Making a Difference – The Power of Purpose by Sherry Watson

SherryWatsonWhat do people want the most? They want to be remembered as a person who wanted to make a difference in their world. Every person wants to make their world a better place and they want to be remembered for achieving great things that changed the lives of people. When people are asked what they want most, the first, usual reaction is around making money and a successful journey associated with all the things that money can bring to their life. I am not saying that this is not a great answer and certainly radiates with me as well.

If a person is asked this same question and given time to ponder or even write their answer out the focus changes from the quest for money to the fulfillment of their inner passions of life and to be remembered for great achievements and accomplishments. Money is certainly a useful vehicle to make these passions happen, but not always necessary to begin the process.

As Sherry and I reflect back over the years we have learned one thing George, it’s when opportunity knocks at your door open it and be ever so mindful as to who is at the door. In the new age of instant communication and numerous networking platforms meeting people is easier than ever. Meeting and identifying the people who can mentor you and help expand your influence and passion becomes the new challenge.

As Sherry and I spent time in Boca Raton, Florida networking and fellowshipping with you we learned that you have a new compass for the MLM world. Social Entrepreneurship is the new social capitalism, the new conscious of society. This is certainly not a new concept, it’s been around since the birth of our nation but the process has evolved making the successful MLM business happen in a fraction of the time. Because of the network marketing platform driven by the internet and influenced by The Network  Marketing Magazine home based business has the edge in the entrepreneur market place. Congratulations to the socially conscience entrepreneurs!!

The POWER of PURPOSE is our passion, our dream to energize and empower people who want to make a difference in the world. The Nonprofit structure was designed to give people an entity to develop the organizations necessary to achieve their missions and monetize it to become self supporting. It is a very powerful structure and is the number one organizational entity that is supported by public private partnerships.

People who “tune” into our message are looking for a way to streamline the process of becoming that influencer, becoming a champion for their cause and to be remembered as a person who got it done.

We are the new Nonprofit experience, we have modern ideas, new and successful programs that accelerate the process of achieving notoriety and success in their organizations. We must deliver the message that we can teach them how to become the influencer in their world and how to be immediately successful in the launching of their organization.

Your message needs to take into account that they may have had an unfulfilling experience in their past with an organization that did not meet their expectations. They need to know your system is different from what their past experiences have been.

As we meet with socially conscience entrepreneurs across the marketplace we have found common threads with successful MLM organizations and partnering with nonprofits. We have found that involving and supporting nonprofit organizations opens many more networking opportunities to a population of people who have influential reputations and people skills that are capable of getting things done. A good friend of ours was the late Joseph Montoya Jr. (Little Joe) of New Mexico, a very dear friend of ours and George, he had a corner on the market of assessing the value of human capitol. The right person at the right time can be the difference between marginal success and knocking it out of the park.

Human capital is priceless.

Including a nonprofit as part of your business plan and supporting them financially opens many doors and opportunities you otherwise would not have in the world of socially conscience entrepreneurs. There is a new population of people dedicated to social causes that have the necessary experience to make Private public partnerships very profitable. Cause Marketing is a huge, new platform as corporate America tunes in on the social and financial benefits of supporting causes and Nonprofit organizations.

The POWER of PURPOSE focuses on our clients and what they need to be successful. We teach them the importance of public private partnerships and how public charities can benefit from these relationships.

 Why do they want it? They want to be successful; they have been waiting for the right experience (teacher) to launch their movement. They want to be reassured that this is the right choice to make at this time in their life. I think this is more important to them than the monetary investment.

Why would they say no? Keep in mind that I think the number “one” objection is the failure of the effort. People do not want to make the decision to launch this very personal passion of theirs in very public ways to many of their peers, supporters, and family and have it fall flat on its face.

We must covey to them our expertise and assurances that we will not let this happen. They need to not only feel the support of our team but need a precise set of checks or balances that drive them and their team to a successful presentation to the world. Our clients should have complete confidence in our system, our mentors and that they will be on track to affect the change in the world they proclaimed they would.

Thanks George for all the support and friendship over the years. Your guidance and involvement in our personal lives and businesses have made a profound difference in our lives.

Congratulations on the first 10 years. Keep on fighting the good fight and we will see you soon my friend.

Tracy and Sherry Watson


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