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Kimmy Everett_2As women, our responsibilities have become as numerous as ever.  We find ourselves wearing many different hats; a wife, a mother, a caregiver, a breadwinner, a chef, a bank, a disciplinarian, a project coordinator, the list goes on and on. While we are challenged to juggle these hats and hope none come crashing down, we push forward through adversity and chaos to continuously provide for, and support our families.

Interstingly, in a world so sophisticated and reliant on the skills that women bring to the table, we are still faced with the unthinkable. Gender inequality. With this obstacle in place, it is near impossible for women to find the same access to income advancements that men have in the corporate world.

I was one of those women. At the age of 40 I found myself newly divorced, solely financially responsible for my daughter, and stuck in a job that even if I worked more hours, would never financially be able to cover our most basic needs. I saw a glimmer of hope when I learned about Network Marketing; just enough to give me the courage to take a step towards it, and that glimmer has forever changed my life.

With 75% of women making up the Network Marketing profession, it is obvious that our inherent abilities of building community, collaborating, and sharing have empowered us to create the perfect environment of leading this profession.


Herein lies the beauty. It’s non discriminant. No one decides based upon gender, color, background, how much we will earn. We get to go out and create what ever we want. We have the freedom to fulfill our full potential as the powerful women we are meant to be and maximize our earning which is truly unlimited.

Network Marketing is a gift for so many reasons but the most powerful of them is it allows us all to become a better form of ourselves.  In a world where there is uncertainty, our profession is focusing on creating a culture of love, acceptance, win win, telling the truth, helping others, and servant leadership.

Imagine what we as a collective group can create not only for the women of the world but for everyone. It starts with each of us. And that ripple of magnificence is impossible to stop. 


With Love,

Kimmy Brooke

Kimmy Brooke
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