Houston, We Have a Problem by Dr. Steve Taubman

SteveTaubmanHouston, we have a problem.

The psychology of network marketing success can be boiled down to one thing, and it’s the same thing that defines success in the space program; necessary power to achieve orbit.

The vast majority of the difficulties faced by aeronautical engineers has to do with just getting the darn thing off the ground and through Earth’s gravitational pull. Once a spacecraft breaks free, the rest of the job is almost done. Without the pull of gravity, the ship is free to float, drift, orbit, or maintain a predestined path with minimal effort. It’s all about getting past that initial pull.

For network marketers, the challenge is getting past the pull of our own personal gravity; doubts, insecurity, self limiting beliefs, lack of support, skeptics, and a host of other forces that may at first seem insurmountable.


But once we’ve got enough momentum to move through those forces, our job becomes a lot easier. We too are free to float, drift, orbit, or maintain a predestined path with very little resistance.

Unlike conventional Western psychotherapy, the process that most quickly produces results for network marketers is a process defined by mindfulness. The concern isn’t so much for what you’re thinking but what your relationship is to those thoughts.

It goes without saying that if you’re like most people, you come to the table with some combination of disempowering mental content. Maybe you lack confidence. Maybe you don’t believe in yourself. Maybe you’re a habitual procrastinator. You can spend a lifetime trying to discover the nuances of your own psychological profile and its origin, but that won’t get you very far. As Werner Erhardt said, “Understanding is the booby prize.” Just knowing how you got so screwed up won’t have the slightest impact on your sense of personal freedom; the quality that defines success.

Instead, you need to have a new relationship to your “stuff.” You need to learn how to watch it recede into the distance as you forge ahead toward the critical point where you’re no longer influenced by it.


Western psychotherapy, while illuminating, is like rearranging the furniture in your room. Mindfulness training is about leaving the room. “It’s a messy room… but it’s a good thing I don’t live there anymore!”

So, how do you fire your turbo boosters and generate the necessary strength to get in orbit? How do you create a radical shift in your sense of who you are and what’s possible? How do you become not only a network marketing success, but a fully actualized human being unfettered by psychologic baggage? Here are five strategies that will get you in motion and put your “stuff” in the rear view mirror (if rockets have one of those).

1. Meditate: All the current research proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a daily process of mental focus will increase your energy, your optimism, your wisdom, and the clarity of your thinking. By taking time from your busy day to “do nothing,” you’re making a statement to the Universe that says I know that I’m more than my thoughts and feelings, and it’s worth my time to tap into the wisdom available to me in no other way. While it may be initially uncomfortable to the busy person to sit and simply witness thoughts and feelings, it will quickly begin to give you that new relationship with your mental content which allows you to move past it. There’s insight waiting for you in that quiet place. As Yeats said, “Life is full of wonderful things patiently waiting for our senses to become sharper.”

2. Practice: Keep repeating the basic skill sets of your business until you can do them with your eyes closed and your mind on something else. Not that you should ever do anything with your mind on something else, but having that kind of mastery, what Maslow called unconscious competence, will give you the confidence you need to move bravely forward despite the challenges you encounter. Malcolm Gladwell, in The Outliers, says that that kind of mastery comes from literally ten thousand repetitions of an activity. So, resolve to put in your time and not judge your capabilities until you’ve done the work. Colin Wilson says mechanical excellence is the prerequisite for genius.

3. Reframe: Recognize that every obstacle is an opportunity to grow and transform. One of the greatest gifts of being a network marketer is the recognition that you’re not just trying to sell a product or service, but you’re putting yourself into a “wisdom mill.” The very act of facing your inner demons and outer obstacles does something to you which very few other things could; it makes you into a better person who has more to offer the world and the magnetism to effect change all around you. What could be better than that… and what obstacle is worth giving up when the possibilities are so remarkable once you overcome it?

4. Self-hypnotize: There are lots of techniques for trying to change your thoughts and behaviors, from mere willpower to affirmations. Most of the techniques require repetition, since changing the habits of your mind is about carving out new nerve pathways; creating new mental patterns. The problem with most methods is that they speak to the conscious mind, which is much less powerful than the subconscious. So, for example, if you want to quit smoking, just repeating that you want to stop does very little. Most of us have tried that to no avail. But, when you can put yourself into a trance state and then repeat the new behaviors or thoughts, the conscious resistance is gone, and the changes can happen. Creating a personal transformation script and listening to it when you’re in a receptive state is helpful, and having one created for you by a skilled practitioner is even more so.

5. Set an intention: Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing and how it relates to your personal mission. A great way to do this is as a daily writing exercise. Write down your core values and then pick out one or two. Start to write about how those values show up in your life. How your actions embody those values. How you’re committed to being the kind of person who expresses those values. Five minutes a day of connecting with your sense of purpose and your integrity as someone who lives your values will decrease your stress and increase your energy. Clear top of mind awareness of how you’re living your intention is one of the most powerful things you can do.

So, there are five strategies for getting in orbit. Take these steps and you’ll find that your mind is activated in a positive direction. You may not suddenly be neurosis free, but you’ll find that your old, neurotic mental patterns have less and less of an effect on you, and you’ll soon be in orbit, moving easily toward your goals.

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