Prospecting By Paul Morris

Prospecting By Paul Morris

Paul MorrisProspecting is not a sometime thing, it is not a Tuesday night thing or a weekend thing or when you are at the mall thing… It is an ALL THE TIME THING.

Prospecting is phase two of your business once you have run through all of your warm market consisting of friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.

Prospecting is what sustains the continued growth of your business.  Without prospecting your business slows down and stagnates.

Prospecting is finding people with a problem that needs to be solved, a dream that need to be fulfilled, a reason why that needs to be satisfied, a goal that needs to be reached, or a mission that begs to be accomplished.  Be warm and friendly and show a genuine interest in them.  If this is the only time you have met them and will likely never see them again then give it your best shot. If they are the store owner or a sales person you will meet again, then take a couple of visits to warm them up. Generally, people buy from, or get involved with people they know like and trust. Be passionate about that which you are offering and speak with confidence and conviction yet stay authentic and sincere. A great book for learning people skills that will enhance your ability to prospect is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. The art of prospecting is the ability to engage in conversation that will uncover what the unfilled want need or desire is of the prospect.  Prior to determining that the person has something they want, need or desire they are only a suspect.

Prospecting is all about them.  It is you offering them a solution to a problem they have. Taxi cabs are not the most pleasant form of transportation, yet everyday hundreds of thousands of people hop into taxi cabs… why? Because they love riding in taxi cabs? No, it because the taxi cab will take them from where they are to where they want to go.  Simply find out where they want to go and show that that your business opportunity or product will take them there.

(See the October issue for Paul’s article on approaching strangers)

Prospecting creates the relationships that lead to appointments to give presentations.  Presentations are simply opportunities for you to tell your story (short and brief) and to show them how whatever they identified as a concern, wish, want, need, desire or goal can be achieved through being involved in your business.

If they…

  • need to save money for their daughter’s fairytale weddings,
  • are worried about how to pay for the future college educations of their children,
  • are stressed out and need to get away on a cruise to recharge and refresh,
  • hate their job and want to earn enough money to quit and be free,
  • desire to retire early, hungry to start on a journey towards optimal health,
  • have a growing family needs a larger home,
  • need a second car…

simply show them how what you have (your business or product line) can provide the earnings to solve their problem.


An old prospector had found lots of gold in his prospecting days and had become very wealthy.  On his deathbed his grandson asked him what his secret to success was.  He pulled his grandson close to him and whispered in his ear, “Keep digging holes!”

You will never strike gold if you are not digging holes and you will never succeed in Network Marketing if you are not talking to people… everyday, all the time, all day long… whenever you run into another person be ready to flash a smile, say hello and start a conversation, become genuinely interested in them and who knows, they just may become your next top producer.

When you are prospecting all the time collect their name, email address and phone number and log them on your prospect sheet every evening before you go to bed.

“He or she who goes to bed without any names to call the next morning… wakes up unemployed!”  Paul Morris

Paul Morris
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