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DavidLFeinsteinxTwitter as a Prospect Intelligence tool

Twitter’s power as a personal networking tool stems from the fact that every walk of life and nature can interact on a live streaming platform. While some of the messages are scheduled and published, social monitoring is key in a prospect intelligence program. Twitter presents itself as a fragment to a puzzle; it can create new venues for a business to achieve its social obligations.

Proper intelligence operations root itself in a sound strategy and execution. When used in
conjunction with a social media strategy, it can mean life for your business. The rough part includes developing a key understanding to the audiences needs for a particular period. While these change, we can then breakdown Twitter and discuss optimal usages tips.

Twitter Breakdown and Optimal Usage Tips

Twitter overall allows for quick communication between businesses to businesses, people to
people and businesses to people. The micro messages can be tricky to create and yet there has been a greater push to include images. One of the easiest ways to reduce character space is to construct your images with a message on them. This will free up space for your links and important notes. There are social media tools that you can use and should have to manage your social publishing. They will help you manage your precious time, especially on Twitter. You can operate a business and personal Twitter account and publish content that resonates to separate fans. This will take more time to run, but usually the business account is the only one in operation. Always measure your data on Twitter, there are tools and monitoring applications to help you target more effectively. It will be easier to make changes to your content once you have the data. There are good times of days to publish, while others just publish around the clock. Consult your data for further information on the best times to send tweets.

Twitter Potential Momentum

Twitter has forward momentum that others are trying to match. Twitter integrates nicely with LinkedIn and a few other sites. By using Twitter to push timely updates and other cool stuff, your network can increase. Especially from those who adore your content and your business.

While it is difficult to assume that these people will turn to us for a solution, we can be assured that they will help us climb upward towards success. In the end, the time that we place into Twitter can be a heaven or a nightmare. It all depends on how we decide to operate it as a prospect intelligence tool.

David Feinstein
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