Women’s Secrets to Failing Greatly by Andrea Waltz

epic_Andrea_Waltz_1A Go for No! Woman has a lot to balance. Here are her keys for success with NO!

Gives herself the opportunity to pursue her goals and dreams.
Owns her failures knowing that failures are part of her journey to success.
Focuses on being assertive and stops worrying about being perceived as pushy.
Obtains and increases her ‘no’s’ ultimately increasing her yeses and building her business.
Remembers that she is on a mission and uses that as fuel to ‘go for no.’
Neutralizes her emotional reaction not allowing it to define her or ruin her day.
Opens her mind, always learning, knowing that her growth is key to her achievement.
Works through fear, doing things that are outside her comfort zone.
Overcomes inertia and takes action when she sees opportunity.
Manages her time so that she can ‘go for no’ and also take personal time for herself.
Allows herself to be who she is without internal criticism of who she thinks she should be.
Notices (even if it takes a while) that she is – as it turns out – a pretty awesome woman who deserves all life has to offer and that she has the power to make those things happen!


Andrea Waltz
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