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What does it take to be named in the National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives & Professionals? According to Young Living’s “Diamond Master Star” leader, “Heart-centered marketing” and a turnkey Internet business-building and training system that allows Teri to use her time more wisely and effecti Teri, you’ve been involved with network marketing for nine years, what did you do in your former life? I was a stay-at-home mom with three young children and zero income. Three young kids and zero income, how did you get started with Young Living? I got started because of a very profound experience with the product, and as a result of that, I began talking to people about these miraculous products. I didn’t realize at the time that it was a network marketing company. I didn’t even know what networking was!  NULL So, for two years, I actually sent people somewhere else to get their products. Once I realized the profound effects this had on people I made a conscious choice to become a student of network marketing. I began to study everything I could and talk to as many people as I could. What I decided to do was to teach myself how to work a cold market, because I wasn’t in a position to do home parties and things like that to work with a warm market.

My goal was to figure out how to get my phones ringing. I discovered there are a million and one different ways to do that and which one is best depends on your own personality.

I started working the cold market my first year and that was wonderful because you never run out of people. I think it’s one of the reasons my organization grew so quickly. Now, back nine years ago, we had no computer and no land line telephone. I was doing business for four years with one cellular telephone and a fax machine. Just working with that and a cold market— generating leads through advertisements in local media— I was able to build a six-figure income within 18 months. What I discovered is that there was consistent daily activity I did, day in and day out, but there was also massive action that I took on projects that took longer to come to fruition, but the results were huge. So, this is how I train my downline today— I train them to always be doing consistent daily activity in addition to having one or two massive action projects that they’re working on at all times. We start with a written business plan the very first week in business. From my own experience of realizing the things I needed to learn in order to be good in this industry, I created a business plan. When our distributors fill out their plan, we sit down with them for about two hours. If they live out of state, of course we do this over the phone. We do a very in-depth planning session with each new distributor at which time we get everything written down on paper along with their action plan.

Then we have them get out their calendar and actually put down what they are going to be doing every day of the week.

After that, we have a 20 minute telephone meeting each week for as long as it takes until that distributor is independent. Teri, what were the consistent daily actions that you began doing? What I began doing in the very first week of my business was I determined what my personal strengths were. I realized I love public speaking, so I created a press release for myself on everything I had done in the last 20 years that had anything to do with health or business. I began to distribute that press release to all of the local businesses, such as the Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc. letting them know that I would love to speak to their group. That was a very successful endeavor. I also went through my address book. My desire was to determine who I knew that knew thousands of people, so I started at A and went through to Z. By the time I finished, I had found five people that were very high profile. These were people that were business owners, people that had mailing lists and one of them even had a newsletter that went out to 18,000 people. So, I contacted those five people and shared products with them. I sent them three products if they were willing to take a look. One by one all five of them became distributors in my company and gave me a tremendous amount of publicity. This is a very, very fast way to create success. So what did you do with these people to have them become interested? I contacted them and let them know about the very profound experience that I had had with these health products and I asked if they were open to trying a sample. Can you describe what that “profound experience” was? Oh yes, definitely. I was pregnant with our third child, little Joseph, in 1995. When I was seven months pregnant my husband and I took an airplane flight during which I became very ill when the airplane went up to altitude.

There was a pressure on my stomach and by the time the plane landed I was into very heavy, full labor… at seven and a half months!

We had been into natural food and natural herbs for 20 years, so I had what I had planned to use and had every reason to believe they would work. Well, they didn’t work; they were not strong enough to stop this heavy labor. We were going to have a home birth and our mid-wife was racing down the highway, timing my contractions on her cell phone, and she suddenly screamed at me that I was going to deliver this baby in five to 10 minutes and she absolutely needed to fly me to the nearest hospital. I was very frightened and because I was in so much pain I didn’t want anyone to touch me or move me. I asked if she would wait just one more minute before she called in the helicopter. At that time I actually got on my knees and prayed and asked God if there was anything in our home that was strong enough to stop labor— please, show me what it was. I was immediately given the understanding of the essential oil of lavender. I couldn’t figure out why lavender would work, because the only thing I’d used it for was sunburns, cuts and bruises. That’s the reason I had a bottle of Young Living’s lavender. So, we marinated my stomach, my shaking legs and the bottom of my feet with the lavender oil and within 60 seconds the heavy labor completely stopped. Wow! Yes! It was exciting. When the midwife examined me, she said that the baby was so low down I absolutely had to stay on bed rest until the baby’s due date. That was fine, yet every time I got up, even to use the bathroom, I would go into labor again and this went on daily for five weeks. So, every day we used the lavender and the labor stopped immediately. I came to understand that the reason it was so powerful is that lavender contains a group of chemical constituents called esters. Esters are fantastic for muscle spasms, migraine headaches, and insomnia. Lavender is one of those universal oils that ‘when in doubt, grab your lavender’. Let me tell you what happened on the due date. This is so beautiful. I put the lavender away and got out of bed and said to my daughter, “Let’s go for a walk”. I couldn’t even go down the street before I went into labor, and that beautiful baby boy was born within 30 minutes. Nobody made it to the birth he came so fast. So, even though I wasn’t earning any income, I had enough money to buy four bottles of lavender oil and I gave them away to the pregnant women I knew. That really was the seed of my business, those four bottles of oil. That’s extraordinary! So this was one of the stories that you shared with people? Yes, this one and there are so many more! Because after that we purchased enough oils to keep our children completely healthy and doctor free. One of the main oils was frankincense, which almost everybody has heard of including me, but I never knew it had any healing properties. That oil became the most important thing in our me
dicine cabinet. Anytime a child came to us and complained of cold symptoms, I would rub frankincense all over their chest and back as well as their feet and the next morning they would wake up completely symptom free. It’s interesting as we move into the Christmas season where we hear talk of frankincense and myrrh. People wonder what these ‘gifts’ are and it turns out frankincense is the most powerful substance on the planet today for your immune system. And myrrh is the most powerful thing you can use inside of your mouth for your teeth and gums. It’s great! So, here you were, telling influential people about your products and beginning to do public speaking— on health issues predominantly?


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