Good Morning, It’s Today…Again! by Michael York

Michael York*** In celebration of the TENTH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE of The Network Marketing Magazine, here’s an excerpt from one of MY very first columns after meeting George Madiou for the very first time at a big event in Atlanta–Happy to continue adding a bit of my ideas and inspiration to your GREAT WORK over the past 10 years. All the best to you my friend–

“Lots of People Want Something Better or to Be Someone Else, But Very Few of Them Want to Grow Into It.” —Michael York

Good Morning, It’s Today…Again!

By: Michael York

Welcome to TODAY!
We’ve been waiting for you.

Today’s first question–

Which decision do you suppose will have the greatest impact on how your life works out?

1. Work
2. Work hard
3. Work hard on your job
4. Work hard on YOU

Hmmm. Let’s explore the options.


Everyone does this one, right?
I mean from time to time. Don’t overdo it though.
Why do you go to work in the morning? Hey that’s what people do, go to work, so you go along with it.

It’s like a parade of cattle headed for the barn, once you get 10 or 12 cows deep into the line they’ve got no idea really where they’re going or why… but everyone’s doing it, so it but be what you should do too. The cattle call comes and off to work again today you go. What’s the reason, the purpose? No time to think about that one, the cows are movin’ on.

2. Work HARD

Ever hear the one about “hard work?” You know, about the harder you work, the luckier you get, or some of those old clichés? Or maybe working smarter, that could be the key.

Lots of people even work hard at getting out of hard work. Big difference between hard work, and working hard at something.

3. Work hard ON YOUR J-O-B

Wow, that must be the big secret of success today. Pour it on, 40, 50, 60 hours or more.
Be really busy, or at least look like you’re really busy. But what are you accomplishing?
For others, for yourself, and for the marketplace? Because what many people don’t understand is that we don’t get paid “by the hour” or for an hour. Our earning power is tied directly to the amount of value we bring to a company or to the marketplace in that hour. And if you pour yourself into a job and do an amazing job at that job, you could still find yourself without a job. So what’s the answer?

By process of elimination, and since it’s not “all of the above” it must be number 4.

4. Work Hard on YOU!

Major clue to big success–Work harder on you than you do on your job!
It means simply that when you begin to work hard on YOU, you’ll develop a new attitude and new skills. You’ll develop greater wisdom and understanding.
You’ll gain empathy and not just experience.
Think experience is your ticket to success?
Or preventing you from getting yours?

Too often today experience is something that says how good we used to be, or how many years we’ve been doing it the same old way. And that’s becoming less and less valuable in this marketplace.

How’d you like your surgeon operating on you with the same tools and training and techniques he was using in 1980 (Right, me neither)?

That’s not “OLD school”…it’s just OLD!

So could that mean 25 years of experience isn’t enough? You bet, the real question is “How good will your surgeon be next week?” That’s what YOU really care about isn’t it? And that’s exactly what the marketplace cares about.

Not how good you used to be, or how hard you work, or how busy you are… but how will you bring value with your performance next week? How will you gather up all you’ve learned, what you’re learning NOW, and invest it into delivering the performance of your life or your career?

And #5…your bonus round:

Ordinary people work. RICH people NETWORK.

That’s why you’re here right? To get more “RICH STRATEGIES” into your life?
I’m not just talking about the money, I’m talking about the learning and growing and commitment (see my book, The 10 Commitments) that comes before the money arrives.

Personal Development is PERSONAL!

And individuals have very personal reasons for WHY they want to succeed and for stepping out of line with the rest of the boring, conforming souls trudging to work everyday or stuck in traffic on the way there.

Work harder on you and see what the marketplace is willing to pay and where you’re able to go. See how it changes your day to day lifestyle and the results you get from it.
It’s uncommon, and a major clue that success has left behind for you today.
You can quote me on that one…
I love quotes.
And I love how occasionally you read or hear one and BANG! You get it.
Here’s one of my favorites to get your list started;

“Anybody can do just about anything with himself that he really wants to and makes up his mind to do. We are capable of greater things than we realize.”

Congratulations George!

And Happy 10th Anniversary to TNMM–

To Your Uncommon Success,


Michael York
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