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Samantha WallPicking up the phone and calling your prospects can be one of the most challenging things you do. Why are we all so scared of the phone? Somewhere along the path of life you either have called someone and they yelled or maybe you have even yelled at someone.

I think we all can remember a time when our parents would pick up the phone and yell “I don’t bother you when you are eating dinner.” Needless to say we got a bad taste in our mouth and are worried the same thing will happen to us.

However, the opposite is actually true. If someone has left you a phone number they are practically begging you to call them. That prospect opted into your capture page, they are seeking your knowledge. So why not pick up the phone and give them it?

Calling your prospects is key to your success!


Have you ever heard the fortune is in the follow up? By calling them you are building a relationship and trust. Plus, insuring them that you will be there for them starting today and throughout their whole journey.

Before you go picking up that phone, I do have some simple tricks to give you the confidence, stand your position in the conversation and close the deal.

Step 1 Before You Call:

Research your prospect if you already know them then check out what they are up to. If you don’t know them, one easy way to get to know them better is to simply look up the area code you are about to call. This way you can have something to break the ice.

Let’s get into character, do some quick jumping jacks, dance, run in place, whatever it is that pumps you up. You can listen to your favorite gam, and or tell yourself over and over “You Are The Leader They Are Waiting For” or whatever affirmation works for you. This will get you pumped up and excited, being excited make others excited! No one wants to do business with a lump on the log.

Even if you are brand new and have never completed a sign up and/or sale, you need to get into the leadership role. Imagine yourself on the stage at your next event and the person you are calling is right next to you, thanking you for everything you have done for them. You are about to change your prospects future!

Step 2 Picking Up The Phone:

It is time to pick up that phone, if you have done the first step correctly, you are now in character. You better be smiling and pumped, you are about to change your prospects future!

Once your prospect picks up the phone you should address them by name. It is very rare that you are not calling the prospects cell phone, so no need to say “Is Bob in?” just “Hello Bob!” then simply introduce yourself. Tell them how you got their phone number, whether they opted into your capture page or a friend of theirs had you call them. Whatever the case might be let them know who you are and why you are calling.

Next, be sure to always ask if they have time to talk. There is nothing worse than picking up your phone and some long winded sales person being on the other end.

Now that they are comfortable and ready to talk. Bring up whatever it was that you researched. “I see you live in ____. I have a team member that lives in ____. Is that close to you?”  However you can relate to them, use it!  This shows your prospect you are as interested in them as they are in you.

Be sure to always stay in character. Again, imagine, yourself on that stage and the person you are talking to saying Thank you for all you have done for them. Always smile, that smile will go through the phone and make them smile. Everyone loves people who make them happy.

Step 3 Find The Pain:

You need to find your prospects pain and diagnosis it, asking lots of questions this will help you find their pain. Like for me I help network marketers so their pain is not enough leads, no help from sponsor, social media training, marketing, ect.

You also want to know what drives your prospect, some people are driven by ranks, others by money. You need to know this in order to help them achieve their goals. So ask lots of questions, this also helps you stay in control of the conversation.

With that being said you don’t want to allow your prospect to start asking too many questions. This could lead to over talking and over talkers can lose the sale or sign up by giving too much information and confusing the prospect.

Not everyone is going to be a fit for you team. Remind yourself that you are qualifying them. You are the one doing the interview.  They wanted your information, this is not you needing them.


Step 4 Answering Questions:

If someone starts asking a bunch of questions that a video or a trial membership could answer, send them to those. Tell your prospect you have a phone appointment in just a few minutes and it would take longer for you to explain than if they just watch a video or jump on a call.

You’re in character! You are top earner and top earners are busy people, therefore so are you!

If for some reason you do not know an answer, Be honest and tell them you are unsure of the answer and will get back to them as soon as you find out. When they join you, they will be asked tough questions as well. This will insure them it is ok not to know everything.

A simple trick to hard questions is to answer the questions with a question.

For example: “How much money do you make?” So many people ask this question it blows my mind, but in this industry it is a common question. Just answer it like this. “How is what I make going to determine how much you will make?”  Now you are back in control without giving away your bank statement.

Step 5 Signing Them Up:

They are ready and just as excited as you are, now it is time to get them signed up. Ask them if they are in front of a computer; If not ask to call them back when they will be. You don’t want to get off the phone and expect your prospect to sign up later, you want to walk them through the process. This way you insure it is done correctly and can help them in case any questions come up. Congrats!! You just got a new sign up or sale, now on to the next call!

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