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Kathy CooverYou’ve been a top— the top— income earning leader in four companies, and your husband is a 30 year veteran on the corporate side of network marketing. You’re retired. Your walk-away income has allowed you to truly walk away. So, now what? Why, start your own company of course. The co-founder of Isag Kathy, tell me how you first became involved in network marketing. My husband Jim has been involved in the industry for over 30 years and he always saw the possibilities with me, he’s encouraged me for years. Because of his inspiration, I started network marketing and went with a nutritional company called PrimeQuest in 1992. I become the top income earner in that company with 90 percent of their volume underneath me and I built 10 separate Diamond legs, even though it had a very difficult compensation plan. What caused you to choose PrimeQuest?  NULL Actually, I fell in love with a product that really changed my life. I was at the time where I had just had my son and I wanted to stay home and be with him. I was also an entrepreneurial type and never saw myself ‘just’ being a mom. I was a Dental Hygienist for 18 years; in fact I owned and operated my own dental hygiene center. I was one of the first in California to do that, I hired a dentist and hygienist to work for me. Kathy, can you give me a little more understanding of what your husband’s background is? My husband was co-founder of the Cambridge Diet, which was one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in history. So, I experienced the rise and the decline of that company with him, but I basically just flew around with him in the jet. I never participated in the business, because I never had any weight to lose and couldn’t see myself doing that. When you say you never saw yourself doing that, can you tell me more? When Cambridge came out I had actually just met Jim and I was thrown into a different world. It was a fast growing company and I had just gotten married and that was enough in my life.

Truthfully, I just didn’t believe in the industry that much. I had to work on my belief structure. And after I read through some good books I really started to believe in the industry and then I jumped into it.

And you said you had a product experience? Tell us about that. Yes, I experienced a product called Prime One that just brought my energy level up, my focus, my concentration… I felt like a new person. I had had severe stomach problems and this product took all that away, so I got very passionate about the product! That’s when I really started studying the industry, reading books, and when I realized what it was about I got really excited about it. So, I started with one of the founding legs to the company. It was not the easiest experience of my life. The first two years were challenging, but finally I got how to do it right and my income just skyrocketed. At that point, I helped many of the people in my organization create a phenomenal income.

I fell in love with the industry, because I really felt it was about developing people and helping them succeed, both physically and financially.

I became very, very engulfed in it and it’s certainly the best thing I’ve ever done in my life for personal growth and development. Kathy, can you speak about what those challenges were for you in the beginning? In the beginning, I couldn’t figure out how to get my group to duplicate what I was doing. I went out and signed up 125 people and it was no problem for me, but nobody else could do it. Once I figured out that I was not duplicatable I started creating tools for my team; audio cassette tapes, voice mail recordings, training manuals, and I started doing conference calls and then my group absolutely exploded. The duplication started. Is there any one thing that you can put your finger on that you can say, ‘this is what did it… this is what was responsible for that’? Well, I really believe it was the system I created for my team. I created a recruiting system so my team could duplicate my efforts. I also created a system for training that everyone could plug in to. So, it’s really the systems that made my group explode. How long did you stay with that company? Actually I stayed with that company to the very end. That company was sold and I went with the new company, but I had an integrity issue with the owners, because they took my 10 Diamond legs and chopped them up. What was the rationale for that? Well, I believe they didn’t really ‘get’ it. They were new at network marketing and they didn’t understand. They were being given information by the wrong person and this gentleman said all those legs should go under him and I didn’t know they were doing that. They faxed me a new compensation plan and told me what they had done.

My income had already fallen way down to $40,000 a month and after this my income fell to $5000 a month, so I sold my business and walked away from that company and signed a ‘non compete’.

I moved away from California to Omaha, Nebraska— quite a contrast— and joined a company called The Tax People. Because it was just being introduced in the Midwest, I grew fast and became the first female Diamond in the company. Again my income just exploded after that first six months. We went into momentum and I was earning a seven-figure income, and I would have stayed with the company if it hadn’t been shut down by the Government. And the reason for that was? I truly believe the reason they got shut down was because the government did not like us informing other people of all the tax deductions you’re entitled to when you have a home-based business. It was all legal tax deductions that we were giving, IRS tax code, we had 2000 tax offices all over the United States, but they didn’t like it so they came in and shut the company down. So, I saw my organization absolutely crumble before my eyes with checks bouncing everywhere. At that point I took a six month break while I decided what I was going to do. I did jump in again. Kathy, before you go to that, how did you feel about all of that? Did that just rock you? Oh yes! I was devastated! I was really excited about what I’d created.

I really think the home-based business industry is the best way for the average person to achieve wealth. It was devastating, horrible, but I pulled myself together.

And how did you do that? I realized that things just happen. I re-focused, took a little time off and spent some time with my family. I had retired Jim from my first success, PrimeQuest, and he had retired from the corporate world. I retired him again from The Tax People and then he totally retired from the industry and did a little consulting. I just think my conviction about the industry was so strong by then that nothing could really get in the way. You just have to pick yourself up and keep charging, keep your focus and vision. I knew what my vision was, so I went into another company, a travel program, and in six weeks I was the biggest organization there too. Then, unfortunately, September 11th hit and I watched my business crumble again, because it was very hard to talk about travel in the aftermath of that. At that point in my life I did, personally, decide to retire. Jim and I had made enough money, so we moved here, to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. My son, Erik, was in high school and wanted to play golf here and it seemed like a great time and place to retire. As we were moving into our beautiful home, literally as I plugged the phone into the wall, we got a call from John Anderson, who Jim had known for years. John was actually one of the Ambassadors in the Cambrid
ge Diet program and we had lost track of him. He had become one of the largest private label manufacturer/formulator’s in the United States. He was looking for a partner to help create a vehicle for people to achieve health and financial success. John was known as the ‘mineral man’, he was one of the first people to ever formulate liquid minerals. So, we met with him and saw his vision and he made us partners in the company. We all got together and started masterminding what this company would be like. We gave John some ideas about toxicity in the world and all these rare diseases popping up like fibro myalgia, Lupus, chronic fatigue, asking him to look at why this was happening.


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