Give your downline this test and watch their reaction! by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Author_19573TomSchreiterYou can now print out a free copy of the “Skills Test” and the answers at:

Give this test to your distributors. Ask them to see if they have the basic skills to do their business.

And when your new distributors flunk this simple test, they will finally know who really is to blame for their frustrations and struggles . . . and it isn’t you!

What a great way to get them to attend your trainings.

A sponsoring method that is just too easy.

What a great way to turn a cold prospect into an entrepreneur. It takes less than a minute, and is so easy, it’s almost illegal. 😉

Ask your prospect to:

1. Write down three things he likes to do.

2. Next, write down how much time he spends doing each of them.

3. Ask the prospect, “Who is in charge of your time?”

4. Explain how network marketing can make the prospect in charge of his time.

Everyone is a salesman. Just look at somebody asking for a raise or proposing for marriage.

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