What enormous changes in the industry just in this past decade by Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley

  • The quality of the companies and products has improved tenfold
  • The quality of the individuals selecting a full or part-time career in network marketing is testimony to the mainstream acceptance of the industry and the realization that direct marketing is the wave of the future. Retail shopping by having to walk into stores is like having Kodak print your photos on film.
  • The digital age has truly converted a formerly geography-based, local business into the greatest global opportunity for individuals.
  • The industry model has totally changed from “get-rich-quick” to “building a residual income that will outlive you.”
  • Instead of emphasis on living a lifestyle of the rich and famous, the emphasis has shifted on building a team dedicated to helping others win.
  • Retention is now even more critical than signing up new associates.
  • The true nature of the business is “lasting relationships” rather than “closing sales”.
  • Companies that promote “fad” products and “magic potions” are doomed to extinction. Unless you are offering a service or product that is unique, personalized and better than you can find on the shelf of a drug store, health food store, or utility company— you are like a Roman candle that burns brightly, and very briefly
  • The biggest change is that the industry is attracting people from every walk of life who are passionate about helping other people achieve their goals, as well as authentic care-givers who spend time and money on aiding the less fortunate throughout the world.
Denis Waitley
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