WOMEN of POWER by Roger Boger

Roger Boger1For years, those of us who are professionals, have been hearing about the high percentage of women in the MLM industry. All can agree with percentages that run as high as 80% 0r more of people in network marketing are of the female gender.

We also have been aware that statistically, in the past, the highest income earners were men.

Reasons why so many women gravitate to network marketing seems to center around the idea that women are better listeners, better communicators, congregate more readily and can enjoy incomes from home, particularly if they have younger children to oversee.

That dynamic may well have been true in the past, and to some extent still exists, however, I have noticed major changes consistent with changing social values.


I have recently returned from a major corporate event in Florida and was amazed at the shift of power to women ( Power vs Force ) who occupy the highest ranks in the company. Their outstanding delivery from center stage was wonderful to observe and highly impactful to the thousands in attendance. The powerful leadership of women field leaders like Christine Gaudet of Canada, Regine Desroses of France and corporate leaders like Meredith Berkich, Dr Donna Antarr and Lucy West was incredible to observe.

As we evolve and move forward in our evolution as more highly aware individuals, it is gratifying to me as a husband, father and lover of the industry to observe this obvious transition.

If we are smart, as men, we will come along side the power of women and learn the intuitive skills possessed by our female counterparts.


After all, the higher faculties of the mind ( memory, reason, will, perception, imagination and INTUITION ) are what separate us from other life forms. So, let us all evolve as human beings and thus facilitate the evolution of the greatest opportunity of all time… Network Marketing. Thanks to all my women co-professionals.

Dr Roger A Boger
Professional Network Marketer

Roger Boger
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