Stepping Into Leadership by Dr. Joe Rubino

Author_19234DrJoeRubinoWhy is it that we often wait until we have achieved a level of success in
Network Marketing before we feel as though we have earned the right to step
into a leadership role?

Leadership is not a position you acquire as a result of having achieved a certain volume or compensation plan position. It is a place you come from as a declaration that guides your decisions and actions.


When you are the source of everything that shows up in your life and in your business, your actions will be in sync with this self-declared leadership role.

The elements that characterize leadership are as follows:

1. A clear and well-spoken vision that serves as an inspirational guiding force for yourself and others.

2. A specific action plan that answers the question, “What exactly will it take to manifest this vision?”

3. An enthusiastic contagious belief level that causes others to join in the cause and get into action motivated by a positive expectation of success.

4. An authenticity and genuine humility that comes from a true commitment to be of contribution to others.

5. A commitment to ultimate invisibility, that is getting out of the way, allowing others to step into their own power as they eventually assume the prominence you once held as a catalyst inspiring others to greater
possibilities. This is an ability to make others greater than yourself, empowering them through example with a commitment to seeing a possibility for them that they might not yet clearly see for themselves. This is what it
means to be an inspiration to others.

Leadership is both the driving force that propels a Network Marketing organization and the glue that keeps it together long term, allowing it to withstand the inevitable challenges that will develop from time to time.

Exercising Your Leadership:

1.   What would stepping into a prominent leadership role in your Network Marketing business look like for you? Be specific.

2.   Where are you not being the source of your organization’s growth and leading by example?

Joe Rubino
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