Women, who needs them! by George Madiou

George-MadiouYou can build a profitable business all over the world from the comforts of home with two way communication!  Hey guys, if you don’t realize that women are essential to the growth and stability— and are the single greatest source— of a successful business, quit now! You know by now, our industry is made up of 79.9 percent women (and that 85 percent of all of us are part time). Most of the beginners to the top leaders in the business are women. They are the ones that, I say, kindle the two things that make up what network marketing is all about— hope and freedom. Women have no problem dreaming and easily embrace the hope for the better way of life that network marketing offers. They also have the passion that sparks the fire of freedom a successful home based business allows to be at home with their children and even succeed in bringing dad home to join them!  NULL

Because of this, there is no company out there where you cannot find great “women” stories… stories of success overcoming struggle, the persistence of hope and the fulfillment of freedom.

One nice thing about these stories, is they inspire us all, men and women alike. Cherie Corridori, wife, mother of three, school teacher and network marketer, is one of those great stories. Cherie has been in the industry for a number of years. She had not achieved a superstar level of success in the first couple of companies, however she was a student of the business and of her possibilities. Cherie made a decision and acted upon it. She decided that network marketing was the vehicle that not only would bring her home from her teaching job, but it would also eventually allow her husband Butch to come home and retire from his job at the post office. Cherie’s first step was to leave her teaching job and stay at home and use those skills to home school her children. For Cherie, it was a courageous move but one that she’ll never regret. She took a year to get accustomed to her new teaching assignment and get a routine down. Then she went after her network marketing business with passion.

Today, she is very close to replacing her teaching salary, but more important she clearly sees how her business will accomplish her other goal— bringing Butch home!

Cherie was the one who introduced me to another woman, Donna Fason. One interesting thing about Donna is that she came into the industry kicking and screaming. She was a typical “negative spouse”. I’ve meet Donna and her husband Robert, and have been captivated by their story of persistence, perseverance and personal growth. Today, they are top leaders in their company, but that wasn’t always the case for these two high school graduate, former dairy farmers from Arkansas. The unique thing about Donna is not so much that she didn’t love network marketing. She chronicled it in a book called Spousal Support in Network Marketing.

Her candid, sincere story takes you from her emotions of fear, confusion and anger to a path of personal growth, support, positive outlook and the ability to dream and then realize those dreams.

To look at this business through the eyes of a supportive spouse (either husband or wife) is an approach I’ve never seen before. To read something so personal and honest that has not been sugar coated is very refreshing and extremely helpful. Donna has turned into an incredible leader and trainer to her downline and crossline throughout her company. Her shared experience has helped many spouses that are not the builder half of the business realize the importance of their roll in the success of the family enterprise. Both of these incredible women, Cherie Corridori and Donna Fason, represent women in the business that play a vital roll that turns hope into reality and creates the freedom for their family that will last generations! Aim High! George Madiou


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George Madiou
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