People With Leadership Titles Who Aren’t Certain How They Achieved What They Achieved by Dale Calvert

Dale_CalvertI think it is a good idea to understand who I am and what I am about before you listen to a word I say

The bottom line is when I was building we were blessed to develop over 1000 5 and 6 figure earners on our personal team and a couple of millionaires. What other generic teacher or trainer can say that? How many of them are putting out content, hoping you know them, like them and trust them so they can back you into their current deal or an affiliate lead system? I don’t have a “dog in the hunt”. I am not doing this to make a living selling training programs and seminar seats, or back you into my program. I am not working a program now or anytime in the future.

Skeptical of my motives? Good! You should be. However if you get plugged into our webinars and what we teach that skepticism will leave because I know my intent and I understand the sequential learning process most human being have.

The good news for you is I know specifically, exactly how my team building success happened, and I know you can duplicate it. I see the progressive mindsets and skill set training working today for people all over the world that are sick and tired of the same old fluff from questionable gurus, and people with leadership titles who aren’t really certain how they achieved what they achieved other than they worked hard and talked to a lot of people.


There has to be more to developing duplicating teams than work hard and talk to a lot of people, doesn’t there?

Oh wait, they don’t have duplicating teams, they really just possess the special skill set of developing large groups of FOLLOWERS, not future leaders. If I am coming across negative, or cynical I understand. The truth is I am desperate, because another 10 years like the previous 10 years and we will be so far away of the fundamental, universal success principles that built this industry, we won’t even be able to recognize it!

Am I writing this to bash guru trainers and your company leaders? Absolutely not! 80% of what they are saying is true, most of them are good, honest, sincere people. We just can’t expect people to know and understand that which they have never experienced. When you have the ability to build on personality and credibility the concept of building a team around systems that the majority of people need is a foreign concept.

Just ask yourself, how many of the people that are teaching you have really been in the trenches, grinding, improving, getting past their fears and negative self talk? NOT MANY!

But I have. I have helped thousands of people grind their way of their self limiting beliefs, and I KNOW I CAN HELP YOU!

More importantly, I have been able to sequentially, systematically, help other people do the same thing. If your goal is to make a few hundreds bucks next month, I am probably not your guy. Quite frankly I believe network marketing is about developing wealth. I believe in is a long-term (3-5 year) game plan to total financial independence. If you are looking for a few hundred extra bucks next month, there are simpler, easier business models and you don’t have to involve the lives of other people. Do those.

However if you have big dreams, and you are teachable, I am your guy. Not because I say I am, but because of two simple words ….Track Record. If you are still reading this my suggestion is that you check out the MLM Success Podcast, you will hear stories of many people who have plugged into our mindset and skill set trainings, put them into action and changed their life. Facts are facts and only a fool argues with facts.

However the main reason for writing is I wanted to share with you an email I just received today. I originally heard from Vincent from New Jersey a couple of months ago after he stumbled upon one of our live webinar trainings. After the webinar he said:

“Dale you are right, I have one bad year in network marketing repeated 15 times, and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired”

He joined our MLM Training Club program and I think purchased our online and offline classifed course and maybe a few other training products. Honestly, normally, many times that is the last time I hear from customers unless they get involved in one of our higher level coaching programs, but NOT VINCENT! His email made my day, and I wanted to share it with you. I get emails daily, from people who not only hear and agree but break out of their comfort zone and take ACTION on the information, this is why I do what I do!

Start of Vincent’s email

I Don’t Believe it!!


I have been listening to that freakin accent of yours for week now. I have also been following your instructions and putting everything into place.

Last night I took a chance and got out of my comfort zone, but, I used a little technology in the mix.
In October of last year, I had a Craig’s list ad up regarding my business. I had a good amount of calls come in but I did not know what to say when they called. I ended up very frustrated and may have pissed some of the people off. They were looking for J.O.B.’s… I was not offering that.

Now, I had the good sense to open a google voice account and have them all call that number for the ad. I looked in the account for some other reference

And God if I did not hear your voice letting me know that I was missing an opportunity with all of those names and phone numbers just sitting there. I went into my hangouts For google voice and texted this: Hello: I contacted you last year in October. Have you found a J.O.B. yet?

After the first four texts, my phone rang, then texts start coming in. The next text went like this: I am expanding my business and am searching for people with leadership and management Abilities. Do you know anyone who may fit this description?

Jessica said that sounded like her and she wanted to know what kind of business I was talking about. I stayed in character and sent this: Well, I need a favor. Can you watch this video and let me know who it is that fits This description? She watched, she asked for more information. I gave her the opportunity call phone number. She listened.

This morning I called her back and asked: Do you have any questions before I get you started? She asked, I ANSWERED! I had her pull up the website on her computer. I explained the auto ship! BAM!!!!

That’s all she wrote!

I can’t believe after living the same stinking year over and over for 15 years, this one shut up and ask the right question system worked for me!

Now, back to the grind. I still have four more leaders to find for this year! By the way, she will be signing into this evening! YES!!!!!

Thanks Dale



I am so proud of you!

Many hear, but few DO.

Keep me updated on your progress.

There aint no fu fu dust. But I know what I teach increases your odds for short term and long term success.

Have a wonderful week.



Those of you who have been plugged into our training for years, will recognize that Vicent followed the scripts and the system we teach, WORD FOR WORD, STEP-BY-STEP.

That is what it takes! There ain’t no fu fu dust. Will it work perfectly every time? Of course not! But following the right systems will increase you odds for success and more importantly SYSTEMS are DUPLICATING and shooting from the hip is not!

Systems build teams, work ethic, credibility and natural people skills build followers! Network marketing is about developing leaders!

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