How to Get Motivated – Getting and Staying Motivated When You’re Not YET Seeing Results with Your Home Business… by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxSometimes it can be very hard to figure out how to get motivated when you haven’t seen any results yet from your efforts with your home business.

This is because we’ve become so used to immediate gratification in this world that we don’t know how to persevere when we don’t see that.

There’s one thing though that will help more than anything for this, and that one thing is FAITH.

Now faith can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, so let me explain exactly what I mean so that you can take this information and truly make it useful.

When I say faith I mean faith in the desired outcome, faith in yourself, and faith in the system that you’re using to grow your business.


Let’s talk about how to use each of these types of faith and how to get motivated using them.

Faith in the Desired Outcome… The fact is that results aren’t always apparent right away. In fact a truer statement is that they rarely ever are. That means that you have to simply have faith that what you’re counting on happening is going to happen.

The way to help you stay motivated and persist through this is to always be taking ACTION. Consistent action is faith’s best friend, because without it, faith is just hope.

Hope is good to have, but it’s not a very good business plan. It also helps with…

Faith In Yourself… Here’s a little secret that will serve you well through all of life’s little trials and tribulations. Faith in you occurs out of the same principal, always taking ACTION. Think of yourself as a torpedo. Now if you’re in a submarine, and you have a torpedo, how much faith do you have in that torpedo if it’s not moving, and sinking? Absolutely none right? And I would hope if I’m ever in that position where I am on a submarine and relying on my torpedo’s that they’re never just sinking. But you have total faith in a torpedo that’s moving toward its intended target don’t you? I do.

So there are tons of examples I could use, such as a bicycle. If you’re on a bicycle and you’re not pedaling (action) then you’re going nowhere fast for one thing, plus you’re falling down because it’s harder to keep your balance without momentum from action. This leads to having little faith in yourself when you’re on a bike.

Now you can stay motivated by having faith in yourself, by taking ACTION, but that faith may fade if you don’t have…

Faith in the system that you’re using… It’s definitely important to be taking constant and consistent action, but if you’re flailing around blindly and sporadically then you’re going to really be testing your faith and motivation, because you’ll have tons more set backs.

So it’s important that you find a marketing system that you can have faith in. Even better yet is to have mentors to help see you through that system and lead you to success.

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David Feinstein
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