PUBLISHING: 6 Reasons Why You Need to Author a Book by Brian Mast

brian mastChris wrote a small book (136-page, 5×7 paperback) on the subject he had studied and was passionate about. As a businessman, he hoped the book would open doors and bring increased income through speaking and training.

The day the books arrived from the publisher… Chris was fired from his job! Apparently, his position was no longer needed.

Armed with his book, Chris started interviewing with new companies. They were impressed. He had authored a book and was an authority on a subject that could actually help with company growth.

Now Chris has a new problem… too many job offers! Which to choose!

If you are looking to grow your business and are teaching, speaking, coaching, consulting, training, prospecting, recruiting, or selling… then consider a book as the perfect tool to do just that!


Here are 5 reasons why authoring a book will help you grow your business:

#1—You are instantly the expert.

As soon as your book comes off the press, you will immediately be seen as the expert in your subject area. Authors are valued, praised, and respected, and you will be seen as the authority, and authority can open doors and bring financial rewards!

#2—You can use your book to build your database.

You must own your own database, have your own network, and have relationships with your own group of people. A book is the perfect way to create a following, establish connections, and generate interest in you and where you are going as a leader.

#3—You have an audience that wants what you have to offer.

The people listening to you want more than you are telling them. A book gives them more, a tangible tool that they can take home and study for years to come. If it is your tool, then they paid to get it.

#4—You are in the best place to sell/promote your book.

The absolute best, most effective platform for selling a book is from stage. The audience is listening, they are hungry, and they want your book! You will create more interest and sell more copies of your book from stage than anywhere else.

#5—Your book will get you in the door.

The best “business card” in the world is a book, and that is especially true if you are the one who authored it. The perceived value of a book is high, and when given away, the recipient is thinking, “How can I help you in return?” Open doors!

#6—Your book is a prospecting tool.

Books are one of the most powerful prospecting tools on the planet! Business growth comes with tools that prospect, recruit, and train … and it all can happen with a single book. The value of a prospect is 1000x more than the cost of a book!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a book in hand that accomplished these 6 things! Imagine the business growth that could come to you and your team if you had such a book in everyone’s hands!

It’s possible. It’s necessary. It will be great… and we will show you how.

Brian Mast
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