Women Who Changed History by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxWho comes to mind when you think of freedom? Is it Lady Liberty in New York Harbor? While others come to mind, women have played an enormous role in shaping history. They have served on the battlefield as nurses to holding high political offices. There is no doubt that they are powerful and fragile in the same instant.

It takes courage and strength to break traditions that men have set in stone and to overcome stereotypical labels.


We should encourage our youth to appreciate and to value the inner assets that women have and share with us on a regular basis.

Women Who Broke Traditions


Women throughout history have taken tasks upon their shoulders willingly and unwillingly. They bravely faced the consequences as time dictated and yet they never backed down. They served as great political influences, writers, leaders and other roles, when men would not or could not take on the roles themselves.

Listed below are some examples of women that broke traditional barriers that were normally reserved for men. They helped shape the future for women that served in great capacities.


Michelle Howard may become the first African American woman to command the United States Navy, she is the first four star admiral in the U.S. Navy. While some other women wrote poems and articles to help shape freedoms for cultures, women and other areas that were taboo at the time. They have enabled Mrs. Howard to fulfill a greater destiny than one could hope for in other countries.

A few examples of women breaking traditions:

 Sappho

 Hildegard of Bingen

 Eleanor of Aquitaine

 Mirabai

 Catherine the Great

 Michelle Howard

Women that Shaped Freedom


Various women throughout history have made significant impact on freedom, women rights and for other causes. This small list of women are some of the most notable historic figures that have had roles in war, as queens or in government. Either through verbal or physical force, the dynamics of these women changed freedom and rights for everyone. Always standing up for what is right and never backing down, these women pioneered the way for women for business and other factions. When it came down to crunch time, they performed their duties as well as men.

Examples of Women shaping Freedom:

 Joan of Arc

 Harriet Beecher Stowe

 Elizabeth Cady Stanton

 Florence Nightingale

 Helen Keller

 Eleanor Roosevelt

 Mother Teresa

 Margaret Thatcher

 Odette Sanson

Behind Every Great Woman is a Great Family


They say behind every great man is a great woman and this may be true in some western cultures. Behind every great woman has been a great family or member. In many cases, these women were alone; however, they stood against the fires of men and handled critical situations that would have broken most men down. It is time to give a salute to these women in history.

David Feinstein
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