Command Ownership: Develop the Senior Leadership within by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinx“Those who command themselves, command others” by William Hazlitt.

Today’s MLM leadership falls onto your shoulders and no one else’s. It is important to show strong leadership to those who follow you into the fires. Sadly, many people break under the pressure of command and give in too easily.

The whole point of leadership is to inspire others to success through serving.

By giving into demands of a less caliber mindset, one can easily fail as a leader. True leadership is never easy, but it does show that you have a backbone. Would you rather have a few strong teammates or a thousand halfhearted souls in your downlines?

There are plenty of ways to increase your “leading ship,” but that is not what this is talking about. It’s about you taking charge of your mind, body, spirit, decisions and efforts. This is called command development, anyone can lead with a little song and dance, but not many can command.

If you are ready to put aside yourself for the sake of others success, then you may be ready to develop your inner commander.

There will be times in your career, where you have to make decisions that affect your team. They will not be cheery or fun; nevertheless they will impact your business. This doesn’t mean you can’t be an effective leader, it may mean that you’re not cut out for command. Not everyone can command, but leaders on the lower level are still an important part of the gear work.Decide wha t you want to do now? Do you want to command or lead?

Stand By Your Authority

Stand by your decisions, whether good or bad. It is super easy to fall apart after making someone’s day bad. You may want to change course, but in reality you may be doing yourself more harm than good. Stand by your authority, if not, people will not accept your leadership role. It is by far the most difficult road to take. Keeping your decisions and reinforcing your authority is important, rather if anyone supports it or not.

Grow with Your Leadership

Taking classes to improve your command role will help you see problems with leadership on the lower end. Commanders don’t have the time to second guess themselves or flirt with disaster.

Business is business and people take it seriously. As you grow into your role as a commander, you will make mistakes. There are ways to accept them and move beyond them. You have to focus on the well-being of your team and not just yourself. Time is a great measurement of growth; use it wisely to become a strong leader.

David Feinstein
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