How Has The Industry Changed? by David Feinstein

Technology Enabled Worldwide Markets to Combine

DavidLFeinsteinxTechnology always brings changes in societies, the examples include finding fire and creating bronze to steel weapons for war. Fire also helps create dishware and a means to create steam engines to skyscrapers. As technology, expanded, new materials to cool devices were invented to make life easier and faster. This goes for business, computers and the internet allowed businesses to evolve into something more personable and less monstrous. Now, instead of having to fly to attend conferences in Rome, Athens, Tokyo or even Moscow, we can use video conferencing to meet with partners and with prospects in countries around the world. Even training in specialized arts has enabled us to learn from home or even at another location.

Faster Reponses create Stronger Relationship

The internet in terms of email and contact tools allows us to create stronger relationships with our prospects. We can respond faster by phone, chat and even email. While email is the slowest form of electronic communication, it is still faster than regular mail. By responding faster to inquiries, we can ensure that the relationship will continue to grow in strength and respect. We can offer solutions faster and in more detail than by any other means. Texting is climbing up as a business tool, so keep an eye out on the practical application for it. By responding within a reasonable amount of time, our prospects will realize that we take them seriously.

Moving ahead with Mobile Technology

Blazing speeds and awesome phones define today’s society on the go. Businesses will have to step up tremendously and market across the board. Mobile technology will define marketing on a completely new level. While traditional digital marketing venues will adapt, mobile advertising technology has secured MT in the number one spot for delivering messages. Technology will always play a role in business and in our personal lives. Keeping up with all the trends and method can be nearly impossible, but if you pick a field and stick with it you can find success within that field. Be careful about spreading yourself too thin, it may be wise to try a few things at a time.

Do not overdo it at the tech buffet. Keep your resources in mind as you expand your business to the next arena. Some tools may not be as helpful as you think. Research into the tools that you need before making purchases, taking the extra care to find the best deals available can save you heartache

David Feinstein
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