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Louise Adrian With all the social media available for us today it can be overwhelming on what to post, where to start and will it really be worth your while.  You have all heard time and time again that direct sales is a relationship business.  The better you are at building relationships the more success you will have.  That goes for both online and offline.

So where to start:  Online

Don’t just randomly add someone to your Facebook without you reaching out first.  Do you have something in common?  Start and build with that.  Once you add someone to Facebook or another social media site make sure you send a private message thanking them for adding you.  Do you have something in common?  Talk to that point – hobby, profession, interest or something else that connects you.

Like and comment on their posts

Let them get to know you and from that if they connect with you they will want to be a part of what you are doing.

What kinds of things do you post on Facebook?  Positive, informative, funny, family with a sprinkling of business keeps people wanting to see your posts.  If you bombard your feed with all business, people will shut down and stop looking at your posts or just delete you.

Building relationships takes time, this is no different online, you can’t build trust relationships in a day, week or even a month, and it will take time. Be more concerned with the process than the results when starting out.


I am a firm believer in reaching out into your local market.  I hear it all the time that people want to build businesses in other areas.  There is nothing wrong with that – we all know people that live in different parts of the country and world.  But think about your own back yard so to speak.  How many people live within 30 minutes of where you live?  I love meeting people at coffee shops.  It is relaxed and in 30 minutes you can share what you have both been up to.  In fact many of my social media contacts that are local end up in offline coffees.

The one thing that direct sellers can get caught up in doing is staying at home behind a computer.  Each day make an effort to get out to where people are.

1.       Gyms 2.       Walking groups
3.       Community centers 4.       Wine groups
5.       Coffee shops 6.       Invite a neighbor over that you haven’t seen in a while
7.       Volunteer 8.       School activities if you have children
9.       Meet up with a friend that you haven’t seen in a few months

So the answer to Online vs Offiline is both. 

To have a well-rounded business you want to be able to meet with people live and connect with people at a distance.  The world has never been smaller.  The most important thing is to connect and have fun!

Go for Greatness!

Louise Adrian, Vancouver BC Canada

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Louise Adrian
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