are just humans and not supermen and women, with the same 24 hours in their day. Having them do all the work for you limits them to that 24 hours a day deal. This is the reason I like to study what they do (or a group of them in their company) and build both a sales or recruiting funnel, to tell that
compelling story, AND build an information funnel for those who are new in the business and also for those who are already in the business and haven’t experienced the success that they were hoping for. You see, it’s not about getting a person into your business, it’s about keeping them in and helping them become as successful as they want to become!

* Is there a proven system that can help articulate the message and the story effectively?

o There are systems out there that can tell the story about your business and also systems that are designed to follow up on the your prospects. Over the last 10 years I have come across a number of systems. I have come across one system that does all these things and also has a lead generation component attached to it that allows you to build a rapport with your leads.

I have helped many leaders develop sales, recruiting and information funnels. My company did not create this program but I’m a user of this program but in full disclosure there is an affiliate program attached to the system. If you are interested to see some samples of funnels I’ve helped
some leaders to create for their team, just email me at george@madiou.com and I’d love to discuss how this system can help you and your team (make sure you put in the subject line “help me tell the story.“)

* The real magic bullet, YOU, Go To Work, and Teach Others.

o Yes YOU, you are the magic bullet. Get a system… commit to following it… and Go To Work with your system for the next year. Not a week, not a month or till the next big deal comes along. For starters do it consistently for a year, then you will be on the 3 to 5 year program. A sustainable program is not “Get Rich Quick” Are you willing to do what it takes to “Get Rich
Slow?” Then teach others, Just Do It! Don’t hesitate to ask for help, it’s all around you… and I’m here to also help you!

George Madiou
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