Network Marketing Psychology 12 Organic Principles for Success by Kosta Gara

Kosta GaraThe network marketing industry has gone through a major unfortunate paradigm shift with respect to the methodology of recruiting and growing organizations. Twenty years ago, a leader’s tenure in network marketing was based on decades, whereas today it’s based on months. Not to mention, you will rarely find a leader that has moved to a new company and built an organization organically without alternative compensation (aka B.D.A. – business development agreement) in place.

Although BDA was initially introduced with correct intention by the professionals in our industry, it has since taken its own course and unfortunately more often than not, it’s created a mirage of accomplishments that are challenging for the average person to attain.

I first noticed this shift in the new millennium, and it rapidly progressed to become the norm and mainstream for the majority in the industry. Watching this from the sidelines during my sabbatical, I realized that if this continued the industry would be destined for failure due to the fact the average person could not attain the fabricated accomplishments.

 This inspired me to write my book, Organic Networker, which encompasses all the necessary tools required to organically build, grow and sustain an organization from the ground up that empowers loyalty resulting in long-term residual income.


I developed an understanding of my 12 Organic Principles for Success through trial and error. They were not handed to me on a silver platter. They have been honed throughout my life journey, and I am guided by them, personally and professionally, on a daily basis.

A good friend once called network marketing the last bastion of free enterprise for anyone seeking to achieve above-average financial results. I agree with him in principle. My perspective has a positive twist: When supported by my 12 Organic Principles for Success, organic networking is the new frontier for free enterprise on a global scale.

Network marketing is a business that will compensate you on two levels: (1) on personal sales you generate and sales generated by the people you recruit and (2) on your leadership ability to help people in your business build teams that can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales per month and receive a residual income that can provide you the lifestyle of your dreams.

Organic Networker has been crafted from my life’s journey and network marketing experience. My theory is that everything in life is organically connected.

I believe that a true organic networker must learn to integrate and continually improve all three aspects of their life—business, personal, and social—to achieve success and the lifestyle of their dreams.


Organic networking involves a network of people. We connect with men and women from all walks of life, bringing them into our network and helping them to realize their dreams. The consistency factor goes a long way when it comes to building and unifying a team. After all, that’s what makes organic networking such a dynamic opportunity. You build a team, and then go above and beyond to help them succeed. That leads to lifetime residuals.

Success in network marketing can be encapsulated in the following equation:

12 Organic Principles for Success + Organic Networking = Lifetime Residuals

book-organic-networkerTherefore, my 12 Organic Principles for Success will help you focus and become successful in all aspects of your life, including network marketing.

The long awaited network marketing book Organic Networker- Discover The 12 Organic Principles for Limitless Wealth authored by Kosta Gara is set for release in June 2016. The book includes the 12 organic principles for success and defines the exact steps to achieve financial freedom within the network marketing profession.





Kosta Gara
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