Mental Conditioning for the Network Warrior by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxIn business the person with the right attitude and skills win. We are now looking towards the beginning of summer and hopefully your year has been good. For those joining the ranks of network marketing, welcome. For journey level members and higher, it is important for you to get your mind into the game. If you’re struggling with content, lead generation or even closing it could be because of your mental conditioning or skills. Have you been reading and learning to improve your skill set?

Why is having a strong mental disposition important? You will face failure in your business. There is no reason to lie to you or hide the fact of the matter. You will make mistakes and prospects will bounce off your website. Your mental toughness determines your ability to bounce back into the ball game. Staying positive and looking for reasons why good indicators are you’re ready to have success. Fixing problems and narrowing your audience needs are other signs that you’re mature enough to deal with the business.

It is important to fail, so your first fruits of success are sweeter.

The First and Only Rule of Your Business

How you run your business is left to you. If you want to win and keep winning, then read on. Your first and only rule of your business should be “never quit, keep improving.” This rule has enabled millionaires to become rich, successful music artists to climb the charts and winners to eat bread at night. Life is not easy and it will never be. No matter how much money or talent you have, you will face competition and problems on your path.

It is important to recognize your limitations and accept that you can change them.

Your mindset can always be positive, but without the skill to find problems you’ll be spinning the wheels for nothing.

Training, Training and More Training

Now it boils down to training and skill improvement. If your mind is set into “I can do this,” then you will. Your persistence and determination become the fuel to help you achieve success.

There is no magical marketing system.


Marketing is difficult and will be frustrating for some of you out there. There are so many different types of marketing, you have to research them all and see what will work for your business. Marketing strategies can help you develop the mental toughness that is needed for your networking business. Realize that your mistakes are key points in your journey to be successful and you will be fine. Keep trying and never quit.

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